Best High End Offset Smokers – The Ultimate Cookers for Elite BBQ

best high end offset smokers

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You haven’t truly experienced the wide world of barbecuing until you have tried your hand at an offset smoker. What is that? An offset smoker is one of the most popular smoker grills for serious barbecue fans.

Over the years this very specific type of barbecue has only become more and more popular and now they are one of the most prominent cookers in the world.

What is an offset smoker? That is quite simple to explain and even easier to understand once you take a look at one. When you lay your eyes on an offset smoker, you can see that it is a regular barbecue device that has a slight twist, in length and design.

The offset smoker is a typical smoker that contains a horizontal cooking chamber and firebox on the side. It is made to cook with low and slow heat and its lengthy build provides that. The air flows into the firebox, travels through the body of the oven, then out through the tall stack.

Offset smokers have become one of the favorite home items for people who love to invite friends and family over during the wonderful summer months. There is nothing lovelier than entertaining those closest to you with some outdoor fun and a delicious barbecue feast. That is one of the reasons why offset smokers have exploded in popularity.


Why Offset Smokers?

Their focus on flavor is just another reason why so many people love offset smokers. Typical barbecues can only create so much taste and there isn’t much room for nuance in terms of seasoning. You usually do not get a lot of variety with barbecues.

That isn’t the case with an offset smoker. Because of your ability to cook with smoke and control that smoke in some very important ways, you can create multiple meals that taste vastly different with an offset smoker.

It allows you to hone your talents and try new things. And it allows you to craft some sensationally strong flavors that don’t just feel burnt and well done. This is yet another reason why so many people are flocking to offset cookers.

There is a lot of science behind what makes them so special too. True offset smoker masters perfect their food by opening and closing the vents to give more air and raise the temperature inside the smoker.

It takes a certain amount of skill to create a delicious, mouth-watering meal with an offset smoker. There are a lot of ways to screw it up and do it wrong. But when you do it right, there is nothing as good.

However, you won’t get anywhere if you invest in a cheap and unremarkable offset smoker. As the popularity of this type of barbecue grew, so did the number of knock-off ones on the market.

Therefore, it is doubly important that you purchase the offset smoker that is right for you and will get the job done. It is time to take a look at some of the best high-end offset smokers you can put your time and money and energy into.

Keep in mind that most offset smokers are not cheap. There is a good reason for their hefty price tags: these are barbecue tools that you will be able to use for a long time in a variety of ways. Plus, these are built to last.

Throughout our list, you will see multiple brands that take great pride in creating smokers with only the finest metals and materials. These things are more than just outdoor smoking barbecues, they are works of art.

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Which offset smoker is right for you? No matter if you are new to the scene or an expert BBQ pro, you have a lot of choices to sort through.

Best High End Offset Smokers

Texas Original Pits Luling Loaded Offset Smoker

This name is quite the mouthful but could be better summed up with just one word: wow. This is one of the finest offset smokers in the world and something that will work wonders in the backyard during your next family barbecue.

It features all the hallmarks of a great offset smoker and is a terrific choice for someone who is just starting their grilling career or has been doing it for years already.

The Texas Original Pits Luling Loaded Offset Smoker is a beauty that comes with 703 square inches of total cooking surface area and is made with superior steel that prevents any leaking and keeps the burn consistent no matter how much meat you lay down.

It looks gorgeous and durable on the outside, built to last with American steel. But the interior is great too. The inside of this grill is what sets it apart. This smoker comes with a second-level cooking grate that easily pulls out and greatly expands the amount of room you have. It is almost like two smokers in one.

The smoker also has hand-welded flanges on the doors to seal in heat and smoker. You decide when you want to emit smoke and when you want to keep it inside. You are in control and your food will be better because of that. Simply put, this thing is built to cook and to cook well.

The construction here is what sets this Texas Original Pits creation apart from the other offset smokers available to you. You can tell that this is hand-crafted with care. Sure enough, the company produces their projects by hand in Houston, Texas and it shows.

