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Best Grill Spatula

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Whether you’re a pitmaster pro or someone who grills the occasional burger, you’re going to need to flip your food at some point. Ideally, you need to do so without singeing the hair on your arms or burning your fingers.

To avoid burning yourself, you need a proper grill spatula – it’s a must have when it comes to grilling accessories. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or on the grill, a grill spatula will quickly become your best friend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re flipping a burger or rolling brats across the grill, grill spatulas make it a lot easier to cook your food.

However, while grill spatulas might be the solution to many grilling problems, finding the best one can be confusing due to the overwhelming array of options available.

No need to worry, though – that’s where we come in.

To help out, we’ve done the research for you and found the best grill spatulas on the market. In this article, you’ll find a list of these spatulas as well as a helpful guide that will help you pick one.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the list!


Best Grill Spatula

Weber Original Wide Spatula

We kick our list off with a spatula from Weber that has been specially designed to support food that will need more extra help during the flipping process.

Generally speaking, grill spatulas are long and narrow, not long and wide. This is great for flipping meats like burgers, but not so good for delicate foods like fish and chicken.

Luckily, the Weber Original Wide Spatula is an exception. This Weber spatula is both long and wide. As a result, it offers versatile performance when it comes to flipping and moving almost any meat.

Thanks to the strong stainless steel design, you will have no problem keeping your burgers together while flipping – nor will you have an issue removing your food or removing it from the grill.

If you use an outdoor gas griddle to cook, you’ll even find this spatula handy for moving much looser foods such as rice and scrambled eggs around the grill.

When we took a closer look at this Weber grill spatula and tested it out for ourselves, we found it to be very easy to use, comfortable to hold during long cookouts, and extremely durable.

We also appreciated the hook at the end of the spatula that lets us hang it on the grill.


  • Good quality – Made from high-quality stainless steel, this spatula is made to last. Weber is also one of the most trusted names in the grilling space.
  • Wide design – The wider design allows us to easily move looser, more delicate foods.
  • Handy hook included – The built-in hook gives us a chance to hang the spatula from the grill.


  • Not that long – While this spatula isn’t necessarily short, it certainly isn’t as long as others on the market.

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Update International WTSD Stainless Steel Solid Turner

Next, we have the WTSD Stainless Steel Solid Turner from Update International. Featuring a sturdy steel design, comfortable grip handle, and 16-inch blade, this spatula is like those you find in professional kitchens.

Thanks to its long blade, this spatula is ideal for pitmasters who need to quickly move or flip a lot of food.

Using this grill spatula, cooks can effortlessly move up to four burgers at once, so if you cook for family and friends, your life could be about to get a whole lot easier.

Admittedly, this spatula wouldn’t be our first choice if we were looking for something more flexible, but we love how effortlessly you can move larger foods. When we used the spatula, we even found it easy to flip large roasts.

Since you’re going to be moving heavier foods with this spatula, comfort is important.

Thankfully, Update International has clearly thought about this. We can see this in the inclusion of a smooth and comfortable carry handle.

This handle allows us to use the spatula for prolonged periods of time without feeling any discomfort.


  • Professional appearance – This spatula is a good choice if you want to look good as you grill.
  • Move multiple burgers at once – The WTSD spatula can hold four burgers at the same time.
  • Affordable – This spatula is available at a very reasonable price.


  • No storage hook – The WTSD spatula is missing a storage hook.

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Romanticist Restaurant Grade Griddle Spatula Set

Hibachi flat top cooking is rising dramatically in popularity across the US, so it isn’t surprising to see hibachi spatula sets also growing in popularity.

If you’re keen on trying hibachi cooking out, or simply want a solid set of grill spatulas, you should definitely take the Romanticist Restaurant Grade Griddle Spatula Set into consideration.

Consisting of 8 different pieces, this set comes complete with 3 spatulas, a flipper, a chopper, a scraper, and 2 oil bottles. With this set, performance is guaranteed.

We have professional-grade stainless steel designs and premium wooden handles to thank for that.

The spatulas feel soft and light to hold, yet easily flip and move heavier foods. Whether you’re flipping an egg and moving rice or flipping a burger patty, you can rest assured this set will make doing so easier.

When we looked at this set, we were pleased with the overall quality of the set and how the design of each spatula focuses on usability.

We particularly liked the slanted edges on each spatula, which make the tools even easier to operate.


  • Great gift – Any grill lover would love this set as a gift.
  • Great value for money – For the price of one spatula, you get 8 different tools.
  • Durable design – These spatulas are built to last.


  • Primarily aimed at hibachi cooking – If you have no interest in hibachi cooking, you might not like this set that much.

Weber Original Portable 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set

If you like the idea of purchasing a grilling tool set but don’t need the hibachi equipment, take a look at this simple 2-piece set from Weber Original.

This sturdy grill set from Weber Original comes with a long spatula and a pair of locking tongs. These two tools are arguably the most important grilling tools you need, so you could say this set is no-nonsense.

