Best Smoker Cookbooks

Best Smoker Cookbooks

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Smoking meat has become such a fun culinary hobby! I love seeing the passion people have for perfecting their smoking craft. With so many of the best smoker cookbooks out there these days, we home smokers have an amazing opportunity to learn.

These cookbooks really make the process friendlier. They walk you through step-by-step so you can avoid disappointment and end up with mouthwatering smoked meat. My personal favorite is (insert book) – the recipes are creative and foolproof.

I think it’s awesome that smoker cookbooks meet you wherever you’re at. Whether you are new to smoker grills or have been smoking meats for years, there’s a book that fits. They really help you get the most out of your equipment.

With the right guidance, I believe anyone can become an excellent smoker. There’s something magical about the whole process. These cookbooks capture that – they’re almost like a trusted advisor you get to take right to your backyard. I’d encourage any aspiring smoker to grab one – it makes the journey to smoked meat mastery that much more fun!


Best Smoker Cookbooks

A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Author: Aeron Franklin

Formats Available: hardcover, kindle

If you want a cookbook that teaches you the ins and outs of smoking meat, then you need to purchase a copy of Aeron Franklin’s best-selling manifesto.

This beautiful book was first published in 2015 and features a detailed history of the author’s experience with smoking. It also includes full-color photographs and a collection of gourmet recipes, complete with detailed instructions.

It’s clear that Aeron Franklin is a man who knows his barbecue, as this book covers all you need to know about the process – from wood chips and meat cuts to curing and how to build the perfect fire.

The manifesto currently has over 1700 ratings on Amazon and continues to receive rave reviews from readers around the world.


  • The manifesto has been written by a professional smoker with a successful career in the barbecue world.
  • The instructions are easy to follow and come with additional information about how to smoke various meats.
    The manifesto features beautiful pictures and full-color plates, which compliment the text and detailed recipes.


  • The number of recipes is rather small when compared to other smoker cookbooks available online.

The Wood Pellet Smoker And Grill Cookbook

Author: Peter Jautaikis

Formats Available: hardcover, kindle, audiobook

This smoker’s manual was first published in 2016 and covers everything from cooking meat to wood pellets.

In contrast to the other entries on our list, this book was not written by a professional chef and was instead composed of a passionate smoker with decades of experience.

In fact, Jautaikis is one of the most relatable authors we’ve encountered, as his book contains hilarious facts about his life and hobbies.

The publication places a lot of emphasis on the importance of wood pellets and how this can impact the taste of the meat. It also contains a spectrum of recipes, from barbecued brisket to wood-smoked trout.

The cookbook is available in various formats and can be purchased as a hardcover or kindle reader.


  • The manual contains detailed diagrams and color pictures, which are accompanied by simple instructions.
  • The recipes are easy to understand and feature clear steps that can be followed to ensure delicious meat.
  • The manual also includes practical information on how to operate a smoker and the materials you will need.


  • The author is not a professional smoker and instead uses his personal experience to outline the process.

Project Smoke

Author: Steve Raichlen

Formats Available: paperback, hardcover, kindle

If you want to perfect your smoking skills, then we recommend purchasing a copy of Steve Raichlen’s best-selling book, which features some of the most innovative recipes we have ever seen.

This stunning book was first published in 2016 and contains over 100 recipes from smoked mushrooms to a delicious vanilla rib glaze.

It also includes practical information on how to improve your craft, as well as how to use wood pellets and find the best machine for your purposes.

The book is the work of a successful journalist and contains decades of research and smoking experience.

Nowadays, the book can be purchased as a paperback or hardcover. It is also available as an e-reader for kindles and other devices.


  • The cookbook contains a wealth of information, which covers everything from wood pellets to smoker upkeep.
  • The creative recipes are easy to follow and feature simple instructions accompanied by diagrams and pictures.
  • The cookbook is available in several formats, which include paperback, hardcover, and electronic options.


  • Some customers have complained that the Kindle version is hard to navigate, which can make it difficult to follow the recipes.

Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide To Real Barbecue

Author: Jeff Phillips

Formats Available: paperback

If you are new to the world of smoking and want to produce delicious meat, then look no further than this incredible handbook.

Perfect for beginners, this cookbook walks you through the process of smoking meat and features simple instructions to ensure the best results.

Among the various recipes, you will find classic dishes such as chicken and ribs. However, the book also offers more unique options in the form of smoked duck and rich chocolate cake.

Written by Jeff Phillips, the handbook is packed with information and features the author’s own tips on how to get started.

The only drawback is that this book is only available in paperback, which can make it less accessible to kindle readers. It is also important to note that the book’s structure is not ideal and could be damaged while you cook.


  • The handbook contains practical information, which covers the best wood pellets and how to set up your smoker.
  • The book features a wide range of recipes, which range from chicken and ribs to smoked duck and fish.
  • The handbook includes a large selection of products, which can be purchased for future use.


  • As previously mentioned, this book is only available in paperback and has been described as delicate.

The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook

Author: Bill West

Formats Available: hardcover, kindle, audiobook

We all know there are countless ways to smoke meat. So if you own an electric smoker, then we recommend purchasing a copy of this useful cookbook.

Like the other options on our list, this book contains over 100 recipes and can be used to make a range of dishes from smoked shrimp to tender pork loin.

The book also works as a beginner’s guide, covering everything you need to know about the smoking process and how to perfect it.

When you have mastered the basics, the book also includes advanced chapters, which will teach you about rubs, marinades, and injections.

Everything in this book can be made in an electric smoker, although some recipes are also suitable for traditional containers. The cookbook is available in several formats and can be purchased online.


  • The guidebook is available in several formats and can be purchased online as a hardcover or e-reader.
  • Because of its simple instructions, the book is suitable for beginners and includes chapters for advanced smokers.
  • The guidebook has been specially written for electric smokers and features countless recipes and tips.


  • Despite its wealth of information, advanced smokers may find the recipes basic when compared to complex alternatives.

Now that we have covered some of the best cookbooks available, let’s take a closer look at what makes the best smoker cookbook.

Buyer’s Guide

The idea of purchasing a cookbook may sound like a simple task. After all, every cookbook contains delicious recipes and useful tips.

However, there are certain elements that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a smoker cookbook. Elements that help to ensure that the book meets your expectations and needs.

In the section below, we have outlined some key points that should be kept in mind when it comes to purchasing a smoker cookbook.

By consulting these points, you will be able to select the best cookbook for you, saving you time and money.


When it comes to purchasing a smoker cookbook, the first thing you need to consider is the recipes included.

While the additional information can be useful, it’s the recipes themselves that will determine your final decision. It’s important to remember that you are purchasing a cookbook and not a manufacturer’s guide.

Of course, no two cookbooks are the same, which means there are many possible recipes to choose from. However, it’s important to find recipes that you can understand and follow, as this will ensure the best results.

Some cookbooks will only include a small selection of basic recipes, so it’s best to purchase a book that contains a range of recipes from simple dishes to more complex creations.

This way, you can build your culinary experience and challenge yourself once you have learned the basics.

In addition to recipes, a good smoker cookbook will also include cooking techniques and additional information. This can be anything from how to clean your smoker to the best wood pellets for certain meats.

While recipes can help to produce delicious food, this additional information will make sure that your smoker is prepared.


Cookbooks are often written by authors who have spent years perfecting their craft.

The author has undoubtedly put a lot of thought into each recipe and the accompanying text. If an author does not provide enough detail or fails to explain something clearly, then it could lead to problems down the line.

To avoid any confusion, it’s always best to buy a book with an established reputation.

For example, we included A Meat-Smoking Manifesto by Aeron Franklin on our list, who began his culinary career selling smoked meat by the side of the road.

Since then, Franklin has gone on to win numerous competitions and has poured his experience into his book.

In most cases, the experiences of the author will translate into their work.

