Best Fire Pit Chairs: Our Top Choices Reviewed and Rated

best fire pit chairs

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You probably want your fire pit to be the focus of your backyard. Your friends and family can spend a lot of time here- cooking, sitting by the fire, and making memories. However, it helps if you have comfortable seating for them.

Every fire pit should have a quality furniture set to help your guests enjoy their visit. There are a ton of options, making it hard to choose. You will not want to pick the first random set of chairs that you find on sale, as they might not last you very long.

If you want to check out the best cooking fire pit, you’ll really understand why chilling next to the fire is one of the greatest things ever. 

Best Fire Pit Chairs – Our Top Picks

Polywood Adirondack Chairs

These chairs come in just about every color imaginable – meaning you can easily use them with any decorating theme you already have. The first Adirondack chair was created in 1903 by Thomas Lee. He wanted a durable chair that was still comfortable to sit on, which led to this design.

Since then, many companies have entered the scene with variations in color and materials used. Polywood uses a proprietary material, which is very durable. It requires little maintenance, so you can expect it to last you much longer than wood would. The chair will only need to be lightly cleaned here and there.

As an added benefit, the brand says that the chair uses a fade-resistant material. That way, you can be certain that the color you decide on will stay forever.


  • Comfortable, recognizable design
  • UV color protection
  • Made from recycled materials


  • Don’t fold without disassembly
  • A bit pricey

Achla Designs Curved Backless Bench

Bench seating is comfortable and helps everyone feel connected to one another around the fire. This option is curved, allowing you to better place them around your pit. Bench seats are becoming more and more popular, so you will want to take advantage of this new trend.

The curved shape of the bench lets it fit around any round fire pit comfortable. However, if you have a square pit, you might want to use straight benches. That way, your space will feel a bit more balanced.

The benches are backless, making them feel more open. They work perfectly for your gatherings because of this feature.


  • Easy to space evenly
  • Keeps everyone close to the fire
  • Keeps people from feeling crowded
  • Creates a matching theme and balance


  • Sold individually
  • Likely need assembled

Lakeland Mills Log Lounge Chair

These rustic chairs look perfect beside a fire. They are comfortable and have a unique design. Plus, the price is fair for the high-quality that you get with your order. The shape of the chair is why it got a high ranking, however.

The design of the Lakeland Mills Lounge Chair makes this chair very comfortable to relax in. That way, you and your guests can spend a nice evening outside. We also appreciated the natural color and texture of the wood material, which was chosen for its benefits.

The wood, which is cedar, repels insects and is resistant to outdoor conditions. You can feel confident that this purchase would last you a very long time.

The biggest downside to this item is that you need to stain it yourself, so it comes in pieces. However, assembling and staining the chair could be a nice weekend project outside. The chair looks complicated, but many users said that it was easy enough to assemble with the given directions, so you do not have to feel overwhelmed.


  • Great price
  • Comfortable
  • Made from a durable, resistant wood


  • Needs to be stained and assembled before use

Giantex 4 Folding Chairs

If you need to provide a lot of seating, this 4 pack of chairs can be helpful. To put it into perspective, you get 4 for a similar price to the log lounge chair we discussed above- which would be a good value for the price.

Plus, these chairs can fold easily, which makes them easier to store or move around the yard. If you enjoy camping, you could take them with you- without sacrificing much of your needed car space.

The chairs are pretty comfortable, according to users. Since they are easy to move, your guests can place them as far or as close to the fire pit as they want- allowing them to be more comfortable.

The chairs are made from an elastic material that is durable and breathable. The brand says that you can sit in them comfortably for a long time, since that material adjusts to the shape of your body. Overall, the chairs are convenient and cozy.

You will probably not want to leave them outside all of the time, just take them out when you need them. Users had some issues with pieces rusting.


  • Great value
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Made from breathable and stretchy elastic


  • Bolts may rust if left outside too long

GCI Outdoor Fire Pit Rocker

You can get one of these fire pit rockers for a great price. They are portable and fold easily. Even if you are not a fan of the design, these chairs are very convenient and comfortable to have around any fire pit.

While the chair is very light, the steel frame allows it to hold up to 250 pounds, which is good for many people. The best parts? It can rock gently and comes with a cup holder. Users mentioned that it was very relaxing to sit in and made their time by the fire more enjoyable and comfortable.

