Best Butcher Blocks

Best Butcher Blocks

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Choosing from the best butcher blocks is top of our list for grilling accessories, but choosing the right one is key. If you consider yourself a grill master or if you’ve ever cooked a juicy brisket you will know that a flimsy butcher’s block made from plastic isn’t up to the job.  A basic chopping board just isn’t big enough to hold larger cuts of meat and they don’t catch any juices.

The answer to this problem is a good quality butcher’s block that easily lets you prepare, rest, and cut your meat. There is a wide range of high-quality butcher blocks on the market, it is just a case of finding the right one.

To help you find a good butcher’s block we have compiled a list of the best we could find on the market right now.

If you’ve had enough of preparing beautiful, juicy meat that you simply can’t cut on your chopping board, be sure to stick around.


Best Butcher Blocks – Our Top Picks

John Boos Reversible Hard Maple Cutting Board

The first butcher’s block on our list is the chunky John Boos reversible cutting board. At 20” x 15” x 2.25” it may not be the largest block on our list but it will certainly be the chunkiest.

Perfect for all those pitmasters out there who enjoy cooking some serious meat, this chopping board has plenty of durability and strength. So much so, even the heaviest of cleavers shouldn’t cause any problems.

The wood this board is made out of has been hand-selected to ensure only the most durable, high-quality chopping board can be produced.

Designed with a convenient groove to collect any juices you can cut away, rest assured no juices will run onto the floor.

We found that the reversible feature on this butcher’s board is a great touch for those who want one board for every eventuality.

This eliminates the need for having multiple chopping boards on the countertop.

The one downside to this board is its weight. At 17lbs the John Boos block will be very heavy for some cooks. Luckily, the handles help to reduce part of this problem.


  • Deep grooves – Well positioned, deep juice grooves prevent juices from running over the edges.
  • High-quality wood – Only the highest quality maple wood is used to produce this block.
  • Extended warranty – This block comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Weight – At 17lbs, this John Boos block is very heavy.

Greener Chef Extra Large Cutting Block

Made from organic bamboo, the Greener Chef’s Extra-large cutting block is a great size for almost every food preparation task.

Measuring 18” x 12” in size this attractive-looking board will fit into your kitchen nicely thanks to its two-toned design.

The interior of the board is a lot darker than the edges which are a lighter brown color. The board has been designed like this not only to look good but also to show you exactly where to hold it when you’re picking the board up.

In terms of the performance of this chopping board, it stands up well to any task thrown it’s way. Not only is cutting easy and hassle-free, but it is also knife-friendly.

This means you can continuously use the board without your knives getting damaged. On top of that with a weight of just 3lbs, any cook can lift the board.

The inclusion of juice grooves also makes the board a good choice for lovers of juicier meat.

When we reviewed the board we were pleased to see it has a commercial restaurant grade. This gives the board integrity and backing with professional chefs using it in their kitchens.


  • Affordable – This board is extremely cheap.
  • Made from bamboo – Bamboo doesn’t cut easily so the lifespan of the block is a lot longer than other blocks.
  • Juice groove – The Greener Chef block has a juice groove. Although it isn’t as deep as others.


  • Split ends – Some users have reported that the end of the board can split.

Sonder Los Angeles Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

This acacia wood butcher’s board from Sonder Los Angeles is a great choice if you want a board that offers excellent functionality and also looks striking at the table.

With measurements of 17” x 13”, this chopping board easily has enough space to let you prepare your meal without having to take over all your kitchen countertops.

With a chunky 1.5-inch thickness to match, you can be sure this board can handle all the pressure from your kitchen knives. On one side of the board, there is a deep juice groove.

On the other, there is a feature not seen on the two boards we have discussed so far. On the flip side of this board, there is a trio of built-in compartments.

These compartments come in useful because they can be used to store chopped vegetables.

As well as making it a lot easier to cut vegetables, this brilliant design feature makes the Sondor Los Angeles butcher board a fantastic serving piece.

It even comes with two handles to help you carry it over to the table.


  • Perfect centerpiece – This butcher’s board is the perfect centerpiece for a meal with friends or at a party.
  • Stylish – Sondor Los Angeles has created a beautiful board.
  • Reasonably priced – For an attractive, large board, this block is fairly priced.


  • Can get dented – Some reviews mention how the board is easily dented if knocked against a countertop.

SoulFino Premium Acacia Chopping Block

Another awesome butcher’s block made from acacia is the 17” x 13” premium chopping block from SoulFino.

