Own the Grill Completes Acquisition of exchangebarandgrill dot com


JULY 2021: Own the Grill, a leading online publisher of grilling and BBQ smoking content, is pleased to announce its acquisition of exchangebarandgrill dot com.

Exchange Bar and Grill provided excellent content to its audience in the grilling and BBQ niche, so we are incredibly excited to merge the content library of both brands.  Together we can provide even more outstanding content to our audience.

Own the Grill to Increase Its Library of Grilling Content

With the acquisition of exchangebarandgrill dot com, Own the Grill immediately intents to move content from the former to the latter.  This will increase ownthegrill.com‘s already extensive database of grilling and BBQ related informational content, which will provide increased value to our user base.

You will still be able to find all of the great content you’ve come to love on Own the Grill, and we plan to create even more content for our audience going forward.  Check out some of our most popular content right here:

About Exchange Bar and Grill

Exchange Bar and Grill dot com was founded in December of 2016 as a web publisher of all things grilling and BBQ.  This included but was not limited to grill reviews, smoker reviews, BBQ recipes, cooking how-to guides, and much more.

About Own the Grill

Own the Grill was founded in September of 2019 with the goal of becoming the number one online publisher of grilling related content.  Whether you want to learn about the different types of grills and smokers out there, how grill brands stack up to one another, or how to grill the perfect dinner, Own the Grill has content for you.

Thank you to our wonderful audience and to the team of writers who make Own the Grill what it is today, and thank you to our readers for joining us on our journey to grill mastery.

If you have any questions about OwntheGrill.com’s acquisition of exchangebarandgrill dot com, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Jimmy Watts, Editor in Chief, ownthegrill.com