Best Pontoon Boat Grill – Top Choices For On The Water Grilling

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Taking your pontoon out onto the water in the summer and spring months is a great way to enjoy the water and the weather. Many people choose to barbecue or grill on the dock before or after they get out on the water. This takes time away from your family fun on the water though.

Having to grill before can also be inconvenient because it means your food won’t be kept warm and fresh. Having a pontoon boat grill is a great way to grill while on the go. Pontoon boat grills though need to have certain qualities that make them easy and efficient to use while out on the water.

Use this guide to see the features you have to look for when searching for a pontoon grill. We will also review our top choices to help you choose the best one!

What Are Marine Grade Grills?

Boat grills should be able to withstand choppy waters and wild winds. This will ensure your food doesn’t get ruined and your passengers stay safe from the hot grill while going through the water.

Boat grills should also be sleek and durable. They should be made from high-quality marine-grade stainless steel. This keeps the materials safe from rusting and water damage. Pontoon boat grills should also be to have some sort of boat mounting system.

This might include railings, gunwales, or spare rod holders. Some of the top-rated grills that we think are perfect for bringing onto the pontoon are from Magma, Blaze, and Solaire.

All of these grills have the qualities you need to easily grill and sear from your boat. Let’s dive into exactly what each grill offers so you can choose the best one for you.

Best Grills for Pontoon Boats

Blaze Professional LUX Marine Grade Portable Grill

Blaze Professional LUX Marine Grade Portable Propane Gas Grill
  • 316L stainless steel exterior for higher resistance to saltwater corrosion
  • Same push and turn flame-thrower ignition as Blaze built-in and freestanding grills
  • Two front-facing clasps for locking the lid in place during storage or transport
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You’ll see a few of the grills on this list are Blaze brand. They make some of the best grills for boating and being out on the open water. They are known for offering the perfect balance between cost and quality.

This means you get an amazing grill at a price that you can afford and enjoy. If you already own a Blaze grill, you know how functional and budget-friendly they can be. You can always upgrade to one of the higher dollar ones though if you want. This way, you can have more features and all the bells and whistles.

If you own a Blaze grill for your home or backyard, you probably know the amazing features and qualities they have. The LUX Marine Grade grill has many of the same great qualities, but it’s built offshore.

It’s built with 316L stainless steel that won’t rust or damage when exposed to saltwater or freshwater. It has a 12-gauge stainless steel flame tamer and a 12,000 BTU cast stainless steel H burner.

The cooking rods are also stainless steel with a 12mm hexagon shape. All of these features allow you to reach extremely high searing heat while still riding along safely in the water. You get 201 square inches of cooking space. This should be more than enough when cooking for the entire family or a large group of friends.

The push and flame ignition are reliable and safe. It’s sure to ignite every time, so you don’t have to worry about getting into the open water and having a grill that won’t start. When you aren’t using the grill, you can clasp it shut with the front-facing clasps.

For fueling the grill, you can use a 1-pound propane cylinder or a 20-pound tank with the included tank adapter.

Magma Marine Newport II Infrared Gas Grill

Magma Products Newport 2 Infrared Gas Grill

With marine grade stainless steel, this grill is an ideal on-the-go choice that can grill on a tabletop or even be mounted to a boat.

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Most Magma grills are specifically designed for marine outings and water activities. This makes their grills one of the top choices when trying to pick the best grill to bring out on the pontoon boat.

The construction is completely stainless steel, so you never have to worry about them getting rusted. The features are extremely functional and give you everything you need to grill out on the open water. Some of their grills are more budget-friendly than others. It just depends on the features you want.

The Newport II has many similarities to the Magma Marine Chefs Mate but has some upgraded qualities that are worth mentioning. It also has a lockable lid and fold-away trays like the Chefs Mate.  Also, it is an infrared grill that utilizes infrared grilling technology.

It comes with several infrared radiant screens that are combined with a stainless-steel dual-element infrared radiant plate. This allows you to have intense heat perfect for searing and grilling. The stainless-steel grill grates are 9×18 inches, so you have plenty of space to grill and keep food warm. The ultra-high temperature glass viewing window is also perfect for keeping an eye on your food.

Overall, this is a great basic grill that gives you all the grilling features you need from the comfort of your own boat. You can use a single-pound propane canister just like most other boat grills.

Magma Marine Monterey II Infrared Gas Grill

Magma Marine Monterey II Infrared Gas Grill
  • 18-8 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance
  • 420 sq. in. total cooking surface area
  • Integrated fold-away legs ideal for on-shore use
  • Even heat distribution and reduced flare-ups with infrared radiant screens

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This Magma Marine Monterey II is a little pricier compared to the other pontoon boat grills on our list, but it’s well worth having the extra features if you think you will use them. It’s built to last with 304 18-8 polished stainless steel with marine-grade qualities.