Providing plenty of space for meat-cutting, this board is also a great option for preparing your day-to-day meals.

It has a deep groove that catches most juices and comes equipped with two handles on either side to make carrying from the grill to the house easier.

The SoulFino Premium Acacia Chopping Block is typically bigger and thicker than others on the market because it was designed with meat cutters in mind.

Professional chef Charlie Fadida approves this board as it offers superior thickness and versatility that is needed to prepare, rest, and slice larger cuts of meat.

Our favorite aspect of this board is quite simply the wood it is made out of.

Acacia wood is durable and safe to use. Your knives won’t become dull even when the board is used repeatedly and the board itself will not be scratched or damaged.

This isn’t the case with cheaper, plastic boards. The final reason acacia is a good wood to use is that it looks fantastic.

The grain in the wood helps create a stunning product that you will want guests to see.


  • Reversible – This board can be used on both sides.
  • Knife-friendly – This SoulFino board won’t dull your knives.
  • Durable – This block is made to last. It will stand up to the biggest and heaviest of knives.


  • Not the cheapest – This board is one of the more expensive options.

Choosing the Best Butcher Block

There are some important things to consider when buying a butcher’s block. Here are some of those things:


It is important you buy a butcher’s block made from a material that is durable and strong.

Plastic boards are useful for carrying out basic preparation but if you want a sturdy block that can handle every job you throw at it, you should buy a wooden block.

Almost every type of wood will make a better cutting board than a plastic one. They are stronger, longer-lasting, and also look a lot better on the eye.

Type Of Wood

While most wooden blocks will be pretty good there are some types of woods that are better than others. The highest-quality cutting boards are made out of woods like maple, bamboo, and walnut.

Below you will find some information about each popular type of wood for butcher’s blocks.

Maple Wood

Generally, this type of wood is a very strong choice. It is strong, durable, and quite heavy so as you can imagine knives don’t easily scratch it.

One important consideration to make when buying a maple board is whether or not you can carry it. Their weight can be an issue sometimes so just bear this in mind.


Bamboo is an excellent budget-friendly choice and is a lot more eco-friendly than other types of wooden blocks.

Since bamboo is actually a type of grass and not a tree, bamboo butcher blocks typically absorb liquid a lot slower than other blocks, helping them stay a lot more sanitary.


Walnut is a good choice of butcher’s block because of its density and weight. Walnut also looks great. The main benefit of a walnut butcher’s block is its density.

The wood is so dense that the chances of your knife slipping as you cut are very slim.


Butcher’s blocks can cost $30 or $300 so it is important that you work out your budget before you even think about looking at which block to buy.

By understanding what your budget is, you can immediately look at the blocks you can afford and stay away from the ones out of your price range.

If you have a lower budget you might have to settle for a lower quality or cheaper wood. It is worth noting that this doesn’t mean the block won’t be any good.

In fact, there are some excellent low-budget boards on the market, most of which are made from bamboo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Butcher’s Block?

A butcher’s block is the surface on which you cut meat, poultry, fish, and other foods. It can be made of wood, plastic, or stone.

The most common type of butcher’s block has a flat top and juice grooves to prevent any juices from running out onto your kitchen countertops.

Why Do I Need A Butcher’s Block?

Butcher’s blocks have a variety of different uses in your kitchen that make owning one worth your while. You can use them as a work surface when preparing food, such as slicing vegetables or carving meat.

Alternatively, you can use the board as a presentation board when you have guests over. A delicious cheese board looks great on a beautiful wooden block.

How Do You Maintain A Butcher’s Block?

The minimum requirement to help maintain a butcher’s block is to oil it every six months. Oiling your butcher’s block every six months keeps the wood protected for longer.

What you use to oil the wood and how you do so depends very much on the type of wood and the manufacturer.

When oiling the wood you should always follow the recommendations and instructions of the manufacturer of the block.

Final Thoughts

Overall, all of the butcher blocks we have looked at in this article are great choices. We are sure you would be happy with whichever one you choose.

Having said that some butcher’s boards are better than others so it does also depend on what you are looking for in a chopping board.

Some boards are large and thick, designed to handle larger pieces of meat and bigger knives. On the other hand, some are smaller so they can be carried around the kitchen easier.

Some blocks aren’t even designed with cutting in mind. A handful of blocks are designed to be used as a centerpiece on the dinner table.

A good block will have everything you need to prepare and cut food easily. Now you have our list of the best blocks on the market, start narrowing the list down by identifying what you need a chopping board for.

Once you have narrowed the list down you should be able to make a decision you can be happy with.