Best Small Gas Grills – For Balcony, Apartments, Etc.

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When you live in tight quarters or you spend a lot of time camping and traveling, you need small grill options that will cater to your grilling needs without taking up too much space.

Just because you live in a small apartment or just have a balcony or small patio space doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to grill! There are plenty of grills out there that are designed with smaller footprints that can cook some spectacular food.

When you need a small grill, the options can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to decide between gas, charcoal, or some other option, but then you have to pick out which brand and style you want. How can you possibly know which will be a good option?

We’re here to help! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that reviews and compares the best small gas grills on the market. We will share with you detailed reviews and let you know just what’s so great about the options. We will also provide you with a buyer’s guide to help you with your selection process.

Read on to see the best small gas grills and more!

Choosing Your Fuel Type

Maybe you’re just to the point where you’re trying to figure out whether you need a charcoal or a gas grill. We wanted to give you a quick comparison between gas grills and charcoal grills to help you out a bit.

First, let us say that both types of grills have their pros and cons. It all depends on what you are looking for and what you are willing to work with. While this guide is geared towards gas grills, we think it is important for you to have all of the relevant information.

If you’re looking for maximum smoky flavor in your food then the best way to get that is through a charcoal grill. However, gas grills still provide a nice grilled flavor as well.

Charcoal grills require additional accessories like charcoal and a chimney starter. If you’re cramped for space for storage, there will be more that you will have to store overall. A charcoal grill requires additional preheating time while the charcoal lights and heats. A charcoal grill could also potentially dry out the meat more, depending on how you prepare it.

Gas grills retain the moisture of the meat and will typically cook faster as only a short preheating time is necessary. Gas grills tend to produce more steam during the cooking process.

Finally, cleaning up a gas grill tends to be a bit more simple since you don’t have the charcoal or the ash to contend with.  In the end, it’s primarily a matter of preference and what you specifically like as far as flavor and the cooking style.

**Important Note**

It’s also worth pointing out that some apartment complexes don’t allow charcoal grills, or gas grills, or both!  So be sure that you know your local rules and shop for the right fuel type for your balcony grill.

Best Small Gas Grills – Our Top 9 Choices

Here we are to the heart of the matter. We’ve searched the market and dug around to find you the very best small gas grills out there. We know that searching through the options can quickly become overwhelming, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you!

In the following reviews, you will find a detailed descriptive review, outlining the things you should know about the grill. We will then also share the pros and cons of each of the grills as well. We want you to be able to make a fully-informed decision when you’re ready to purchase a grill.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit E-210 deserves its place on any list of the best small grills. It is a bit more expensive than some others but it comes with a high quality build and great features. This grill again is on a grill cart and has the 2 extending side tables that are quite nice.

This option only has 2 burners so it is slightly more compact overall but it still offers 450 total square inches of cooking space, with the warming rack included. The wheels are heavy-duty caster materials so they hold up and they help to hold the grill in place since they are fairly heavy.

Everything on this grill is designed to last for a significant amount of time. The materials are premium-quality with rust-proof parts and pieces. In addition to the side tables, there are also hooks for hanging tools and utensils.

This grill is simple, effective, and reliable. It’s also another highly-rated option.  You can also read more about Weber Spirit grills and their quality right here.


  • Premium small grill option
  • Sizeable cooking area of 450 square inches
  • Durable and reliable materials
  • Cast iron wheels that hold up
  • Side trays and hanging hooks


  • You cannot light the burners individually, there is one ignition for all burners

Char-Broil Cart Style Gas Grill

This grill is worth a look for our top pick overall. It’s the best value for the money and it is a highly-rated option that won’t let you down. It’s budget-friendly, particularly when compared to other grills of the same size.

This grill is right on the line for being a small grill so be aware of the size and whether or not this is small enough for your needs. The Char-Broil 463377319 grill is on a rolling cart so it’s easy to move around as needed. It has 4 burners as well as 2 side tables. One side table includes a burner as well.

This is a nice, stainless steel option that is simple and easy to work with. It has simple electric ignition and it operates with 36,000 BTUs with 10,000 BTU for the side burner. It has 425 square inches of cooking space as well, which gives you plenty of room without being huge.

With this grill, you also get the higher warming rack and the thermometer that is built into the lid.


  • 425 square inches of cooking space
  • 36,000 BTUs on 4 burners
  • Grill on a cart with side tables
  • Sleek and simple stainless steel
  • Top pick overall


  • The stainless steel may take on a heat-tempered look over time
  • Fairly lightweight and could blow over in the wind if too exposed or not anchored properly

Coleman RoadTrip 225 Portable Stand-up Propane Grill

This is the best portable small grill. It’s great, you can take it on road trips, you can take it camping. You can use it for tailgating and it’s also perfect if you have a small area at home but want a nice grill.

The Coleman RoadTrip 225 is portable but it is on a stand so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to set it up. The stand folds down and has solid wheels to simplify using it and moving it as needed. It’s pretty compact when folded up for portability purposes.