It provides more stability and performance than the other Magma grills with infrared radiant screens combined with dual-element infrared radiant plates. This allows the grill to produce intense heat that can vaporize drippings. You can sear, slow cook, or just warm up some side dishes on this grill.

The grill is 12 x 24 inches and the warming rack is 5.5 x 24 inches. You can see all the food you’re cooking through the window which makes grilling and cooking that much easier. Easily keep an eye on your food without having to open the lid and lose heat while out on the water is an awesome grill quality.

You can purchase a single mount to go with it or get a heavy-duty double mount. The anti-blow-out burner design is perfect for boating on windy days. Some additional features that make this grill fantastic for bringing it out on the pontoon boat are the lockable front-access grease tray, swiveling control valve, and the simple and safe canister exchange.

Magma Marine Catalina II Infrared Gas Grill

Another great multi-functional grill from Magma. It has a stainless-steel interior and exterior which makes it extremely rust and corrosion-resistant. The anti-blow burn-out feature will ensure you still get a flame perfect for grilling even if you are having a windy day on the water.

You can sear, slow cook, or warm sides on this 12 x 18-inch grill grate. The secondary warming rack is also highly functional and measures 5.5 x 18 inches. It has a hermetically-sealed thermometer and a stainless steel viewing window perfect for keeping an eye on your food when you need to.

The ignition is pushed to start and is extremely reliable. All you need for this grill is a one-pound propane canister and a single AAA battery.

Magma Marine Cabo Gas Grill

The Magma Marine Cabo Gas grill has amazing quality and performance at an economical price. It’s made from 304 18-8 mirrors polished stainless steel which keeps it safe from rust and corrosion.

The snap-out radiant plate is easy to clean and also gives you extremely even heat distribution. This means everything you are grilling will be able to reach the same perfect temperature at the same time. No more worrying about some items being done before others.

The lid is fully lockable and has a tight latch. It also has foldable legs and a locking grease tray. This makes it extremely easy to load onto the boat and bring the grill along for your summer water fun.

Unlike other Magma Marine grills, this one also has an anti-blowout burner design. If you happen to encounter a ton of wind while out on the water, you won’t have to worry about the flame going out.

The grates are only 9×18 inches, so you can easily fit them into the sink or dishwasher when you get back home. This makes cleaning up extremely easy. The single mount is sold separately, but it is worth the extra money. It will ensure the grill is stable on the boat and you won’t have to worry about anything falling.

Magma Marine ChefsMate Gas Grill

If you are looking for a pontoon grill while on a budget, the Magma Marine Chefs Mate will be a good choice for you. It comes at a low price but still with all the features you need to have a safe and easy grilling experience while out on the water.

This grill is one of the easiest in terms of portability because it has fold-away legs and a lockable lid. You can easily load it onto the boat from your car or the dock. It’s constructed with 304, 18-8 stainless steel. This is some of the most top-graded steel when it comes to being rust and corrosion-resistant.

The sectional grill grates are 9×18 inches and are completely removable. This makes them extremely easy to clean. The locking front access grease tray is perfect for traveling and ensuring you don’t get any grease stains on your boat.

The grill is sold as a single or double mount spending on your needs. You only need a standard 1-pound propane canister as well, which makes it even easier to move around with. The radiant plate is snap-out which allows you to give you extremely high temperatures. The superior high heat allows you to sear things easily on your boat.

Solaire Anywhere Marine Grade Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill

Solaire grills are known for their tough structure solid performance. People who get Solaire grills say they last for years and years to come. You can be sure that their marine-grade grills are no different. They have intense heat structures allowing you to easily and efficiently grill your meat or veggies.

The high heat found in all their grills gives you a superior burner and makes grilling while out on the water easier than ever before.

Check out the details of this top-rated marine graded grill from Solaire.

If you own a Solaire grill for your background, you will find many of the features on this marine grill the same. This makes it easy to use because you will already know the ins and outs. It has the same push-button ignition as the built-in and freestanding grills made by Solaire.

The carry bag makes it great for bringing it onto the boat and putting it in the car if you happen to be taking it somewhere else. It comes with 316 marine-grade stainless steel and 14,000 BTU infrared burners. They can easily be screwed and unscrewed for better cleaning.

The 140 square inches of cooking surface give you enough space to grill for everyone coming out onto the boat with you. The stainless-steel V shape is perfect for catching drippings and enhancing the flavor. It will also reduce flare-ups.

The total weight is less than 20 pounds which means you can easily bring the grill wherever you want.

Best Pontoon Boat Grill – Final Thoughts

Finding a marine graded grill for your boating and pontoon needs is important. Getting the wrong grill could be very inefficient and even dangerous. Choosing a grill from Blaze, Magma, or Solaire will ensure you are getting a good brand.

Many of the grills listed in this review are also budget-friendly and won’t break your wallet. They are also spacious enough to grill for a large family or group of friends