It also has plenty more uses. You can take it with you on a trip, for camping, or for hanging out on the beach. It would also be great for fishing and more.


  • Cup holder
  • Rocking feature
  • Lightweight and easy to fold up


  • Low to the ground
  • Material is prone to tears

Keter Rio 3 Piece Resin Wicker Furniture Set

This furniture set includes 2 resin wicker chairs. The material they are made from is durable and looks like woven rattan. You also get a matching table with your order. We appreciated the small table, since it would be perfect for setting snacks and drinks on while at your fire. Plus, it looks nice on your patio or other areas of your yard.

The set only comes in one color, which the brand calls “whiskey brown”. It is a pleasant, dark, and neutral color- which would match just about anything you already own. Users said that the chairs felt stable on the ground and they loved the design.

However, you will need to put in a little bit of time to maintain your new furniture set. The company recommends that you clean the chairs with some water to remove dirt. Then you use a gentle detergent and rinse the material off well. Finally, make sure to dry them with a towel.

That process can be time consuming, but it will need to be done if you want to keep your new chairs and table looking nice.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to build
  • Durable and stable design


  • Need to be cleaned
  • Require time consuming maintenance

Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair

These chairs seem to go on sale often, so you may be able to score a solid deal. They also come in a wide range of colors! Overall, they are pretty comfortable and made from the same material as our number 1 pick.

This material is known as Polywood. It resembles real wood but is more resistant to water, making it perfect for outdoor use. The material will also resist color fade, as it has UV resistance. Plus, it will not chip like paint.

However, we could not rank this option higher. The chair is very difficult to build. If you want to try it, we recommend that you read the instructions thoroughly a few times. It could also be worth looking up a video guide online.

That being said, this chair requires no maintenance. Simply rinse it with water if you feel it needs cleaned. It is worth noting that it is a bit pricey when not on sale and is very heavy, weighing 300 pounds.


  • Comes in many different colors
  • Made of Polywood
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable


  • Frustrating to assemble

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Loveseat

If you decide to order the brand’s log lounge chair, you could organize a rustic set. The log loveseat is also made from cedar, which is highly resistant to insects. Users enjoyed the curved shape of the arms, which made sitting on it more comfortable.

The bench is a bit heavy, weighing about 60 pounds. The pieces are not assembled and need to be stained before you use them outside. The process does not take too long, but can be complicated if you have never done a project like this before. The company does have an online tutorial that you can follow, which helps a lot.

It is worth noting that users said it changes color in the rain. You will want to keep it dry as much as you can, if you do not want that to happen. Overall, we think the design is pleasant and the chair is pretty affordable. It would be fun to sit next to your guests and cook over the fire.


  • Made from insect repelling cedar
  • Offers online tutorials
  • Comfortable
  • Pleasant design


  • Needs to be kept dry

Patio Sense Coconino Wicker Chair

The Patio Sense chair is perfect for any type of weather and has a fun, stylish design. The chair is pretty low maintenance to clean and is made from a stainless steel frame. That keeps it light, yet durable.

These chairs are great for sitting around a fire pit, but also look great on your patio or deck. They are easy to move around as you need to and are not too hard to assemble. However, users mentioned that the bolts have a tendency to rust. You will want to keep them dry when you can.

We appreciate that the brand gives you the option to buy the chairs individually or in a set with a table.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put together


  • Bolts tend to rust

HAPPYGRILL 2 Piece Adirondack Armchair

These little armchairs look great in any setting. They can hold up to 350 pounds and are made from durable acacia wood- which is already stained for you. The materials should help to keep the chair water and insect resistant.

They come in a set of two. That way, you can get a better value- especially if you are going to need a few more for your guests. They are nice for sitting around a fire pit and look great on patios.

However, users have mentioned that they are not the best quality available. Some chairs have scratches or other marks on them.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Made from acacia
  • Already stained


  • May come with defects
  • Could be a better quality

Fire Pit Chairs Buyer’s Guide

If you are considering buying the best chairs for your fire pit, you will want to think about a few different things first. By doing so, you can be confident that you got the right product for you and your loved ones to use around the fire.

This general guide should help you out, so be sure to stick around!


You should always consider comfort first. Especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time sitting in these chairs with your guests. Their design and patterns will not matter when they are too uncomfortable to sit on.

