Beef Ribs VS Pork Ribs – What’s The Difference

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People love ribs. They have to be some of the most succulent and rich forms of meat when it comes to beef and pork.

Considering that pork ribs are so popular and are seen a lot more frequently throughout the world of food, it is surprising that many people don’t realize that beef ribs exist.

Because of this, a lot of people don’t consider eating beef ribs and will often just go for the pork variants because they’re easier to find.

Those who have tried beef ribs will tell you just how good they are, and will often choose which meat they want to consume depending on what mood they’re in.

Both sets of ribs have different pros and cons, which will always keep people stuck between the two.

We’ll look at the differences between pork and beef ribs, which will hopefully allow you to make your own decision on what to eat next time!

Beef Ribs – What Do They Taste Like?

Beef Ribs

If you’ve never had beef ribs before, then you might not know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

The first thing that you should do is try them out and see if you like the taste or texture. Many people think that beef ribs taste like pork ribs, but they actually aren’t as similar.

Beef ribs can come from either cows or bulls, whereas pork ribs only come from pigs. This means that there’s a much bigger difference than just the fact that one contains beef while the other contains pork.

In terms of the flavor, beef ribs tend to taste quite fatty and tender. They also contain a lot of marbling, which gives them incredible flavor.

When you eat these types of ribs, you really get to enjoy them for their unique and different flavor compared to their pork counterpart.

These ribs have a strong and tender flavor that is unmissable for those who love the taste of steak along with the tenderness of a juicy set of ribs.

Pork Ribs – What Do They Taste Like?

Although many people will have eaten these before, it’s only fair that we give pork ribs a breakdown as well. Pork ribs are very similar to beef ribs, except for the fact that they contain a higher amount of fat.

In addition to that, pork rib bones are usually larger and thicker. Pork ribs will often be a lot softer than steak ribs and have a lovely smoky flavor.

When it comes to the actual taste, pork ribs are incredibly tender and delicious. They’re full of a lot of different tastes and are great for people who prefer leaner meats.

If you want something that has a bit of a kick, then pork ribs are perfect for you. They don’t disappoint when it comes to being succulent and having a nice balance of flavors. You won’t believe how tasty these are until you try them.

How Big Are Beef Ribs?

The easiest way to imagine how big beef ribs are is by picturing how big a cow is. Some of them are absolutely humongous!

Because of this, many beef ribs are actually sold under the name ‘dinosaur ribs’, which implies that they are absolutely massive. But don’t worry, you’re not eating actual dinosaurs!

Of course, these ribs will vary in size depending on the size of the cow that they’ve been taken from, and this is the same for most animal products that you see in stores.

Your standard beef ribs size will be anywhere between 8 and 12 inches long, with varying weights depending on the meat and bone ratio.

Because of how big these suckers are, many people will opt for these at social events so that there’s more food to go around, especially for bigger groups. On top of this, the bigger sizes of ribs make for awesome portions sizes.

How Big Are Pork Ribs?

As mentioned above, pork ribs are generally smaller than beef ribs. They’ll range from about 7-8 inches long, with an average weight of 1 pound each.

Although they may look small, pork ribs are actually fairly heavy and thick. This makes them ideal for cooking because they’re able to retain heat very well.

When cooked correctly, pork ribs will become super tender and fall off the bone easily.

If you’re looking for a good-tasting meal filled with lots of nutrients and vitamins, then pork ribs are definitely your best option. They’re delicious and versatile, making them a staple in any diet.

As far as portion sizes go, 3 pounds of pork ribs will provide enough for 4-6 people to share. Bursting with flavors and juices, we can see why they’re an old favorite in many homes around the world.

Different Types Of Pork Ribs

Different Types Of Pork Ribs

There are different forms of pork ribs that people tend to consume, with each one having different flavors and sizes that make them unique.

Because of this, lots of people will lean toward having pork ribs because there are a lot of different options for people to choose from. It’s always nice to be able to have a say on the different types of food available!

Spare Ribs

These are probably the most common type of pork ribs available. Spare ribs come attached to the spine of the pig, meaning that they aren’t separated into individual sections like normal ribs would be.

The main difference here is that spare ribs don’t have as much meat on them, but instead have a lot of connective tissue inside. However, if you do get hold of some, you should still be careful when cutting them apart.

Baby Back Ribs

These are another popular form of pork ribs and can be found in a lot of restaurants and stores. They’re known for their thin layer of fat located just below the skin, allowing for the perfect amount of flavor.

These ribs also have minimal amounts of meat, making them a great choice for those who are watching their diets or those who want to save money.

However, pork ribs tend to be fattier than beef ribs and probably aren’t the best if you’re looking to watch your figure!

Are Beef Ribs Healthier Than Pork Ribs?

You might think that beef ribs are healthier than pork ribs since they contain less fat content. While it’s true that beef ribs contain less fat, pork ribs contain more protein and calcium than beef ribs.

So while beef might seem like a better choice, in reality, they are just different choices for everyone.

If you want to eat healthily, then you can always opt for beef ribs with minimal fat or marble content. They’re not the healthiest food in the world, but every little difference helps!

Beef Ribs Vs Pork Ribs – The Final Battle!

Difference Between Pork Ribs And Beef Ribs

So, which one should you choose? Well, there are lots of things to consider when looking to decide on your next meal.

We’ll have a look at these features here and specify a little about each one, depending on which meat you’re looking to have.


Both pork ribs and beef ribs are great foods to enjoy, but if you want to really get down to business, then choosing beef ribs over pork ribs is going to be the way to go.

You won’t find anything wrong with either one, but if you want something that tastes amazing, then beef ribs are what you need.

They’re rich and often have a lot going for them when accompanied by sauce. However, if you’re looking for a more succulent meal, then pork is the way to go.

Portion Size

There are plenty of reasons why beef ribs are considered better than pork ribs. First off, they are pretty big. These guys usually weigh somewhere around 2 pounds apiece and will feed up to four people.

They’re also quite juicy, which means that you get loads of flavor out of each bite. In comparison, pork ribs are smaller and serve fewer people, however, they do say that quality is better than quantity!


Now, we know that both beef rib and pork rib are delicious foods for any occasion, but there are many other factors to consider as well.

For example, pork ribs have a higher nutritional value than beef ribs, which makes sense given how much meat is packed into them.

This doesn’t mean that beef ribs aren’t good for you, though. Both are fantastic foods for your body and offer lots of nutrients.


The price of beef ribs can vary widely depending on where you purchase them from. Some places charge very little, whereas others charge upwards of $5 per pound.

The cost isn’t the only factor to consider when purchasing these goods, though. Quality is always going to be the most important aspect of any food product and should always be considered.

However, you should always set yourself a budget and not spend too much. Treats are always nice occasionally though!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to treat yourself, then ordering some beef ribs would be a great idea. There are so many benefits associated with eating this type of food, and they taste absolutely wonderful.

On the other hand, pork ribs are also worth considering, and they carry their own unique qualities.

Either way, you can never go wrong when having a meal. Just remember to order them wisely and make sure that you stick to your budget!

Ultimately, we all love to have a good choice when looking for our next meal. Our guide will hopefully let you realize the differences between beef and pork ribs so that you can understand your food a bit better.

At the end of the day, your food needs to taste good, and you need to enjoy your meal. It’s all about finding the one that’s best for you!