Best 3 Burner Gas Grill – Our Top Choices and Buyer’s Guide

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Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon, or not at allHarriet Van Horne 

She may have found fame as a newspaper columnist, but Harriet Van Horne knew a thing or two about cooking as well.

It becomes a consuming hobby, it’s all that you’ll think about and all that you want to think about. And do you know what the greatest cooking secret of all is?

What the one aspect of it that has encouraged generation after generation of amateur cooks to follow its alluring rhythm from the cradle to the grave is and the hidden truth that no chef wants to tell any outsider about is?

It’s that cooking outside is far more addictive and pleasurable than cooking inside.

But if you’re going to devote your life to the craft of cooking outside, most commonly in the form of grilling, you’ll need the right grill to work with.

A good grill is the brush, palate, and canvas that you use to create your masterpieces, and while certain quarters of the grilling community insist that wood and charcoal are the best way to grill, we’ve always found that gas is more efficient, it also trumps its rivals in the flavor stakes.

That’s why we compiled a list of the best three burner gas grills so that you can travel down the same path to grilling perfection as we are, and experience the cornucopia of flavors that three burners will help you to achieve when grilling.

It’s time to follow your heart and start grilling with gas…

Best 3 Burner Gas Grills

Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill
  • 3 powerful burners put out 39,000 BTUs heat
  • 669 sq. in. of cooking surface area
  • Flavorizer bars, easy ignition, and porcelain enameled finish
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Weber’s every thought is about grilling. Grilling is their modus operandi and their reason to exist, and for nearly seventy years they’ve devoted their every waking moment to developing the world of grilling bit by bit.

They’ve come a long way since nineteen fifty-two when they took an old marine buoy and with a little MacGyver style know-how, transformed it into the world’s first kettle barbecue.  

The Genesis II E-310 is the current pinnacle of Weber’s continuing grilling evolution and uses their patented GS4 High Performance System.

What is GS4? We’re glad you asked.

It combines Weber’s Infinity Ignition which guarantees that your grill will fire up every single time, perfectly placed burners to ensure an even distribution of heat, flavorizer bars to imbue your cook with an irresistible smokey flavor, and a grease management system that prevents any and all potential flare-ups.

Combine all of that with three burners capable of providing thirty-nine thousand BTU’s (British Thermal Units) of heat to the five hundred and thirty square inches of the primary cooking area and an additional side burner which serves up twelve thousand BTU’s to the one hundred and thirteen squares inches of space that make up the secondary cooking area, and you’ve got one of the most powerful weapons in the grilling world at your disposal.  

Some grills hang around your yard and just look pretty, while others, like Genesis II, can change your life.

Everything that you’ll ever need, or want, to know about grilling can be learned in front of this monstrously powerful and simple to master grill. 

Weber set out to change the world of grilling forever, and with the Genesis II, they are well on the way to achieving ambition.

If you want to see the difference between Weber Spirit and Genesis grills, you can check out our resource on that topic right here.


  • Webers Infinity Ignition comes with a ten-year warranty that’ll give you the peace of mind to grill your way through five hundred weekend cook-outs before you even need to start thinking about replacing it. 
  • As well as the five hundred and thirty square inches of cooking space that the main grill has, the additional side burner also provides another one hundred and thirteen square inches.
  • That’s an incredible amount of cooking room that’ll provide you with all of the grilling power that you’ll need to feed an entire neighborhood.
  • And all that space comes with an incredible total of more than forty-eight thousand BTU’s of heat. It’s like having your own personal, fully controlled volcano on permanent stand-by.
  • If all of that wasn’t enough, the Genesis II is also incredibly easy to set up and simple to use. It was made to give amateurs all of the advantages that the professionals have, and that’s exactly what it does.


  • It’s a natural gas grill, not a propane unit so you’ll need to have a gas line in your yard or on your decking to run the Genesis II off. No gas, no grilling. 
  • All of the incredible grilling power that Weber has packed into the Genesis II comes at a not unexpected, eye-watering price.
  • It’ll melt your pocketbook and break your bank balance, so you’re going to need to decide if that’s a price that you’re willing to pay for the Genesis.
  • The hits just keep coming, as the Genesis II also has a weight problem, which will become your weight problem if you want to try and move it around your yard or deck.
  • At one hundred and fifty pounds, it’s far from being a lightweight piece of kit, so once you’ve wheeled it into place, there’s a good chance that it’ll stay where it’s our forevermore. 

Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40

A family founded and owned business that wholeheartedly believes in making the sort of hard-working, durable, and affordable grills that the average American family needs and deserves, Char-Griller cuts out all the intermediary flim-flam and nonsense that no one needs to be bothered by and just concentrates on doing what they’ve always done.

Making great grills that you can depend on. 

Their Grillin’ Pro is a serious, built to last propane-fired grill for serious grillers that’s been fashioned from heavy-gauge steel and finished off with powder coating to protect it from the elements.

And it’s as strong inside it’s grilling hood as it is on the outside, as its cast-iron grilling plates have been coated in porcelain to make them easier to clean and are able to transit every degree of the forty thousand BTU’s of heat that it’s three main burners supply to the flour hundred and thirty-eight square inches of primary cooking surface.

If that isn’t enough grilling power for you, the Pro’ also packs a side burner that can send another twelve thousand BTU’s of heat to it’s one hundred and sixty square inches of cooking space. 

Char-Griller has made it their mission to bring grilling into every American home, and have designed their grills to give you more cooking power than you’ll ever need at a price that everyone can afford.

The Pro is the gas grilling knock-out punch that no-one ever saw coming.


  • When Char-Griller says that they make their grills to last, they mean it. This all-steel, iron, and porcelain grill comes with a five-year rustproof warranty that’ll protect you and your grill against all manner of misfortune and calamity. 
  • Four hundred and thirty square inches of primary cooking surface area and forty thousand BTUs of heat is a powerful grilling combination that’ll see you through any, and every cookout regardless of how many people show up.
  • And the other part of Char-Griller’s mission statement? The one where they promise to do what they do at a price that everyone can afford? They absolutely deliver on it with the Grillin’ Pro.
  • It falls well within the financial reach of every would-be griller,
  • Then there’s it’s weight and the power it needs to do what it does.
  • At ninety pounds, it’s just about portable enough to be moved around your yard with ease and as the only fuel you need to fire it up is propane, as long as you have a cylinder on hand, you’ll be ready to grill. 


  • Apparently, according to some rather disgruntled members of the grilling community, it isn’t quite as durable as Char-Griller seems to think that it is and has a tendency to rust and wear out well before its warranty expires.
  • So thank goodness for the five-year warranty that’ll keep you in grilling power even if your original model packs in. 

Royal Gourmet 3 Burner Propane Grill

Driven by a passion for tradition, Royal Gourmet is committed to making innovative, affordable grills that can and will enhance the outdoor cooking experience of anyone fortunate enough to use them.

Based in Atlanta, they’re steeped in the Southern way of doing things and their brand sticks to it like glue by creating grills that put family, food, and friends first. 

It’s Piezo ignition system is designed to bring all thirty-nine thousand BTU’s of heat that its three main burners produce to life at once so that they can grill and sear anything that you want them to on the four hundred and forty-three square inches of its primary cooking surface. 

And the same ignition system guarantees that the lidded side burner can also bring it’s nine thousand BTU’s of heat online to cook whatever else you need to on it’s additional one hundred and twenty-three square inches of cooking space.

That’s a lot of cooking power for a relatively small grill that’s been made to fit into all of the tightest spaces and smallest areas in your yard.

They may not be the biggest name in grilling, but Royal Gourmet has created a devoted fanbase by delivering the sort of grills that thousands of amateur cooks rely on every single weekend of the year.

And given their ever-growing fanbase, it’s only a matter of time until Royal Gourmet rises up and claims its rightful place at the top of the grilling food chain.


  • Being made from heavy-duty steel and using porcelain to coat its grilling racks has ensured that this grill has been engineered to last forever. And while it probably won’t last quite that long, it will serve you faithfully for many grilling seasons. 
  • Four hundred and forty square inches of cooking space might not sound like a lot, but it’ll be more than enough space to cook up anything that you want, and need, this grill too. 
  • And then there’s its weight. At just sixty-two pounds, it’s an incredibly portable grill that’ll make it’s home wherever you need it too, whenever you want it too.


  • In the extremely unlikely event that you do run into any problem with your grill, you might be faced with the unwanted and unnecessary uphill struggle of having to deal with Royal Gourmet’s customer service team, who are, according to a number of the poor unfortunate souls who have been forced to try and deal with them, notoriously unhelpful and awkward. 

Char-Broil Classic 360

One of the heavyweights of the American grilling scene, Char-Broil are true pioneers, and in the seven decades since they brought one of the first charcoal grills to market they’ve been leading the charge in grilling innovation and technology.

