The Perfect BBQ Baked Potato

How to Bake a Potato on the BBQ

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One of our favorite side dishes is potatoes. We love ‘em! You can fry them, boil them, mash them, and roast them. But what about a BBQ baked potato?  Even though it might not be the first cooking method that comes to mind, a barbecued potato is about as good as it gets.

A bbq baked potato is seasoned and wrapped tight in foil then placed on the grill to cook through. This allows the potato to become soft and flavorful. 

We love to make them nice, juicy, and crispy for a whole-hearted and filling meal. 

BBQ Baked Potato

The baked potato is a staple side of the best barbecue steak houses, that seems to go with just about any meal! Learning the method of baking a potato on a BBQ is super easy, and the best part is, it goes with so many different dishes!

Our favorite way to serve bbq baked potatoes is with a gorgeous prime rib or a steak. But that’s far from the only way to do it.

Some people just love barbecue baked potatoes served with sour cream, chives, bacon bits, butter, and topped with melted cheese. You can also load up a BBQ potato with brisket or pulled pork and have that be your main course!

All this talk is making us super hungry. How about you? Luckily, we have created a step-by-step guide of how to bake a potato on the BBQ in no time at all.

Impress your guests at the next big summer barbecue with this beautiful baked potato recipe. 

So, let’s get cooking!

BBQ Baked Potato

How to Make a BBQ Baked Potato

Here is our step-by-step guide to how to bake a potato on the grill or BBQ. First of all, you will need:


  • 4 large baking/russet potatoes (more if serving more people)
  • ⅓ cup of olive oil
  • 2 tbsp of salt
  • 2 tbsp of pepper

For the topping:

  • Cubes of butter
  • Sour cream
  • Chopped up chives
  • Bacon bits
  • Parmesan cheese

The Prep

The first step is always all about preparation. You will have to do a little light prepping for this recipe to work.

First, you will have to preheat the barbecue to a high temperature and start washing the potatoes under cold water. Try to remove any dirt, and you can cut off any bad parts or potato eyes but do not peel them.

This recipe works best with the skin on!

Next, pat the potatoes dry and begin to rub them all over with olive oil. Then you can sprinkle with some salt and pepper, or any seasoning that you prefer!

We recommend that you tightly wrap each potato in a lot of aluminum foil. This will ensure that your baked potatoes are super crispy. Try to use two layers of aluminum foil for the best results.

On the Grill

Once this is done, you can place the wrapped-up potatoes inside your preheated barbecue or grill. Try to barbecue your baked potatoes for at least 30 minutes. Some can even take up to 60 minutes before they are cooked.

You can also benefit from turning the baked potatoes so that each side is barbecued evenly.

To check if yours are done, you can squeeze the potato to feel if it is soft. If it is soft, then the potato is definitely done. If it is hard, then it may need a few more minutes to achieve the best results. 

You could also cook until the internal temperature reaches around 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it has reached the peak cooking temperature, then you can remove the potatoes from the barbecue.

For this, you will have to remove the baked potatoes from the barbecue carefully. Then, you can open the foil packets and be cautious as the potatoes will be piping hot. 

The Result

You can also slice the potatoes into quarters, and add a drizzle of butter with a sprinkle of garlic and herbs for a beautiful mouth-wateringly good baked potato. 

However, we love the sour cream and chives serving suggestion! 

For this topping, use your fork to deepen the slices in the potato. You can use the back of the fork to make the filling more fluffy and mashed.

Then, you should add some cubes of butter and watch it melt into gooey goodness with the steamy heat of the potato, before adding a dollop of sour cream, fresh chives, and parmesan cheese.

Our favorite way to enjoy these types of barbecue potatoes is with a sprinkling of bacon bits right on top for an extra crunch. 

Serve with your favorite types of meat, such as steak, ribs, or barbecue chicken for a meal that is packed with flavor.  

Tips for BBQ Baked Potatoes

If you want to speed up the cooking process, then we recommend that you first microwave your potatoes for 4-5 minutes before sticking them onto the grill. You can also parboil them for 5-8 too if you prefer.

We also recommend that you poke holes in your potato before putting them onto the grill. This will help them remain moist and fluffy when they are done. You should also try to wrap them in foil to keep all of the flavors inside. 

The foil will also help your baked potatoes to crisp up when on the grill for that delicious texture that we all love. Stick on some butter and seasonings, and they will be good to go!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re grilling up a steak and need a side, or potatoes are what’s for dinner, I hope this guide on how to bake a potato on the BBQ helped give you some ideas for how to get the most out of your grill!