Top 3 Grill Guns – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Greetings, grill enthusiasts! Today we’d like to introduce something that can rekindle the passion you once felt for grilling. Yes, we are talking about a grill gun – a device that will quickly ignite your charcoal barbecue.

Your grilling experience will be easier and more fun thanks to the widest and strongest flame available from these hand-held torches.

However, not all grilling guns are worth the money – some of them won’t deliver the results they’re supposed to, and others will break very quickly. Some grill guns even struggle to start a fire!

In order to save you time and help select the best one for you, we are pleased to share our list of the top grill guns that will ramp up your grilling accessories. Continue reading and choose the one that best fits your needs. 


Best Grill Gun Review

Here is the list of the top 5 grill guns available:

SearPro Charcoal Lighter

The top item on our list is the SearPro Charcoal Lighter.

This little, portable torch can achieve temperatures of over 1,800° F and boasts one of the broadest, most vigorous flames of any torch on the marketplace.

It is perfect for various tasks, including searing steaks, roasting bell peppers, coating baked ham, melting cheese, and more. Additionally, it is quite strong for lighting your fireplace, charcoal barbecue, glass blowing torch, welding torch, and even melting metal!

It has an adjustable fuel control mechanism, allowing you to use as little or as much flame as necessary to complete the task. It is also so compact that it may easily fit in your kitchen drawers or backpack for outdoor excursions. 

What’s even more important is that this torch comes with a 6-month guarantee and a full refund if you’re not satisfied with it for any reason! 

Things we Like
  • Extremely powerful
  • Convenient for performing various tasks
  • It has an adjustable fuel control
  • Compact size 
  • Affordable price 
  • 6-month warranty and money-back guarantee 
Things we Don’t Like 
  • Due to the fuel it consumes, it might be dangerous for some people

The SearPro Charcoal Lighter is the ideal choice for anyone looking for the best gear for their grilling supplies. It is lightweight, sturdy, and capable of baking your ham or lighting your charcoal grill in just a few seconds.

BLUU Grill & Cooking Propane Torch 

The next item on our list is the BLUU Grill & Cooking Propane Torch – a powerful torch that can swiftly finish your meat and produce the most delectable flame.

This multi-purpose propane kitchen torch is suitable for professional cooking, grilling meat, melting cheese, toasting bread crumbs, and much more. Additionally, it can be used to start bonfires, grills, and fireplaces, and its portable propane torch head is ideal for quickly searing food.

This torch has an adjustable control and a flame temperature range of up to 2,400° F, making it ideal for the majority of applications.

Additionally, this torch lighter is compatible with the majority of commercially available propane tanks and may be used with propane, MAPP, or MAP-Pro gas.

What’s more, it comes in two sizes, medium and large, to suit different demands and preferences.

Things we Like 
  • Portable grill torch 
  • Extremely strong and resilient
  • Multi-purpose torch 
  • Adjustable flame control 
  • It can be used with propane, MAAP, or MAP-Pro gas
  • It comes in two sizes
Things we Don’t Like
  • It can be a bit pricey for some people 
  • Some people believe that this torch is risky because it uses gas 

If you’re looking for a powerful, multifunctional kitchen torch, BLUU Grill & Cooking Propane Torch is the one to go with! This grill gun comes in a choice of two sizes and is ideal for both professional cooking and lighting your barbecue with your friends in the backyard.

Cooouds Propane Grill Torch

The last option on our list is the Cooouds Propane Grill Torch. 

This barbeque torch is ideal for toasting bread crumbs, melting cheese, grilling steaks and bell peppers, and sous-vide cooking. Additionally, it can be used to start bonfires, grills, and fireplaces.

This strong torch has an adjustable knob so users may change the quantity of gas flow to customize the flame to their preferences. It can produce a strong flame and attain a maximum operating temperature of 1,472° F, which is readily reached by the temperature needed for daily bonfires and barbecues.

It is appropriate for the majority of propane tanks sold today and may be used with propane, MAPP, and MAP-Pro gas.

The meal becomes more appetizing because the working temperature range of 1,400 – 2,400°F enables the gas in the tank to completely burn before reaching the food.

This torch has a year of quality assurance service included, and the team is always there to help!

Things we Like 
  • Multi-purpose barbeque torch 
  • Extremely powerful 
  • Has an adjustable temperature knob 
  • 1-year quality assurance service included
  • Can be used with propane, MAPP, and MAP-Pro gas
Things we Don’t Like
  • It might be a little pricey for some individuals 

The Cooouds Propane Grill Torch is the one to choose if you’re looking for a powerful and effective grilling tool! It is a versatile grill gun that will perfectly complement your grilling equipment.

Things to Consider Before Picking a Grill Gun 

After reviewing our list of the top grill guns, it’s time to examine the criteria we used to choose our favorites. 

A kitchen blowtorch should, first of all, be capable of performing a wide range of activities, such as evenly caramelizing sugar for crème brûlée, searing sous-vide steaks, and melting cheese on hamburgers.

A torch should also be simple to use, manageable with just one hand, and a comfortable to grip – it ought to ignite with a powerful, steady flame. A decent torch should, above all, give the user a lot of control and, as a result, a safe margin of error.

Let’s examine in further detail what a decent torch should resemble.


If you can’t start a flame, a blowtorch isn’t much use – safety becomes a major problem if you can’t manage that flame.

Even though that might sound absurd, you’d be shocked by the number of models that either don’t start on the first click, or, even worse, start then abruptly shut off.

The consistency of the flame, heat output, safety, and ergonomics, as well as the flavors added to dishes, should all be considered while choosing the best functional torch.

Size, Color, and Heat Output 

A blue flame is preferred in the realm of kitchen torches –  orange or yellow flames from a torch frequently signify incomplete or ineffective fuel combustion.

Soot, which manifests as yellow or orange incandescence in a flame, will form as a result of the additional unburned carbon. As a result, food cooked over an orange flame may taste sooty or like gasoline.

Along with flame color, it’s important to take note of the flame’s size and spread – it should produce a strong and effective flame!


It is crucial to consider a grill gun’s size and portability before selecting one.

If you wish to light your BBQ outside, you will need a smaller model that you can bring with you wherever you go and store safely in your kitchen drawer.

If you choose a larger one, be prepared for larger fuel consumption as well as transportation issues when bringing it in from outdoor use.


Even though some grill guns are well worth their money, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that paying more for one means you’ll obtain torches of the highest quality.

Always aim for the option that offers the best features and functionality while remaining within your budget.

Naturally, be a little bit more prepared if you want to get grill torches from the most well-known brand – they are usually more expensive. 

Final Thoughts 

We appreciate you sticking with us through to the end of our buying guide. We sincerely hope that we have provided you with the best options on Amazon and that we have given you some insight into the features that the best grill guns should have.

To reiterate one more time – never allow the appearance from the outside determine which grill torch is the best. Always go for one with excellent functionality, a blue flame, and a small size if you’re looking for one to bring to outdoor grill events! 

If we had to choose just one, we would choose the ZAUTNKN Kitchen Blow Torch, since it is the most economical and powerful option.

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