Blaze Grills Reviews: A Complete Look At a Premium Grilling Brand

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Grilling is one of the most recognizable trademarks of the American summer experience. It’s almost a necessity if you live in the suburbs or rural areas where you have a bit more space to spread out. While most people who love to grill are perfectly happy to head outside to put the perfect sear on a prime steak in the middle of winter, there is no denying that the most enjoyable time to grill is in the summer.

With summer just around the corner, many grilling enthusiasts are now scouring all the resources they can, in the hopes of finding the information they need to buy their next grill. With the pandemic limiting the social gathering for many people, they’ve spent their extra time working or stepping up that side hustle, so that they can splurge on a new grill to help shake that cabin fever. With millions of Americans being able to get vaccinated and barbecues expecting to explode this summer, there are a lot of old grills that are about to be upgraded.

If you’ve been making preparations for your summer of flame-grilled deliciousness, you may be looking for some of the best grills out there. When you are in the market for a serious, professional-grade grill at home, or even your vacation property, Blaze Grills is one of the premier names. They have several lines of grills that stack amazing features in a robust and quality barbecue appliance.

We’re going to take a deep dive into the various Blaze Grills product lines. From their entry-level grills to their professional-grade built-in models, and even their portable grills. Blaze Grills has a pretty wide range of products and features, but are they worth the price tag? Let’s take a look.

Blaze Grill Reviews

The widest selection of grills from Blaze is going to be gas-fueled. In nearly all cases, this can be easily changed from propane to natural gas during product selection. These units will come in a built-in grill style, that will fit into predetermined cook box cutouts in outdoor kitchens or grilling areas, as well as freestanding or pedestal-mounted varieties. The pedestal or freestanding models will often have additional shelves or storage options.

Blaze Built-In Gas Grills

Blaze Prelude LBM

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The Prelude LBM series is a great universal grill option for just about anyone that grills. The solid stainless steel searing bars are rounded and 8mm, so not only will they retain the perfect level of heat for your cooking but they also prevent round grillables from rolling away.

Inside the firebox, there are stainless steel heat zone separators that allow you to operate differently configured cooking zones on the grill simultaneously. Annoying flare-ups are heavily minimized by the flame stabilization grid. Start the fun by using one of two possible starting methods, the push and turn flame-thrower primary ignition, or the flash tube ignition crossovers. Either one will get the Prelude LBM series pushing out its massive 42,000 BTUs across the nearly 560 square inches of grilling space. The Prelude LBM series only comes in a 32” length, but they do have a 3 and 4 burner variation.

Underneath the grill is a drip tray that runs the entire width of the grill. This means no more grease drips or overflowing tiny grease cups, making periodic cleanings simple, fast, and minimally messy. One of the drawbacks of many stainless steel grills is the discoloration that happens after high heat and long use, but the hoods on the Prelude LBM series grills are double insulated, so they stay looking brand new, cookout after cookout.

Blaze Premium LTE Marine Grade

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The Premium LTE Marine Grade grills offer a similar commercial quality build as the Premium LTE series, with the added benefit of having all of the stainless steel components made from 316L Stainless Steel. This includes all four of the cast 316L Stainless professional-quality burners.

Designed with the challenges of coastal barbecue needs, the Premium LTE Marine Grade is even rated for multiple users. This makes it ideal for the cooking needs of apartment complexes, hotels, beach houses, seaside enthusiast groups, and even police and fire departments, in coastal areas where grilling is often a year-round activity.

In anticipation of the heavy use, the Premium LTE Marine Grade grill series features Blaze Grill’s innovative flame guard in the drip pan. This makes it much safer to use by reducing the chance of a dangerous grease fire in the drip pan, which runs the full width of the grill. The wide drip pan also means that cleaning will be quick and easy, as well as periodic. No more emptying a tiny drip cup after each time you grill.

The Premium LTE Marine Grade features the same upgraded 9mm triangular cooking rods to ensure lasting durability and cooking performance. The cooking method can be selected for compatibility with either natural gas or propane, so you do not have to worry about keeping charcoal, lighter fluid, or an outlet nearby.

Just like with the standard Premium LTE, the marine-grade variant features dual ignition methods of a primary flame-thrower and an alternate flash tube and crossover ignition. Control your flames and temperature with the LED-accented illuminated control knobs, and cook long into the night with the included halogen hood lights. The hood on the Premium LTE Marine Grade grills are still double-lined, so even if they endure heavy use they’ll still look amazing.

Blaze Premium LTE

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For grilling aficionados that need the next step in quality, capacity, and performance, the Premium LTE series offers all of that. On top of that, it packs some serious extra perks into a sophisticated and precision cut 304 stainless steel assembly. This brings commercial-grade performance and quality, to the private consumer, at a relatively affordable price. Now anyone can have a grill that lasts for years and performs consistently the entire time.

The Premium LTE series are made in both a 32-inch and a 40-inch width, with the 32-inch models coming with 4 burners, and the 40-inch using 5. These grills each put out a sizzling-hot 56,000 BTUs and 70,000 BTUs respectively, and also feature a rear rotisserie burner that contributes an additional 10,000 BTUs. The 32-inch model has a spacious 740 square inches of cooking space, while the 42-inch has an impressive 915 square inches.