For example, if an experienced chef writes a book about smoking, they will likely know what works and what doesn’t. In contrast, a novice might struggle to get the hang of things and end up making mistakes.

This is why it’s worth spending extra time researching the author, as well as reading reviews online. You can learn a lot about the quality of the book by looking at other people’s opinions and experiences.

Number Of Pages

The number of pages in a cookbook is another factor that needs to be considered before buying one.

As mentioned above, a good smoker cookbook will contain a wide variety of recipes, so it’s essential that the book isn’t too short.

Ideally, the book should contain between 100 and 300 pages, but this varies depending on the size of the book and the type of recipes included.

If the book is too long, it may become difficult to read through all the content. Conversely, a book that is too short will lack depth and won’t give you much guidance when preparing meals.

It’s also important to note that some books will feature large images and detailed instructions.

These types of books tend to be very useful for beginners, however, they can also be expensive. It’s better to look for a cheaper alternative that provides similar information.


Of course, the price of a cookbook is going to vary greatly depending on its contents. However, there are some factors that influence the cost of the book.

First, the more pages a book contains, the higher the price. This is because the publisher must pay for printing costs and the author has to cover their own expenses.

Second, the quality of the paper used also affects the price. Some books use high-quality paper, while others opt for lower grade paper.

Finally, the design of the book can affect the overall cost. For example, a glossy hardback book will be more expensive than a plain paperback.


When choosing your cookbook, it’s important to consider which format you prefer. There are three main options: Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle. Each option offers different benefits, so it’s worth considering them carefully.

Paperbacks are generally inexpensive and easy to carry around. They are also great for cooking at home since they don’t require electricity. However, they aren’t always suitable for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

They also come with the drawback of being prone to damage from moisture and humidity. The covers can easily split or fall apart, and the pages can yellow over time.

Hardcovers offer greater protection against these problems. They are also easier to keep clean and dry compared to paperbacks.

Hardcovers can also look attractive in your kitchen, as they often have beautiful designs and colors. However, they are usually quite heavy and bulky. If you want something portable, then a paperback is probably best.

Kindles are small electronic devices that allow users to download eBooks directly onto their devices. They are extremely convenient, as they make reading simple and quick.

They are also lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel. However, they are not designed for cooking, so if you plan to use your Kindle for this purpose, you’ll need to buy a separate device.

Weighing Your Options

There are many things to take into consideration when deciding what kind of cookbook you want. In addition to the features discussed above, it’s also important that you choose a cookbook that suits your lifestyle.

For example, if you spend most of your time indoors, then a paperback might work well for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy spending time outdoors, then a Kindle would be a good choice.

In general, we recommend that you go with whichever format works best for you. You may find that one type of cookbook is perfect for your needs, but another type is better suited to someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Smoker Cookbook Is The Best?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your personal preferences and requirements. It’s impossible to say which cookbook is “the best” without knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re a beginner, we would recommend Jeff Phillips’s Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide To Real Barbecue, as this book contains simple instructions and easy-to-follow recipes.

However, if you are looking for something more advanced, then Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke is a great choice, as the book contains creative recipes that push the boundaries of smoking cuisine.

Of course, the final decision is yours to make and will depend on what you want out of your cookbook.

What Kind Of Recipes Do I Need For A Good Smoker Cookbook?

It’s true that there are some basic recipes that every smoker cookbook should contain. These include meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, sauces, and spices.

However, the recipes themselves shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when choosing a cookbook.

You also need to think about how much information each recipe provides.

Some books provide detailed step-by-step instructions, while others simply list ingredients and leave the rest up to you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as the book has enough information to get you started.

Should I Purchase A Book With Pictures?

Yes! We highly recommend that you purchase a cookbook with pictures, as this makes following the recipes even simpler.

Most cookbooks come with photos of the finished product, but sometimes these aren’t very clear or don’t show all of the steps required for preparing the dish.

If you can see exactly what you’ll need in order to prepare the food, then you won’t have any problems following the directions.