Surf And Turf Dinner Ideas

Surf And Turf Dinner Ideas

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If like many other people, you love the juiciness of a good steak along with the freshness of some great seafood, then it’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of surf and turf.

However, sometimes even the biggest steak enthusiasts will want to try something different from time to time. That’s why we have made a list of potential surf and turf options at your disposal that can spice up your palette.

“Standard” Surf And Turf

One of the most common variations of surf and turf is having a steak combined with some fresh prawns, usually grilled and combined with some garlic or chilli sauce.

With regards to the steak, you can always change the steak to suit the mood that you’re feeling on the occasion. It’s unlikely that you’d change too much when it comes to the level of how cooked you like your meat.

However, you can always change the cut of steak that will be involved in your meal. Lots of people will choose a thicker cut and go for a thick steak like filet mignon, which is full of juices and some fat to add an extra layer of flavor to your meal.

On the other hand, a lot of people who prefer less fat in their food may opt for a NY Strip cut of steak, which adds a slimmer part of beef to your meal.

You could even do a cut like skirt steak with a surf and turf themed meal!

On top of this, there are more extravagant cuts of steak like a tomahawk ribeye which both add a different type of flavor to your meal and will offer a much richer bit of food.

Scampi Surf And Turf

One popular variation of the surf and turf meal is when the prawns are replaced with a handful of scampi pieces, which is a shrimp or another type of shellfish. These are then covered in breadcrumbs and cooked until crispy.

Although this seems like a very similar option to prawns, scampi is an ideal replacement for those who don’t like prawns or other types of shellfish. The texture is a lot different compared to prawns and offers smaller bites compared to the larger shellfish variants.

Lobster Surf And Turf

Yet another seafood variation that can be had when preparing surf and turf for a meal, is when lobster is involved. Lobster is one of the richest variations of seafood out there and can be a lovely option alongside a juicy steak.

Lobster tends to have a softer texture than other variations of shellfish and will have a much sweeter flavor than other foods like prawns and shrimp.

With regards to how much of the lobster you may get, the portions could be much larger because of the size of lobsters. On top of this, some lobsters may taste fresher than any other type of sea creature.

Lobsters can usually be seen in surf and turf dishes in three common forms; the lobster’s claws, the tail, and the body of the lobster.

When it comes to eating lobster body meat, the ribs and the head both have their own pros and cons with regards to portion sizes and tenderness of the body part.

As well as this, the meat always tastes slightly different depending on which area of the shellfish you choose to take part in. The choice is yours!

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Crab Surf And Turf

Similar to lobster, the portions for crab can be a lot bigger than certain sizes of prawns and shrimp. Although it may look similar to lobster, crab meat can offer a fishier alternative to its counterpart and will combine the sweet tones of salt and sweetness together.

Lobster tends to be sweeter than crab, with the latter offering a more savory alternative. Sometimes crab works incredibly well with a splash of honey or something else sweet, like some fresh pineapple.

Partner these with the juiciness of a perfectly cooked steak and you have yourself a meal full of flavor and varying tastes.

With regards to what part of the crab you can have with your steak, crab claws are a popular delicacy all over the world and can even be deep-fried in batter or breadcrumbs to add another extra bit of flavor and texture to the shellfish.

Alternatively, you can also have the larger part of the meat by indulging in the leaf. The leaf is basically the part of the crab underneath the shell.

Crab Surf And Turf

Sides & Smaller Features

With regards to experimenting with the sides for steak and the smaller features of a surf and turf dish, there are a lot of choices at your disposal.

The biggest one is probably whether you’d rather fries or another form of potatoes. Freshly baked potatoes are a lovely addition to most seafood and beef-based meals, working incredibly well with melted butter and some ground pepper on top for extra flavor.

Mac and cheese or mashed potatoes are always another commonly seen sides that work well with surf and turf.

This can work well for those who love a splash of dairy to their meal, with mashed potato also being more filling depending on the portions sizes. On top of this, mashed potatoes works brilliantly with some fresh vegetables.

There are lots of vegetables that go well with surf and turf like peas, broccoli, cauliflower cheese, and green beans. However, a sweeter option that many may not think of, is corn on the cob.

There are a few different sauces that go well with steak and seafood, with one of these being peppercorn sauce. This rich and creamy part of a surf and turf can make or break any variation of this meal and will offer a lovely something to have on top of your food.

On top of this, there is also the option of having a garlic butter topper. This adds another strong flavor to your meal that will complement the fishiness and steak juices even further. You can’t go wrong!

Final Thoughts

Surf and turf are easily one of the best ways of combining the treasures of the ocean with the best meat that land has to offer.

There are simply too many different combinations and choices to look at when looking to make changes to your meal, however, it’s all about experimentation.

Just because the food combinations are lesser-heard than other variations, doesn’t mean it’s wrong! The best thing to do is get yourself a cut of steak and find some fresh seafood to go along with it.