Alfresco Grills – Worth the Price Tag? Our Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Alfresco grills are a top of the line choice for your outdoor kitchen or commercial cooking space. Alfresco has the largest product selection of any high end grill brand and has an extensive line of matching outdoor kitchen built-ins as well.

Having a new grill to celebrate all the events you have coming up can be the party addition that you need. Alfresco grills are made in the USA to go along with the American spirit of grilling.

All the grills are offered in propane or natural gas types, so you can pick the type that best suits your desires.

The burners are made with a titanium and stainless-steel blend with the main parts of the grill being 304 stainless steel. The grills come in many different sizes, giving you the perfect option to select one based on the number of people you will be serving or the space you have to house the grill.

The grills are offered in 30, 36, 42, or 56 inches. Before we get into some of the best grills that Alfresco grills offer, let’s review some of the features that all the grills have, to make your grilling experience is easy and fun.

Alfresco Gas Grill Features

All gas grills have a smoking drawer which gives your meat and other foods incredible smoky flavor. It works by holding wood chips with its own stainless-steel burner to emit delectable rich flavor to your food.

Alfresco grills also have LED lights on the knobs and cool-to-the-touch knobs, so you never have to worry about burning your hands. All grills also have an integrated rotisserie and a fully adjustable warming rack.

While all the grills have these amazing features, each grill also has its own unique properties to fit your grilling habits and lifestyle. Let’s take a deep look at what each grill offers.

Alfresco ALXE Grills

The majority of Alfresco grills are under their ALXE line. They are known very well for being restaurant-inspired and specially designed for entertainers and culinary workers.

All the grills have amazing features that allow people to experiment with their cooking skills and improve their performance and style with these modern grills.

Built-In vs Freestanding

It’s worth pointing out that each Alfresco grill size is available in a built-in and a freestanding configuration – so there is a fit whether you’re looking for a custom outdoor kitchen or a unit that can stand on it’s own.

One unique feature of Alfresco freestanding grills is the refrigerated base option on the 42-inch and 56-inch grills, where the area below the grill is refrigerated to store food and other perishables. All of the grills have a freestanding/cart option available with cabinet space underneath the grill.

Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch Built-In Deluxe Gas Grill

Alfresco Built-in Grill with Rotisserie (ALXE-56-NG), Natural Gas, 56-Inch
  • 770 sq. in. of main cooking area
  • High performance side burner included
  • Industrial grade rotisserie system
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The rotisserie system in the ALXE 56 inch Deluxe Grill has a chain-driven spit that can support up to 120 lbs of meat. It also had a dedicated 5,000 BTU smoker burner. This is a great feature if you plan to smoke meat often.

The hood system is spring-assisted making lifting much easier. The grill comes in four different sizes, with the 56-inch being the largest. The 56-inch has two high-temperature stainless-steel and titanium blend burners and one ceramic sear zone burner.

Each burner can produce 27,500 BTUs which is a huge total of 82,500 BTUs for the whole grill. The rotisserie system has an 18,500 BTU rear ceramic burner. When you’re not using the rotisserie spit, it can be stored under the drip tray and out of the way.

This ALXE grill also a 5,000 BTU smoker system with a stainless-steel burner. The smoker drawer is big enough to hold all the peppers, herbs, and wood chunks that you need. It also features a special sealing system to hold in the liquids. This burner can eject smoke at 200 degrees into the smoke drawer.

To enhance flavor, the ceramic briquettes are pyramid-shaped to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the whole grill.

The front control panel is completely air-controlled so the knobs and the panel will stay cool when cooking. This protects the equipment and the people around the grill.

There are also heat-resistant silicone sleeves that protect all the wires in the grill. The grilling area consists of 770 square inches with a removable and adjustable warming rack.

A grill cover is included. The ALXE grill also had LED panel lights and push-button ignition. All the knobs and bezels are stainless-steel to ensure maximum longevity.

Alfresco ALXE 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Alfresco ALXE-42-NG 42" Standard Grill Natural Gas Built In Stainless
  • 770 sq. in. of main grilling area
  • LED lit burner knobs and smoker tray built-in
  • Rotisserie kit and rear infrared burner standard
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This grill is probably Alfresco’s most popular size of built-in grill – it’s 42-inches with two high-temperature stainless steel blenders and one ceramic sear zone burner. Each individual burner is 27,500 BTUs adding up the total power to 82,500 BTUs. The rotisserie system burner is 18,500 BTU and has a silent motor with a 120-pound chain-driven spit.

