Grilled Skewer Recipe Ideas

Grilled Skewer Recipes

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When it comes to food ideas to put on the grill, skewers are always one of the choices that come to the top of mind.

They’re relatively easy to put together, super easy to cook, and you can easily feed a large crowd with an assembly line of grilled skewers.

Not to mention, there are countless grilled skewer recipes out there. No matter which style of cuisine you prefer, or what you’d like to try, there are tasty ideas for you to try on the grill.

We’ve created this round up of our favorite grilled skewer recipes to inspire you. Read on to see some of our top choices from around the internet.

15 Of The Best Grilled Skewer Recipe Ideas

Grilled Chicken Caesar Skewers

This summer, your favorite salad will be breaking out of the bowl. The classic notorious grilled chicken caesar salad is moving on to a skewer.

The original caesar salad will be given a nice smoky touch with the grilled chicken in this tasty dish.

By using skewers, you can break down each section of the salad while still enjoying the level of goodness you expect from a traditional salad.

Spiced Grilled Lamb Skewers

These tasty treats are a great option to have as part of your barbecue. Lamb is often one of the forgotten meats on a barbecue and this will really have your guests surprised when you bring this out.

The marinated lamb skewers are flavored with garam masala, cumin, ginger, and garlic, so they’ll char slightly on the grill. We recommend you give these a try if you are looking for a powerful tasting dish on a little skewer.

Chicken Kabobs Mexicana

It’s a fantastic tasting skewer that bursts with flavors as soon as you bite into it. With this recipe, you can really capture the flavor of Mexican food, and it will be perfect for a Mexican themed party – perhaps a companion of some steak fajitas.

Marinated chicken and vegetable skewers marinated in cilantro, lime, and cumin. You even have the option of serving it with a side of rice, salsa, and a warm tortilla.

Steak And Chicken Kabobs

Is there anyone who does not enjoy a good steak? Well, the two best types of meat on earth are combined in this recipe. In order to get tender, mouthwatering meat the next day, marinate the steak and chicken overnight in a special sauce.

Get these fired up on the grill and then cut them into nice chunks and put them on the grill, you’ll have yourself a very tasty dish that’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.

Chicken Souvlaki With Tzatziki Sauce

The recipe you are about to read has all of the classic ingredients that you would find in a recipe inspired by Greece. If you make some lemony grilled chicken and accompany it with some tzatziki sauce, then you are going to have a great meal.

In the summer, this dish is perfect because it is light as a feather and it is perfect for a barbecue in the warm weather. There is no doubt that you can make this at any time of the year, but Greek food really hits hard during the summer months, and that is what we believe.

Grilled Garlic & Black Pepper Shrimp

To spice up this easy shrimp skewer recipe, you just need salt, pepper, garlic, acid, and heat. Those who enjoy seafood will really appreciate what this dish has to offer in terms of taste since it contains the shrimps we all know and love but with a touch of added flavor.

It is placed on a skewer so that it will be much easier to eat and enjoy at a barbeque. This is one dish that you must include on your menu. You can prepare it in no time at all and it is a very easy one to prepare.

Grilled Steak & Asparagus Kabobs

It’s impossible not to be impressed by grilled asparagus, whether it’s the texture or the bursting flavor it comes with. On the kabobs, New York Strip steaks complement the asparagus perfectly. If you go for some steak marinade, you make the dish flavorful from the inside, sprinkling it with some herbs.

It is recommended that you include this on the menu as one of your options because it can be easily made and it still packs a powerful punch of flavor everyone needs.

Grilled Steak And Asparagus Kabobs

Spicy Grilled Shrimp Skewers

The perfect way to start your barbecue is with this grilled shrimp recipe. Your guests will keep coming back for more since it’s sweet and spicy at the same time. A lot of people love the dish because having a bit of spice in your meals is what makes them so much better than the rest.

It really makes it stand out from the rest. The idea is to draw people’s attention to your dishes, and having something that is a combination of sweet and spicy creates an unforgettable taste.

BBQ Chicken Pineapple Kabobs With Bacon

It will not take you long to start drooling from the very first look that you will have at these kabobs with bacon. BBQ chicken kabobs are made with very tender chicken which has been grilled with pineapples and bacon.

You can dress the entire dish with a thick layer of a warm and tasty BBQ sauce to give it a juicy and tasty flavor. This is a great way to get everyone excited about your barbecue with a classic feature everyone will enjoy.

Grilled Barbecue Tofu

These easy-to-make barbecue marinades are what give these tofu skewers all their juicy flavor. This meal is perfectly complemented by a side of vegetable kabobs, which are flavored with a variety of spices and sauces.

We love what this dish offers, and we are sure you will too, as a healthy grilled food option.

Sausage & Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

With their absolutely mouth-watering looks, these kabobs would be ideal for serving at parties. Moreover, the reason why they are so popular is that they can be prepared on the BBQ grill while you are busy doing chores around the house.

The shrimp, which are wrapped around the sausages, get a lovely kick of flavor from the barbecue seasoning that is added to them. It really is a hard meal not to love and it should receive a lot of compliments when it comes to the serving.

Bourbon Bacon Barbecue Chicken Kebabs

You will never be disappointed cooking these kebabs, whether you roast them or broil them. As a result of smothering the chicken pieces with a bacon paste, the chicken pieces are given the perfect tang when paired with some vinegar sauce.

In addition to the smoked paprika and BBQ sauce, the bourbon added to the sauce added an additional level of richness.

Honey Garlic Bacon Wrapped Chicken Kabobs

The chicken tenders smothered in a honey lime sauce that is wrapped in bacon are sure to make any chicken lover fall in love. It is the honey garlic sauce that oozes with flavor and it is the main reason why the kabobs have a tender and moist texture. The reason for chicken tenders?

There are some differences between chicken tenderloin and chicken breast, although they come from the same region of the bird.

Chicken tenders are thin slices cut from the side of the breast. Cooking them is quicker because they are so small and tender. Tenders really enhance this recipe over others because you don’t usually see them on a skewer, making it unique.

Grilled Thai Coconut Chicken Skewers

You might want to change things up at your next barbecue by trying Thai food for a change and seeing what this incredible recipe has to offer. These smoky chicken skewers are super easy to prepare at home and are sure to excite your taste buds as well as your eyes. They look beautiful and are equally delicious to eat.

This luscious marination combines soy sauce, coconut cream, garlic, and ginger, plus some sweet coconut cream glaze to complete the dish. Excellent when paired with peanut sauce.

Mediterranean Grilled Tofu

In just a few minutes, you can have these grilled tofu kebabs with a flavorful marinade of Mediterranean spices, while being very versatile when it comes to pairing them with a variety of accompaniments. The chewy grilled delights that are charred to perfection pair perfectly with creamy hummus and pita bread.

This dish is one of our favorites because it’s associated with summer and a wonderful alternative to traditional BBQ flavors.

Final Thoughts

The recipes we have selected above represent the top 15 we believed we had to show you. These are the dishes that, as far as we are concerned, will deliver the most flavor to everyone at your next barbeque.

There are so many more to choose from but if you are looking for something different to serve on your skewers then these are your ideal options.

The best thing about making these small bites is that they don’t take long, and you can make multiple batches of each recipe.

There is no question that you are definitely going to love at least one of the recipes we have shown you. You just need to make sure that you check for allergies or dietary restrictions before cooking, and then you will be good to go.