You can get the grill in black or red and Coleman is a reliable brand. This grill even has a small side table you can use when you’re cooking or prepping. It’s easy to set up and use and very sturdy and reliable as well.

This small gas grill also includes a 3-year warranty. The cooking area is 225 square inches and has 11,000 BTUs.


  • Small but mighty
  • Includes a folding stand with wheels
  • Two burners and 11,000 BTUs
  • 225 square inches of cooking space
  • Durable and sturdy materials


  • One of the grates is mounted sideways which could take some getting used to when using

Royal Gourmet Portable Table Top Grill

Here is another unique option – the Royal Gourmet PD1301S. This is small gas grill with a flat top grill, or griddle, design. It is a tabletop grill that can easily be portable. It can be used outside and has a lot of versatility since it gives you a griddle-style top instead of grates. You can use it for a lot of food items because of this design.

This grill is lightweight enough to make portability simple. It’s easy to carry and all one piece with a propane tank attachment. The grill heats evenly around the entire griddle and operates on 25,500 BTUs. The cooking area is 312 square inches of uninterrupted space.

This grill has 3 burners in it and you can adjust and control the temperature to your liking. There is a simple push to ignite feature. The griddle heats quickly and evenly. This grill is so easy to use and clean up.

We love the price and versatility of this grill as well as the overall design. The griddle top makes it unique and desirable.

Check out our resource on the differences between griddles and grills right here if you want to dive further into whether or not this is the grill for you!


  • Griddle-style grill
  • Easy to transport as needed
  • Great cooking area at 312 square inches
  • Full temperature control
  • Reliable and efficient grill design


  • The cast-iron griddle top is fairly heavy

Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Propane Gas Grill

The Fuego F21C is is pretty awesome looking. You won’t find any other grills on the market quite like it in design and style. This grill is round and has a cage built around the propane setting so you can conceal it and easily move it. The grill is on wheels, which makes moving it around super easy.

One nice feature is that this grill has a lot of power and sufficient cooking area but it takes up far less space than many other small gas grills. The slim design that houses the propane tank makes a significant difference. You can just roll it into your storage space and it won’t be bulky.

This grill has 246 square inches of cast iron cooking space. You can also purchase additional accessories and use the grill as a griddle or even a pizza stone set. It’s pretty neat and versatile. The burners heat at 22,000 BTU and allows you to use direct or indirect methods.

Heat up is very quick and the grill is designed to be easy to clean with a grease residue tray. This one is a bit on the expensive side but really is one of our top picks because it has a lot to offer and is unique and storage-friendly.


  • Unique cylinder design
  • 346 square inches of cooking space
  • Slim and easy to move around and store
  • Built-in housing area for propane tank
  • Very easy to operate and clean


  • A bit on the pricy side
  • Grill will rust if left uncovered

Megamaster 820-0033M Propane Gas Grill

The Megamaster small gas grill is very nice and one of the best tabletop grills you will find. It’s sleek and simple while also being highly-rated and reliable. This grill is rather affordable for a grill of its stature and you really can’t go wrong with this option.

It is fairly small, which is great if you need it to be portable. It has about 200 square inches of cooking space. It’s designed for tabletop use but the legs would allow you to use it at ground level as well if you’re camping or something and need that type of accessibility.

The legs fold up for storage and portability. These legs are just about 4-6 inches in height but slightly higher than a lot of comparable tabletop grills. This grill offers 2 burners with 16,000 BTU during operation. There is some assembly required when you receive the grill.

The grill is sleek stainless steel. It’s durable and reliable while also being impressively-made and designed overall.


  • Slightly longer legs than most tabletop grills
  • 2 burners with simple ignition
  • 200 square inches of cooking space
  • Best tabletop grill
  • Durable and efficient


  • Gets very hot and may require a hot pad to handle even the lid

Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Propane Tabletop Grill

Cuisinart CGG-306 Stainless Tabletop Grill

Here is another really great tabletop grill option for you to consider. If you like the tabletop style, this one is large and in charge. It’s pretty impressive and Cuisinart is a reliable kitchen brand so it stands to reason their grill will be a good option for you.

This beautiful grill is stainless steel. It is made with two burners. Each burner is operated and controlled by its own knob. The electric ignition is simple and user-friendly. This grill has latches for the lid to make it easy to transport as needed as well.

The legs on this tabletop grill are sturdy and reliable. They can fold up for transport and storage needs. There is no assembly required with this grill. You can basically grab it and go at your convenience. The 2 burners operate at 20,000 BTUs.

The grill weighs about 22 pounds so it’s not overly heavy. The total cooking surface measures about 277 square inches, giving you plenty of room.


  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to port with weight and latch features
  • High BTU output for 2 burners
  • Sizable cooking space of 277 square inches
  • No assembly required and easy to use


  • This grill gets hot quickly. Be prepared with hot pads and allowing a cool-down time after use.

Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill

Here is another valuable option from Cuisinart. This is similar to the Coleman that we shared earlier in our reviews. It is portable and efficient with a folding stand with wheels. You don’t have to find a tabletop or support surface and it is totally portable.