While both the spatula and the tongs offer great performance, the best feature this set comes with is its portability.

Both tools are compact enough to be stored away and taken on camping trips or picnics. This gives the tools more versatility.

Whether you’re flipping burgers in the woods or turning chicken breasts over at home, the set has you covered.

Obviously, this article focuses more on the spatula side of things, so we took a closer look at the spatula to see what we think.

Overall, we were more than happy. Offering good durability, comfort, and a large enough blade to move almost any food, we couldn’t think of anything else we would want.


  • Well-made – Made from stainless steel, these tools will last.
  • Portable – Easily take both tools on vacation.
  • Versatile – Use these Weber tools for any grilling need.


  • Pricey – This set is more expensive than others.

Chef Craft Heavy Duty Tuner/Spatula

If the thought of shopping around for a grill spatula makes you feel uneasy, and you just want something cheap and cheerful that does the job, the next spatula on our list may be perfect for you.

By far the most affordable, no-nonsense grill spatula on our list, the Chef Craft Heavy Duty Spatula is a solid, stainless steel tool that provides serious chefs and pitmaster enthusiasts with everything they need to flip and move food without any unnecessary added costs or features.

Just because this spatula is the cheapest and most basic spatula on our list doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform exceptionally well.

Thanks to the solid rust-resistant steel and comfortable plastic handle, we can use the spatula all day long without feeling any discomfort or experiencing a drop in performance.

With the spatula also being 13 inches in length, you have more than enough distance between you and the grill to avoid getting burnt when maneuvering your food.

When we used the spatula, we loved how the thin, angled edge of the blade effortlessly slips under food, giving the user a more optimized experience.


  • Rust-resistant – No need to worry about rust, the spatula is made out of stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher safe – Simply throw the spatula in the dishwasher when you’re finished.
  • Simple, yet effective – With the Chef Craft Heavy Duty Spatula, you get everything you need in a simple product.


  • Can feel short – Some users have reported the spatula feeling quite short to use.

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Dreamfarm BBQ Chopula Flexible Stainless Steel Grill Spatula

The Dreamfarm BBQ Chopula Flexible Stainless Steel Grill Spatula is quite different from any spatula we have already looked at on this list so far.

If you want to be able to cut your food on the grill while also being able to move it easily, this spatula is for you.

The main features of this stainless steel spatula are its flexible head and unique serrated edge.

The flexible head on the Dreamfarm spatula easily slides and bends under your food, ensuring a clean, hassle-free lift every time.

This makes the tool perfect for moving or flipping heavier meats like burgers and more delicate foods like chicken and fish.

The unique serrated edge the blade comes with adds a new level of usability to the grill spatula. Using the serrated edge, you can cut into your meat directly on the grill.

This is useful because it allows you to check the doneness of your meat without unnecessarily removing it from the grill.

Thanks to the 15-inch handle design, you’ll also be able to keep your hands away from the heat.


  • Useful serrated edge – Using the serrated edge, easily check the doneness of your meat on the grill.
  • Unique bend design – This bend design prevents grease, fat, and oil from running off the spatula and onto the floor.
  • Easy flip – With this spatula, you can easily get under the meat and flip it.


  • Not suited to bigger meats – This spatula isn’t the best choice for larger cuts of meat.

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RSVP International Endurance Barbecue Grill Spatula Flipper

The final grill spatula on our list is absolutely perfect for flipping burgers. If you’re the host of your family’s next barbecue party, you might want to invest in this tool.

The RSVP International Endurance grill spatula might not have the biggest blade, but thanks to the 11-inch handle, you can rest assured that your fingers will be well away from any heat.

Letting us easily maneuver and flip our burgers, this spatula has solid stainless steel construction and slots in the head.

Having slots in the head of the spatula is a good perk, as it allows the grease from the food to drop off as we remove it from the grill.

The handle of this spatula isn’t just comfortable to hold, it also has great heat-resistant features. This comes in handy as it guarantees the spatula won’t heat up as you use it.

We must also say that the handle is by far one of the most comfortable to hold. It is smooth and soft to hold without being too heavy or thick.

There isn’t too much else to say about the RSVP International Endurance spatula. It performs well, is easy to use, and comes with great safety features. What else could we possibly need?


  • Very well constructed – Made from solid stainless steel and durable rivets, this grill spatula was made to last.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – This grill spatula looks awesome.
  • Convenient hanging loop included – The spatula comes with a handy hanging loop, so you can attach the spatula to the side of your grill when necessary.


  • Only really suitable for burgers – This spatula is a very good burger flipper, but it doesn’t offer much versatility to work with other food we cook on the grill. Therefore, it might not suit everyone.

Choosing the Right Grill Spatula

When you’re scouring the market for a grill spatula, there are a lot of important things to consider. It isn’t just a case of finding the first spatula on the market and taking a punt. Instead, you need to carefully think about what you need.