The grilling area is 770 square inches with a removable warming tray that has 3 positions. All the front panel knobs have amber LED lights and are nickel-plated. The front panel is also air controlled which protects your hands and arms from possibly being burnt.

This grill is stylish and versatile which makes it perfect for your new outdoor living area. It cooks across the surface perfectly evenly which allows you to make professional-quality food for all your friends and family.

The burners are known to get very hot allowing you to fully cook pizza and steaks in just a matter of minutes. The grill also offers low heat options for smaller food items such as grilling vegetables or veggie burgers.

Alfresco ALXE 42-Inch Freestanding Gas Grill

This is a 42-inch cart model with three blend burners of titanium and stainless steel. Each of the burners is 27,500 BTUs for a total of 82,500 BTUs. The cart has two access panels and doors and has 770 square inches of cooking space.

The front panels are completely air controlled which keeps the inside of the grill from overheating. They also protect your hands and arms from being burnt.

The hood is extremely durable because it is double-lined. The warming rack is detachable and can be set in three different positions. The smoker system is heavy duty and can cook ribs, chicken, or steak. It features a 5,000 BTU system with a stainless-steel burner.

All the electrical wires are protected with 600-degree heat-resistant silicone sleeves.

This product is a great luxury grill that will fulfill all your needs for your next birthday party, or a day spent relaxing day by the pool. The grill is built to last, and its stainless steel may it very durable with a solid design.

Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch Built-In All Grill

This grill has all the basics of any Alfresco grill including the hidden rotisserie system, air-cooled control panel, and a hood system with springs. Along with these features, it also has some unique prospects that make it a great grill.

This grill is 56-inches and runs on propane. It has three titanium and stainless blend burners that can produce 27,500 BTUs adding up to a total of 82,500 BTUs. The 27,500 BTU ceramic sear zone can reach 1500 degrees in just four minutes.

This cooks your meat 50 percent faster compared to other grills. The V-shaped grate ensures that juices, fats, and flavors stay in your food rather than running out.

The integrated rotisserie system has a whisper-silent motor and the spit has 120 pounds of turning torque. It has a 15,000 BTU rear ceramic burner. Like with most Alfresco grills, you can store the spit under the drip tray when you’re not using it.

The grilling area is 998 square inches giving you maximum space for grilling for large parties and family events. The 5,000 BTU smoker ejects smoke at 200 degrees and has a large smoker drawer to hold herbs and liquids.

The pyramid-shaped ceramic briquettes allow for heat to be distributed evenly so that your meat cooks quickly and efficiently.

It also has a 3-position warming rack that is removable. The air-control panel also has LED lights which means you can cook at any time of the day without worrying about visibility or burning your hands.

The knobs and bezels are nickel-plated and a grill cover is included.

Alfresco ALXE 36-Inch Freestanding Gas Grill

The 36 inch freestanding iteration is a cart model with freestanding components rather than having everything built-in. It is 36 inches with three titanium and stainless-steel blend burners. Each burner can produce 27,500 BTUs for a total of 82,500 BTUs.

The rotisseries system has an 18,500 BTU rear ceramic infrared burner and a chain drive spit. The spit has 120 pounds of turning torque. The motor is whisper silent and the spit can always be stored under the bullnose when not in use.

The grill has 660 square inches of grilling area along with a double-lined hood and a removable warming rack. The stainless-steel cooking grids are heavy-duty rolled which allows them to give you results you would see in your favorite steakhouse.

The 36-inch grill cart has two access doors with a smoker system that is 5,000 BTU and a stainless-steel burner that can eject smoke at 200 degrees. The motor is completely built-in and not visible from the outside. Since it is chain-driven, it can allow you to smoke whole chickens and full racks of ribs.

Like many of the other Alfresco grills, it has pyramid-shaped briquettes that allow heat to be distributed evenly and the shape allows flavors to engulf the food. The briquettes lock securely into place and can be flipped over which makes them easy to clean.