These cooking areas can be easily divided into different temperature zones using the included heat zone separators. Don’t worry about having your grilling gatherings run late, the Premium LTE series includes interior halogen hood-mounted floodlights to illuminate the cooking surface no matter what time you’re throwing down.

One of the many upgrades the Premium LTE series has over the Prelude LBM series is the removable interior warming rack and the thicker cooking rods. The cooking rods in the Premium LTE series grills are a heavier 9mm and are triangular-shaped to help maximize the cooking rod durability. These rods also provide the perfect surface for imparting signature sear marks. The flame stabilization grid not only minimizes flare-ups from drippings, but it adds flavoring by vaporizing the juices and releasing the smoke back into the meat.

Start your Premium LTE grill using either the primary flame-thrower ignition or the alternative flash tube ignition and crossover to light your burners. Use the LED accent lights on the control knobs to set your flames just right, with a signature flair.

Blaze Professional LUX

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The pinnacle of quality, durability, and performance, the Professional LUX series has the best components and the highest level of innovation and engineering behind it. Not only are the stainless steel components that make up the grills in the Professional LUX series the thickest, but they also represent some of the most precision-engineered burner technology that can be bought for the home market.

The burners of the Professional LUX series are incredibly thick and cast from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel, but they have been designed to optimize the mix of fuel and air so that you get the best burn of your fuel. This exclusive feature of the Professional LUX series means that the fuel is combusted more completely, leading to cleaner and better-tasting food, as well as more efficiently using your cooking fuel, and generating higher temperatures easier. This lets them push out a massive 18,000 BTUs of raw cooking power.

The Professional LUX series features 3 and 4 burner models that have an included 10,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner and motor kit. The rotisserie motor is waterproof, so nothing can stop you from putting the perfect finish on your latest artisan delicacy. This is in addition to the included removable warming rack as well.

The push and turn flame-thrower ignition give you a first-time-every-time starting solution, and the secondary individual flash tube ignition can help in a pinch. Light all burners or just one or two, whatever your project needs. The customizable heat dividers separate your gigantic 816 or 1,050 square inch cooking space into the zones you need to manage your cook successfully.

The signature Blaze Grill flame stabilizing grids keep flare-ups to a minimum while adding the perfect, smoky grilled flavor back to your meat. The burners put their heat into hexagonal cooking bars that are solid and 12mm thick, and are designed to put picture-perfect, seared grill marks on your masterpieces. They retain the ideal amount of heat to keep your food consistently seared, without burning or over-marking.

Retaining the full-width drip tray that their grills are loved for, the Professional LUX series upgrades again by adding removable baffles. This adds another layer of heat and dripping management, by giving an additional surface for dripping vaporization and helping to keep heat separate from the drip tray. This helps the drip tray stay cleaner longer and reduce maintenance.

Keeping with the theme of “professional” and “sophistication” the Professional LUX series grills have built-in hood-mounted floodlights that clearly light up the cooking surface in low-light conditions. For the extra flair and design quality that Blaze is known for, the Professional LUX series also has individual button lighting and LED-accented control knobs.

Blaze Freestanding Gas Grills

The Blaze freestanding gas grills are going to utilize the same core grills as the built-in gas grills but are mounted to either a pedestal or a cabinet. In both cases, there are often the added benefits of storage, shelving, and even a degree of portability.

Blaze Prelude LBM

The Prelude LBM series freestanding grill has a stainless steel cabinet made from the same heavy gauge stainless steel as the grill. The cabinet has space inside for tons of grill accessories, such as tools, grill cover, and even a standard propane tank. The cabinet is vented for safety when storing propane tanks underneath.

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Blaze Premium LTE

The Premium LBM series freestanding grills are available with a full stainless steel cabinet with double doors. The cabinet is able to contain the standard 20-pound propane cylinder, as well as tools. The Premium LBM series freestanding grill also has shelves on either side of the grill, so that makes them perfect for areas that may not have an abundance of preparation space and need a little extra.

The doors give a clean appearance and the 4 heavy-duty casters let you position the grill wherever it is most convenient for your cookout. This can be invaluable for backyards and patios that need to adapt to different events and needs.

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Blaze Premium LTE Marine Grade

The Premium LTE Marine Grade freestanding grill cabinet matches the need of the grill to be resistant to coastal and seaside environments. It is made from the same heavy-duty 316L stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance from the salty environment. Just as the inland version, it has 4 heavy casters to facilitate easy repositioning, should the cooking situation need it.

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Blaze Professional LUX

Just like the core grills from the same line, the Professional LUX freestanding grills are the top-tier of home-professional grilling performance and quality. The cart has 4 super-heavy, locking wheels that let you move your Professional LUX grill wherever you may need it, from the deck to the driveway, or even from one side of the balcony to the other.