To help you understand what you need to take into consideration, we have put together this buyer’s guide.

In this guide, you will find the most important things you need to take into account when buying a grill spatula. By using the information from the guide, you should be able to make the best choice.

The Type Of Spatula

The first thing you will want to think about when looking to buy a grill spatula is the type of spatula you need. Generally, there are two main types of spatula on the market. These are offset spatulas and flat spatulas.

Knowing the difference between the two is crucial if you are to make a decision. Offset spatulas are typically better suited for moving and flipping larger food items or larger cuts of meat.

They are usually produced from durable stainless steel and feature a curved or angled edge.

Flat spatulas are suited to cooking on smaller surfaces. They are also better at flipping smaller foods such as chicken breasts and burgers.

Which type of spatula you choose to buy will depend on how you intend to use it. If you plan on quickly flipping a burger or slicing vegetables, a flat spatula will be better.

If you need to move more food or bigger meats easily, an offset spatula will be best.

Handle Length

Another important thing to take into account is the length of the spatula handle.

Shorter handles can come in handy when working with smaller meats less frequently, but if you plan on using your grill a lot, you will probably need a spatula with a longer handle.

Longer handles make it easier to move and flip food on the grill, giving you much more control. Longer handles also guarantee more safety when working with heat.

Thanks to the extra length, you will be further away from the heat source. This reduces the chance of you getting burnt – especially if you get a flare up on your grill.

Overall Size

The overall size of the spatula can also be very important. You need a spatula that will comfortably sit in your hand and hold a variety of different foods.

If a spatula is too small, you will struggle to move bigger cuts of meat and quickly feel discomfort from the pressure on your hand.

To avoid this, you should try and look for a spatula that matches the size of the food you plan on grilling.

By doing this, you reduce the pressure it takes to move each meat, making it a much easier, more comfortable experience for yourself.


The materials a spatula is made out of will determine how durable and reliable the tool is. For example, a spatula made out of plastic isn’t going to cope with the high temperatures of a grill like a metal one will.

With this in mind, we strongly recommend looking for a grill spatula with a stainless steel design. Stainless steel is strong, durable, and rust-resistant.

It will also handle high heat exceptionally well. Therefore, you can grill with peace of mind that the spatula will do the job.

Regarding the handle, you should look for one made out of heat-resistant woods or metals. You can then expect the spatula to be comfortable to hold and stay cool.


Of course, the cost is going to be important when choosing a grill spatula. Grill spatulas are available at a variety of different costs, so it is important to find one that suits you.

If you’re looking for an affordable spatula, you will have to keep an eye out for simpler options that get the job done with little fuss.

However, if you’re a professional looking for the very best tool, you will have to look for something more expensive that offers more versatility.

The reason you will probably have to pay more is that more professional tools tend to come with extra features and unique design specifications. These extras all cost more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Grill Spatulas Necessary?

Yes, grill spatulas are definitely worth it. In fact, most pitmasters like to own a variety of different spatulas, so they can easily pick and choose which spatula suits a specific task.

Grill spatulas offer a safe and effective way of moving and flipping grilled food. Without a grill spatula, moving food on a grill would be nearly impossible to do without singeing the hair on your hands or even worse, burning your fingers.

What Are The Edges On A Grill Spatula For?

The sharp, often serrated edges on most grill spatulas have two primary functions.

The first one is to simply make life easier when it comes to sliding the spatula under your meat. The edge easily pushes itself under the meat, ready for you to flip it.

Secondly, the serrated edge can be used to check the doneness of meat without having to remove it from the grill.

Instead of wasting time taking the meat off the grill to cut it open, simply slice it into the meat on the grill with the edge and check how done it is.

Can I Use A Plastic Spatula On My Grill?

No, you can’t and shouldn’t use a plastic spatula when cooking on a grill. Plastic can’t handle the high temperatures of the grill, so it will quickly start to melt. For obvious reasons, a melting spatula on your grill isn’t great.

If you don’t own a metal spatula, we recommend getting one. If not, the next best thing to use would be a high-grade silicone spatula, but you will still need to be very, very careful.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our article looking at the best grill spatulas on the market. As you can see from our list, there are a lot of options available, all of which vary in what they offer, their unique designs, and extra features.

Whether you take your grilling seriously, or simply flip a few burgers now and again for family and friends, at some point you’re going to have to invest in a good grill spatula.

Grill spatulas not only make it a lot easier to move and flip food, but they also make it a lot safer, too. To be sure you don’t get burned you can check out our favorite BBQ Grill Gloves 

In this article, we have shown you exactly what the best spatulas on the market offer and provide you with a buyer’s guide that shows you what to look for when buying one.

Now you have all of this information at your disposal, it’s time to do some research of your own.

Take our list and buyer’s guide and start narrowing down the options until you find a spatula that suits your needs best. You might even want to find some other options of your own.