Best Grill Gazebo – Shelter Your Grill or Smoker With a Proper BBQ Canopy

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Sometimes the grilling weather doesn’t quite cooperate.  Whether it’s a little too hot outside, or you’re trying to keep rain from spoiling your cookout, a grill gazebo is a piece of equipment that can save the day.

These BBQ canopies are specifically designed to go over grills, and provide both shelter and ventilation so that you can grill safely under the surface.

In this article, we’ve done the research and compiled our top picks for the best grill gazebo on the market.  We’ll review each of our choices, then offer a few buying tips to keep in mind when you compare different grill gazebos.

What is a Grill Gazebo?

If you’ve never heard of a grill gazebo before, they’re basically your traditional outdoor canopy with a few upgrades specifically designed for use over a grill.

Most are designed with a dual tiered roof to allow for maximum airflow and extra ventilation.  The idea here is to make sure smoke from your grill or smoker has a path to escape instead of damaging your canopy’s fabric.

The best grill gazebo is ideal for grilling and smoking both in rainy and sunny weather.  When it’s sunny out, the canopy will shield sunlight and UV rays from pounding down onto you while you grill.  It definitely can cool the temperature of your outdoor cooking station by a significant amount.

BBQ canopies are also ideal for grilling in the rain or using smokers in the rain, electric or otherwise.  A proper grill gazebo will do a fine job of keeping rain off of your grill and your food while you cook.

In addition to all of that, they can provide a great aesthetic and presence to your patio or outdoor cookout!

Best Grill Gazebo Reviews

Mastercanopy Grill Gazebo

For our top choice for the best grill gazebo, it’s hard to look past the Mastercanopy Grill Gazebo, which is a great option for both rainy and sunny weather.

The powder coated steel frame is rust proof, and 6 poles are used to support the top gazebo shelf giving it plenty of structure and stability.  The canopy is also vented and double tiered, which is a critical design element for use over a grill.

Not only does the vented and double tiered top allow for grill smoke to escape, the ventilation also helps to provide stability in windy conditions.  The grill top fabric is UV treated, water resistant, fire retardant, and does a great job of repelling light to medium rain.

Another design feature that comes in handy is the inclusion of two shelves that can be used to place beverages or food on.  One of the shelves also comes with 8 accessory hooks where you can organize and store your grill accessories.

The footprint of this grill gazebo is 8′ x 5′, so it’s large enough to cover almost every type of grill, but it’s also a manageable size to transport and store while not in use.

It’s also offered in a few different colors, depending on your taste!

  • Khaki
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Khaki with brown stitching
  • Brown with khaki stitching

Coen Double Tiered Grill Gazebo 

The Coen Grill Gazebo is fantastic from an all around quality perspective – but it comes with a downside.  The price is pretty high relative to the other choices on this list.

Even though the price is high, this gazebo still offers great bang for your buck.  It just might be more ideal for experienced pit masters or those who are going to use their BBQ canopy on a more consistent basis.

Every component of the Coen Gazebo is heavy duty and built to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions.  In particular, the roof and drapery is a significant upgrade over the other models on this list.  It’s made out of polyester outdoor performance fabric that does a fantastic job of blocking sunlight and even heavy rain.

The powder coated steel frame is thick, rust resistant, and comes with a few great features built in to help make life easier for you as the pit master.

It’s designed with multiple hooks and baskets for easy access tool storage, and two large area shelves are built into either side of the frame.  You can easily prepare your meal, serve buffet style, or just place your drinks on these shelves.

The extra area footprint and open design makes this the best grill gazebo for entertaining large groups of guests, rain or shine!

Kozyard Outdoor 10’x13′ Grill Pergola

If you’re in need of a larger solution, the Kozyard Morgan Extra Large Grill Pergola is an ideal choice for your patio.  It’s designed to be a more permanent solution in your outdoor cooking area at home, and is not ideal for on the go grilling.

But, if you’re looking for the best grill gazebo for use at home, this is undoubtedly a great option to look at.

With a footprint of 10′ x 13′, you’ve got a more than generous amount of space to work with underneath the pergola cover.  In fact, you’ll likely be able to fit your grill, a table, and 4 chairs all beneath the same cover.

The canopy fabric blocks UV rays and is fire resistant.  The material is versatile and can easily be folded and stretched without damaging the fabric.