This grill is stainless steel and does have two small side trays if you need them as well. The grill lid latches and the design is such that you can pull the grill on the wheels even when it is fully collapsed. You really can’t beat this design when you need something small that you can put away between uses.

This grill offers a 240 square inch cooking surface, so you have plenty of room for small grill use. The BTUs measure up to 15,000. This grill does just have one burner but the burner and BTU output is sufficient for the cooking space.

The grill is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to clean. It also comes with a nice 3-year warranty in case something goes wrong.


  • Portable grill on wheels
  • Decent cooking surface of 240 square inches
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Includes side trays and thermometer


  • The cast iron grates can be challenging to clean sufficiently

Master Cook BBQ Gas Grill

To wrap up our reviews, we present you with one more gas grill on a cart. This Master Cook small gas grill is another winner in our book. It’s a nice cart grill that is small without being so small you can’t work. It’s also small enough to fit into tight spaces as needed.

The cart makes it nice because you can move it around as needed. There are 2 side shelves that are collapsible in case you need to fold them down for space. This grill offers 3 burners, which is plenty sufficient for the space.

You get about 471 square inches of cooking space when you count the warming grate. The grill operates at 30,000 BTU. It’s super easy to use and control with individual knobs and a simple ignition for lighting purposes.

This grill is affordable and it looks nice. It’s black stainless steel. It’s practical, efficient, and functional overall.


  • Plenty of cooking area with 471 square inches
  • Large enough to cook, small enough for small spaces
  • Reliable and durable materials
  • Plenty of power for 3 burners
  • Simple to use
  • Budget-friendly


  • You may need to plan on setting up in some way to block wind from the back while in use

Small Gas Grills For Apartments & Balconies – What to Consider

When you are considering purchasing a small gas grill, there are a lot of different things that you may want to be aware of. For instance, your definition of small may vary from your neighbor’s.

Do you need a grill that is compact and can easily be tucked away? Do you want a grill that is built into a grill cart so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to move it around or where you’re going to set it up?

There are many different features that you should consider when you plan to purchase a small gas grill. Some of these features are directly related to your needs and preferences.

Understanding what you should look for before you make a decision can be quite helpful in making the right choice for your needs. That is why we have put together this detailed buying guide to help guide you through the process

We simply want to bring some features and characteristics to your attention so you can be sure to account for these things as you peruse your options.

Grill Size

Size is probably the first thing you want to consider. Everyone has different size capabilities and allowances so you need to know what size of grill you can accommodate. You want something practical and safe for the space in which you plan to use it.

Whether or not you end up with a freestanding grill, something portable or something designed for a tabletop may also depend on your space. Grills come in all shapes and sizes so make a plan for your designated location for the grill and work from there.

You want a friendly workspace that will also be safe when the grill is in use. Just plan for a grill that fits.

Cooking Area

The next feature to consider is the cooking area. The grill size and the cooking area are directly related but you might be surprised to find that the bigger the grill doesn’t necessarily mean the bigger the cooking area.

When it comes to small grills, you might see cooking areas anywhere from about 200-500 square inches. This is a pretty significant difference but it is a true range. Keep in mind that the larger the cooking area, the more food you can fit.

If you’re cooking for 1-3 people, the smaller sizes will most likely be sufficient for you. If you plan to feed more than that, we recommend that you look for something on the larger side of the cooking area scale.

Sometimes, you pay more for more cooking area but we certainly recommend that you consider this when making your decision. We definitely don’t want you to get a grill that turns out to not be large enough to cook for your family.


As you plan for your small gas grill, you need to have a planned budget amount in place. Grills can range in price significantly. If your budget is limited, no worries, there are plenty of budget-friendly grills that will meet your needs.

Plan your budget before you start shopping so you can specifically look for things in your budget range that will meet your grilling needs. Have a basic idea of what you are looking for as far as size and design and determine a price range that will be reasonable for your needs.


If you’re going to spend the money on a grill, you want to know it’s not going to fail you in one season of use. Be prepared for proper maintenance, covering, and storage of your grill in order to get the most life out of it.

While it’s not required, we recommend that you cover your grill to protect it from the elements if it is stored outside. You should keep it cleaned and maintained and this will definitely make a difference on how long it lasts.

At the same time, you want a grill that has high-quality materials. Items that won’t rust quickly or dent or fall apart with routine use. If you treat the grill right, it’s reasonable to expect it to last some time for you.

Extra Features

Finally, you want to consider extra features that you might specifically want to have or look for. Do you want your grill to be portable? Do you want it to be compact for storage purposes? Do you want something that can be set and left?

All of these things will be a part of your personal preferences. In addition, you may have a preference for the accessories that your grill has. Does the lid have a thermometer? What about locking features? Do you want side shelves and hooks?

Keep in mind these are considered extras but they may be things you want to consider.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you find this guide to the best small gas grills for apartments and balconies to be a valuable resource for choosing your gas grill. We have several different options to fit different expectations and needs.

No matter what you are looking for, there should be something here that will work for you. There is a little bit of everything here to provide a good variety of choices. We are quite sure that no matter what you go with, you will be satisfied with the results.

It’s time to get your grill on!