You will probably want a chair that comes with some cushions. If they do not, it would be a good idea to add a few of your own.


Next, you want to be sure that the chair suits the functions you need it to. Will it be primarily a fire pit chair or will you also want to use it for camping or other activities? Will the chair sit on your deck or patio most of the time?

You probably want to ensure the chair is great for hanging out around a fire (or portable propane fire pit) at night, but also good for sitting outside and relaxing on your own.

You might also consider a chair that has more than one purpose in mind. Maybe the chair folds back for lounging or it has a cup holder for your drinks.


Outdoor chairs need to be able to withstand damage from the elements. If they are in the sun for long periods, you also want to be sure that they will not fade. It helps if you have an awning or porch over your outdoor furniture, if you plan on leaving them outside 100% of the time.

Some chairs will need to be cleaned more often than others. You will want to look into how much time it takes to wash them. Usually, you will want to get a chair that is simple to clean.

Storage and Transportation

Many people also like their chairs to be easy to move around and store. Often, they will go with you on various outdoor trips, so it is helpful if they are lightweight and can fold up.

However, if you do not plan on taking your fire pit chairs anywhere, you can always opt for the heavier models. Just remember- you need to be able to carry it to the backyard and set it up.

Overall Quality

You will want to check out reviews online to determine if the chairs are a good enough quality. They should be able to last you many years, especially if you are paying good money for them.


The design will also be up to your preferences. You can choose the size and shape, plus what colors you want. You will want to pick a style that matches your space, so you can create a nice layout for your visitors.

Overall, you will want to find a comfortable chair that suits your needs. There are plenty on this list that you can choose from, so we are confident that you can find a nice option for your yard here.

What Else to Consider

Before you buy your chairs, make sure that you consider how you are going to arrange the furniture. It helps if you look up the measurements of the items. You will want to take this additional step to ensure that you have enough space available for your new fire pit chairs.

You will also want to arrange the furniture to create a space where conversations can happen. That means that you want people to be able to face one another without furniture being between them.

If you want, you can also use a mixture of different types of furniture at your fire pit. You could have a few arm chairs and maybe a backless bench and some small tables. That way, people have more options for where they can sit. People tend to move around at gatherings, so you want to give them the choice of where to sit when you can.

Finally, you will want to consider the weather your area experiences the most often. Will your guests be uncomfortable on a hard chair or will it be too cold? You will likely want to add some cushions to your outdoor chairs.


People ask a lot of questions about fire pit chairs online. We gathered all of the most common ones here. If you do not see yours, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

What are the best chairs for a fire pit?

The best chairs for a fire pit fit around it well, without taking up too much space. You will not want your guests climbing over each other just to get around. We recommend that you choose comfortable chairs that will not make your space feel crowded.

Curved, outdoor benches are our favorite option. They offer plenty of sitting space and keep everyone close on a cold night. You can put a couple around your pit for a nice, balanced affect.

How big should the seating area be around a fire pit?

In general, you want to have 7 feet of open space around it. That way, people can move around with ease and no one has to get too close to the fire. It also gives your guests the choice to move closer or further away- so they can stay warm or cool.

Are Adirondack chairs comfortable?

Plenty of people think so. The brand designs them with a slanted shape, making them perfect for reclining in. You can make them more comfortable by using cushions, pillows, and maybe some throw blankets with them.

The Adirondack design has been very popular for many, many years. If they were not comfortable, they would probably have stopped being one of the top choices for outdoor chairs a long time ago.

Where should you put a fire pit in your yard?

Fire pits need to be a safe distance away from your house and your neighbors’ houses. You will want to make sure that they are also far away from fences, branches, and other structures that would catch fire easily. It may be a good idea to look into the guidelines for your local area.

Best Fire Pit Chairs – Final Thoughts

Those were our top picks for the best fire pit chairs. Our overall favorite was the fire pit bench seats. They give you plenty of sitting space and look nice around your fire. Plus, you will get to be close with your family and friends as you enjoy the cozy fire.

When determining what type of chair you want to buy, there are plenty of different options available to you. You will want to think about the comfort, design, function, and how easy it is to move the chair. Many people prefer lighter ones, since they also want to bring them camping or on other trips.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us. We always enjoy hearing from our readers.