Since the general design of this canopy is so open, you really don’t need to worry too much about smoke damaging your cover.  It’s got great natural airflow and ventilation while blocking sunlight and rain over your grill set up.

This is also one of the best grill gazebos purely based on aesthetics – the rustic design looks great on just about any patio.

Sojag Outdoor Dakota Hardtop Gazebo

The Sojag Outdoor Dakota Steel Hardtop Gazebo is another premium choice that’s meant to be a permanent addition to your outdoor patio.

This product takes the term “heavy-duty” to the next level.  As far as durability goes, you aren’t going to find a better choice.  You could grill under this thing in snow and sleet, let alone a little rain.  It goes without saying that this thing does not move at all in the wind.

If you’re in need of a true all season grill gazebo, you’d be hard pressed to find something that will better suit your needs.

The entire gazebo is made of galvanized steel – including galvanized steel roof panels.  It’s a strong and beautiful design, and makes a statement in your backyard.  There’s also a protective powder coated finish on all of the poles and roof panels – which eliminates the risk of rust and corrosion building up over time.

The tiered roof and open design provide maximum air flow and ventilation, ensuring that smoke has plenty of paths to escape your cooking area.

It also comes with two built in extra large side shelves that provide ample space to help prepare or serve your food.

Gazebos for Patios 8’x 5′ BBQ Grill Gazebo

If you’re on a budget, the Gazebos for Patios BBQ Grill Gazebo gets our top budget choice.  It’s the most price friendly option we could find out there while also maintaining an appropriate level of quality.

With 8′ x 5′ dimensions, it offers a reasonable amount of space to work under.  It also has a double vented roof that’s made of an oxford fabric with UV protection for use under the sunlight.

The downside of this grill gazebo is that it’s really only good for use in sunny conditions or light rain.  Compared to the other products on this best grill gazebo list, the Gazebos for Patios can’t handle very much rain.  Anything more than light rain will likely result in water dripping through to you and your grill.

Aside from that, this is a solid BBQ canopy, is easy to set up, and comes with two shelves built in for organization space while you cook and serve your food.

Things To Look For When Comparing

While many of the gazebos on this list might seem similar, there are a few nuances that differentiate each of them.  Here are some things to pay attention to when looking for the best grill gazebo.

Portable vs Permanent

Are you looking for a gazebo to take with you on the go to tailgates or on camping trips?  Or are you looking for a more permanent covering in your patio at home?

The answer to those questions can make a huge difference in which product is best for you.  Some grill gazebos are suitable for both on the go use and daily use at home, but some are better suited for one or the other.

Generally speaking, the more permanent at home gazebos are a little more expensive – but also much more durable.  That’s just something to take into consideration.

Roof Quality

The material used to construct the roof of your gazebo is probably the most important thing you should pay attention to.  If you live in a cold weather climate, you’ll want something more durable that can handle heavy rain and snow.

On the other hand, if you live in a more moderate climate where it doesn’t rain quite as much, you can probably get away with a cheaper, lighter fabric on your roof.

Not all grill gazebo roofs are created equal, and if your primary purpose for purchasing one is to be able to consistently grill in the rain, just make sure that the roof is rated to handle the rain levels you plan to grill in.


Obviously, you should measure out how much space you’d like to be covered by your BBQ canopy.  Bigger grills and smokers will require a bigger canopy to be fully covered.

Also think about if you hope to be able fit chairs and tables under your canopy.  If you do, just make sure to measure out the space needed and get a canopy that’s big enough for your needs.

The standard grill gazebo size is 8′ x 5′ which is plenty of space to adequately cover most grills.  Sizes go up from there depending on the manufacturer.


Picture the sort of cookouts you plan to have with your grill gazebo – what do they look like?  Do you have a need for storage space and other organization features.

Things like accessory hooks and tool storage might be a must for some but take it or leave it for others.  Some BBQ canopies come with lots of storage features and some come with none.

The other extra we like to look at is shelf space.  Shelf space can come in really handy in a few different scenarios.  It’s ideal to have lots of space to aid while you prepare your food, and it’s also ideal for serving food buffet style too.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has helped to point you in the right direction in your search for the best grill gazebo!  These contraptions are great compliments to any outdoor patio or grilling set up, and can be extremely valuable during rainy days or the scorching hot summer.

Which one did you end up with?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!