Since this grill is restaurant-inspired, it is great if you plan to cook professionally and need a grill with high heat since the infrared burner can sear up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alfresco ALXE 30-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

This ALXE grill is 30 inches and has two titanium and stainless-steel blend burners. Each burner can produce 27,500 BTUs for a total of 55,000 BTUs. This grill runs on propane gas and has 542 square inches of grilling space.

The hood is double lined, and the warming rack is 3-position and fully removable. The knobs are nickel-plated and are all ergonomically designed. The front panel lights are amber LED and include controls for the lighting and rotisserie controls.

The LED lights give this grill a highly sophisticated and stylish appearance. These accessories allow you to cook anywhere and at any time.

The rotisserie has a 15,000 BTU rear ceramic burner. The motor is quiet, and the rod can be stored under the bullnose if you are not using it. The smoker system is 5,000 BTU and can eject smoke at 200 degrees.

There is a torsion-spring-assisted hood system that makes for very easy lifting.

Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch Deluxe Grill on Refrigerated Base

This is a free-standing 56-inch grill model that sits on top of a refrigerated base – and it’s an absolute unit. The grill cart has two access doors and refrigerated dual storage drawers. The grill offers 770 square inches of grilling area with a double-lined hood.

The front panel is air-controlled and has LED lights with a stainless-steel ignition button. The gas grill has two high-temperature titanium and stainless-steel blend burners and one ceramic sear burner.

They each produce 27,500 BTUs which equals a total cooking power of 82,500 BTUs. All the burners are corrosion-resistant BTU burners. The grill’s firebox is airtight allowing you to sear the meat quickly and efficiently.

The ceramic briquette trays allow heat to spread evenly throughout the grilling space. This works for both low and high heat. The backs are concave which allows the heat to engulf your cooking items evenly.

Keep in mind that the sear zone can produce a very large amount of heat but does not have much of a turndown. It may not be a good choice for cooking more delicate items such as vegetable-based burgers.

Alfresco ALXE 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

This 36-inch option is a built-in gas grill and has three titanium and stainless-steel blend burners. Each of the three burners is 27,500 BTUs for a total of 82,500 BTUs of cooking power. The rotisserie system is 18,500 BTUs with a rear ceramic infrared burner.

The grill has a 5,000 BTU smoker system that can eject smoke up to 200 degrees. The smoker drawer is very large and can hold wood chunks, peppers, herbs, and more.

The grilling area is 660 square inches. The LED lights on the front control panel make the design of the grill highly stylish and modern.

The main feature of this grill that people rave about is the ability of the grill to heat up very quickly. All the stainless-steel and built-in features also make the grill heavy-duty and durable.

Lifetime Warranty

All Alfresco’s grill offers a lifetime warranty. This includes the stainless-steel grill burners and the round grill plates. The material and workmanship are warranted to be free of defects for the lifetime of the purchase.

The structural parts of the grill such as the drip pans, stainless steel briquette trays, and grill grates are warranted to be free of defects for five years.

For the first two years of your ownership, all parts of the grill as well as the labor costs to repair any part of the grill are warranted. Grill components such as ignitors are warranted for one year and two years for labor fees.

Where To Buy Alfresco Grills

High end specialty grill and patio stores are likely to carry Alfresco grills. Along with Lynx, Alfresco grills are at the top when it comes to luxury outdoor kitchen appliances.

You can also find Alfresco on online stores like Elite Patio Direct and BBQGuys. Both of these outlets offer free shipping!

Alfresco Grill Review – Key Takeaways

As you can see from the reviews, all Alfresco grills have the same amazing features such as the smoking system, the rotisseries system, the LED lights, and the air-controlled planner.

The most important choices you will have to make are the size of the grilling space, the type of gas, and whether you would like the grill to be free-standing or not. Built-in grills are often a better choice for outdoor kitchen living areas.

The integrated feature makes it look effortlessly part of the kitchen area. They also usually look more luxurious and stylish. Free-standing grills are better for smaller kitchen areas or outdoor pool areas.

If you only plan to grill for yourself or your immediate family, a 30-inch or 36-inch will probably be a good choice. If you entertain quite often or plan to have parties, go with the bigger 42-inch or 56-inch. Either way, you can’t go wrong with an Alfresco Grill.