The little details shine and you can tell that someone with great knowledge inspected this smoker and made sure it was going to hold up. It feels strong, heavy, but also somewhat sleek and attractive. It is odd to say that an offset smoker can be easy on the eyes but this one can be.

The hand-welded smoker is more than just good looks though. It is created to provide a wonderful, thorough smoking experience. The thick steel construction keeps heat in excellently and the valves that you control allow for smoke to be distributed and released at your will.

This gives you a lot more freedom and control over what your meal will taste like. Smoke and heat will not leak out of this smoker unless you want it to.

The size of this smoker is also a strong asset. It has a large, spacious body that allows you to cook something small or possibly multiple briskets.

This means that this Texas Original Pits smoker could be the last one you ever need, capable of feeding your entire family and house guests all at once. You could expertly cook an entire meal at one time with this smoker.

This offset smoker just works smoothly. Everything from the opening of the door to the sliding of the multi-level grates to the management of the smoke and fire inside the cooker is a breeze. Nothing about this smoker is a challenge, it all works with little effort and exactly as it should.

There is a reason so many people sing the praises of this offset smoker: it works. In every sense of the word, this one works amazingly well.

The Good-One Open-Range Charcoal Smoker

Sometimes what you want and need is just an old-fashioned and reliable charcoal smoker. That is exactly what you get with the Good-One Open Range Gen III. Now, there is nothing wrong with being old-fashioned. Old-fashioned can be great because it is easy to use, does away with all the bells and whistles that other smokers come with, and simply focuses on results.

And what are the results with the Good-One Open Range Gen III? The results are darn good. Your food will come out juicy, soft, and decadent. The flavor will be strong and smokey in the best ways. The internal damper system in this smoker lets you control how much smoke enters the chamber and lets you decide if you want something rich or light with smoke.

Inside this smoker, you have 332 square inches of grilling area. Altogether, the 2 smoke chamber grates will give you 664 square inches to play around with. This may not look like the biggest smoker in the world but it houses lots of space and tall lids. You may not be able to cook a full-sized turkey without a bit of squeezing but you will be able to fit a whole lot of delicious treats in this smoker.

The construction of this creation is fantastic, crafted with 11 gauge US steel. That means that you will be able to take this smoker on the road or let it sit in the backyard during some sunny, hot days without it dulling or scratching. Its dark color makes it stand out, especially during a hot summer day’s barbecue.

Some people are daunted by the idea of buying their first offset smoker. They are overwhelmed by the idea of learning the ins and outs of the system and the cleaning and upkeep.

A smoker like the Good-One Open Range Gen III is perfect for people like that. Not because it is somehow considered a “starter” smoker. No, this is a great approach for a new BBQ pro because it will show just how much power and taste you can create with these.

Cooking on a smoker shouldn’t be that complicated. The little things like adding certain flavors and seasoning might require a learning curve but the actual act of using a smoker shouldn’t be that hard.

Thankfully, you don’t get much complication when it comes to the Good-One Open Range Gen III. You get fantastic food and a lot of fun but you do not get something that feels unseemingly hard to handle. That is why it is one of the best offset smokers for a beginner – or a seasoned pro.

The Good-One Open Range Gen III comes with easy-to-use wheeled and durable handles to grip and open it frequently. It looks great, it is made with superior smoker technology that focuses on flavor and will fit wonderfully even in the smallest areas. It is a freestanding beauty that will do more than just get the job done.

Final Thoughts

There you have it.  Some might think that a high end offset smoker is overkill.  After all, at the end of the day all you really need to make BBQ in a smoker is a cooking chamber and a heat source.  But when it comes down to it, the difference in quality between a cheap smoker and a top notch one is undeniable when you taste the end results side by side.

It’s not without downside though.  High end units are by definition expensive, and might not be worth the price tag unless you are a big time BBQ enthusiast.  Either way, let us know which smoker you ended up with!

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