With more patents under the collective grilling belt than any other brand, Char-Broil have earned their grilling reputation the only way they know. By making a grill for every griller, no matter what their cooking demands are. 

A certified classic, the Char-Broil 360 has stood the test of time thanks to having become a long-established favorite within the grilling community. 

Delivering thirty thousand BTU’s of heat from three separate burners to three hundred and sixty square inches of cooking surface, this easy to use grill is infinitely versatile and adaptable.

And with an additional side burner that generates another eight thousand BTU’s of heat, this grill has made its name the hard way, by cooking up a storm in the grilling community which has ensured its palace in the annals of the grilling hall of fame. 

It may not be the prettiest three burner grill that you’ll ever see, but what it lacks in the looks department it more than makes up for with incredible functionality and grilling power.

After all, as our pop once told us, looks aren’t everything and they’ll only get you so far before you have to stand your ground and prove what you can do.


  • The 360 is the product of seventy years of grilling innovation and invention and wears its Char-Broil badge with pride.
  • Char-Broil is a brand that’s learned more about grilling than most of their rivals ever will, and everything that they’ve learned has been forged into every bolt and rivet of this grill, 
  • And, as it weighs just under fifty pounds, it’s light enough to throw in the back of your RV when you hit the road and head for the hills or wherever it is that you’re going on vacation. 


  • While, like the majority of the grilling community, we’ve always been incredibly satisfied whenever we’ve had the pleasure of cooking with the 360, there are a minority of grillers who haven’t been quite so lucky and have been saddled with 360s that either doesn’t work or don’t live up to their expectations.
  • So, it might be worth digging a little deeper and finding out as much as you can about the 360 before you open your pocketbook. 

Kenmore 3-Burner Propane Grill

For more than one hundred years, Kenmore has lived and breathed appliances.

They’re a household name who have been responsible for shaping the kitchen, both inside and outside, based destiny of the average American family since your grandparents were children.

And they pride themselves on the fact that however you like to grill, they’ve got a model that’ll meet your every need and expectation. 

With more than five hundred square inches of cooking space and three burners that serve up thirty thousand BTU’s of heat, this propane patio grill has been designed to make the art of outdoor cooking simple.

It’s easy to use, and even easier to master and can, and will change the way that you think about cooking for you and your family. Its one-touch electronic ignition means that your next meal is never more than a heartbeat away when you’re cooking the Kenmore way. 

There’s a reason why Kenmore has been a fixture on the American cooking scene for more than one hundred years and that’s because everything they do is done with you in mind.

They make everything simple so that you can spend less time worrying about the things that you can’t change and more time enjoying the things that make you and your family happy.


  • It’s Kenmore Grill, so you know that it’s been made by a name that you can trust and put all of your grilling faith in. 
  • With five hundred and twelve square inches of cooking space, the Kenmore has more than space to cook for your family and all of your friends.
  • In fact, you could invite everyone you know to your cookout and you’d still have spare grilling room left on your Kenmore after taking their orders. 


  • And, as hard as we looked, we could find very little. The only complaint that we came across was directed toward Kenmore’s customer service department, who, apparently, aren’t easy to deal with and could use a people skills upgrade. 

Best 3-Burner Gas Grill – Buyer’s Guide

Which Three Burner Gas Grill Is Right For Me?

As three-burner gas grills are all designed to do roughly the same thing, the only things that separates one grill from another are the additional features and functionality they possess and their price.

And unfortunately, the latter dictates the former. If you want an all-singing and all-dancing grill, it’s going to cost a lot more than a basic three burner grill will.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your grill though is your budget, Set it, and remain firm and whatever you do, don’t exceed the limit that you’ve set for yourself as there’s a grill on our list that’ll fit your budget. 

That said if your budget isn’t an issue, and you’re looking for us to point you in the right three burner direction, we’d have to admit that the best grill on our list is the monumentally expensive Weber which will do just about everything except sit up and beg.

But if your budget is limited, we’d recommend that you grill the Char way, and go with either the Broil or Griller three burners, as they’re more than capable of raising the grilling roof and helping you to become a certified grilling master. 

What Is A 3-Burner Gas Grill?

A three-burner gas grill is an oven that has been purpose-designed to cook outdoors and is almost always best utilized on either a patio or decking or in a yard.

Using either propane or natural gas as its fuel source, these grills use three separate, individually controlled burners to deliver the heat that it makes to the grill’s cooking surface.

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