Both shelves can be used as sturdy work surfaces, or they can be folded down for easy storage with minimal space usage. The cart is of unbeatable quality, down to the door mounting and the smooth, rounded handles. There are two drawers as well that are ideal for tool, accessory, and even spice storage. The cart easily hides a standard propane tank and is vented so the tank can remain in the cabinet for long periods. For the electronic components, the cart will need to be in the range of an outlet.

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Blaze Professional LUX Marine Grade

The freestanding cart mounting for the Professional LUX Marine Grade grills gives all of the same features and benefits, with design and construction optimized for seaside and coastal locales. The increased resistance to salt-based corrosion is achieved through the use of 316L stainless steel on all exposed steel components.

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Blaze Portable Gas Grills

Blaze Professional LUX Portable

When the discerning griller needs the quality and performance of the Professional LUX series, in a highly portable form, there is the Professional LUX Portable. The same super heavy-duty 12mm hexagon cooking bars as the built-in models, fired by 12,000 BTU cast burners, all packed in a portable model with a mounting pedestal.

The Professional LUX Portable provides a 201 square inch cooking area and is started by the same push and turn flame-thrower primary ignition as the big LUX grills. Adding to the portability and durable construction, the lid can be locked in place during transportation. The 17-inch base is also perfect for most pedestal-mounted grill locations at places like pools.

Just like the freestanding LUX models, the Professional LUX Portable features a pair of stainless steel work and prep shelves, with one on either side of the grill. Since it is meant to be used on the go, it can use either a 20-pound propane tank or a 1-pound cylinder frequently used for camping cookstoves.

For those who live in saltier environments, but still need a Professional LUX grill that can perform at different locations, or who may want to simply pull their grill off the pedestal mount and store it for the colder months, there is the Professional LUX Marine Grade Portable. It has the same feature set and benefits as the Professional LUX Portable but with all of the expected marine-grade improvements, such as 316L stainless for superior corrosion resistance.

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Blaze Charcoal Grills

Blaze is not only known for its gas grills but also its top-tier charcoal grills. They have both a conventional charcoal grill, as well as a cast aluminum Kamado.

Blaze 20″ Cast Aluminum Kamado

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Kamado cooking is becoming hugely popular in high-end home grilling circles. A kamado is a large egg-shaped grill that is often mounted partway into a larger cabinet. Other times they may have a stand that is a metal frame they slip into. The Blaze Aluminum Kamado is a masterpiece of aluminum kamado construction.

The Blaze 20″ Cast Aluminum Kamado is entirely made from cast aluminum, which is more than an inch thick at the thickest point. This provides the massive heat retention and convective cooking that kamados are famous for. This is made even better by the 20-inch diameter cooking surface. The grate is designed with hex bars for beautiful markings. The molded and cast exhaust cap allows exacting heat control so that your experiments come out perfectly each time.

The lid hinge comes pre-installed and has a lift assist so you won’t need to struggle with lifting a massive lid that can be hundreds of degrees. The cooking surface inside is hinged so that you don’t need to remove it to add more wood or coals. The precision tongue and groove seal between the lid and the body of the grill make the gasket that other grill manufacturers use irrelevant. This innovative sealing not only boosts heat retention but the longevity of the grill itself.

Blaze 32-Inch Built-In Charcoal Grill

The Blaze 32-Inch Built-In Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill is all of the performance and quality we’ve seen in the gas grills but in a perfectly consistent charcoal grilling system. It has a pull-out ashcan for quick and easy cleanup, while the rear air vent allows the perfect ventilation to regulate your cook.

The adjustable charcoal tray provides an ingenious way to adjust temperatures across the cooking surface. It has a series of 4 separate cooking grids that can be individually adjusted with an innovative “hook and hang” method. This lets you add charcoal or wood at any time, without disrupting your cooking food.

Just like in their various gas grills, the hood of the Blaze 32-Inch Built-In Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill has been double-lined to prevent heat discoloration. Many other manufacturers that use stainless steel do not provide adequate shielding for the hood, and after significant heat exposure, they can discolor. Blaze takes steps to prevent that so your grill always looks great.

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Blaze Electric Grills

Blaze 21-Inch Portable 1500 Watt Electric Grill

For those that need a flameless grilling solution, the Blaze 21-Inch Portable 1500 Watt Electric Grill can be a saving grace. The 9mm triangular cooking rods push more heat into the meat, for better tasting food and perfect sear marks. Flame stabilizing grids keep flareups largely contained.

The heating element is hinged for easy removal, and the pull-out drip tray keeps the cleanup process quick and easy. The built-in timer and adjustable feet make this electric grill everything you could want, plus the build quality and performance of Blaze grills.

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Final Thoughts

On top of all of the other features that Blaze grills offer, they have a lifetime warranty on all of their grills. This is something that gives them a clear lead ahead of many other gas, charcoal, and electric grill manufacturers.  It’s one of those things that gives you peace of mind, especially on a high end grill purchase like this.

I hope you’ve found this round up of Blaze Grills to be helpful!  At the end of the day they are one of the top brands out there and you really can’t go wrong with any of their products.  Which one did you end up with?  Let us know in the comments section below!