Best Pizza Stone for Grill – For Epic Pizza Nights Outdoors

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If you already own a great outdoor grill, you might be wondering about the best way to cook pizza on it. While some people opt to acquire a bespoke pizza oven, we understand this isn’t always possible depending on your budget and the layout of your outdoor area.

Pizza is best cooked on grills using a pizza stone that is usually made of ceramic or cordierite. It makes your pizza taste fresh and like it was made in a brick oven. Most pizza stones are very affordable and can last for years and years to come if you take proper care of them.

We’ve created this resource to help you decide which pizza stone is the right one for your grill!

Using Pizza Stones on a Grill – Overview

Something to understand before jumping to our list of the top products is that some pizza stones out there are designed generically to work on any type of grill.  Other stones are designed to fit perfectly as an accessory to a specific grill brand or model.

Our goal here is to give you a look at both.  We’ll start off with our generic choices that work with just about any grill.  Then, we’ll take a quick look at some of the pizza stone set ups for specific grills at the end.

Best Pizza Stone for Grills – Our Top Picks

Cuisinart Deluxe Grilling Pizza Stone Pack

Cuisinart is a pretty popular name when it comes to kitchen accessories and appliances.  They’ve done a really nice job with their Deluxe Grilling Pizza Stone pack – it’s functional, affordable, and comes with everything you need to make delicious pizza.

Specifically, it comes with a 15 inch diameter pizza stone that’s made of 0.5 inch thick cordierite.  It also comes with an aluminum pizza peel and a quick-cut pizza cutter.  At only 10 pounds, it’s not too terribly difficult to move around and store while it’s not in use.  All things considered, this pack provides excellent bang for your buck.

Napoleon 15-Inch Pizza Stone

If you have people in your family that prefer different pizza topics, the Napoleon 15 inch pizza stone perfect. You can cook two different pizzas at the same time to meet everyone’s needs. The 10-inch size is great for personal pan sizes so that everyone has enough to eat and even some for leftovers.

Making small breads and cookies is also easy with these small stones. Overall, it is the perfect way to compliment your outdoor cooking experience. It is also a great way to get a wide variety of pizzas and other food at the same time.  Napoleon is one of the best quality brands in grilling and their pizza stones are no different!

Napoleon Rectangular Baking Stone

This is a baking stone that is great for making large rectangular pizzas. It is 14” by 20” so you can easily fit two pizzas on it at the same time. The stone will naturally season over time and creates a non-stick surface. It also does not retain previous food odors.

It helps pull away unwanted moisture from the food so you can make perfect pizza, pastries, and breads. Since it doesn’t retain the flavors of previous foods, feel free to mix sweet and salty foods on the same pan.

Weber Pizza Stone Set

Weber is one of the biggest names in BBQ and they have been around since 1952. They are well-known for their outstanding customer services and tried and true cooking systems. If you already own a Weber grill, you know how amazing and classy they are.

This 2 set pizza stone kit is made of cordierite stone that absorbs moisture during cooking. This makes it ideal for lovers of light and crispy crust. It also comes with a carrying rack that makes it easy to transport your pizza from the grill to the table.

It is 14” X 4” and weighs 5 pounds. The set also comes with handles that make moving the pizza around easier and help to protect your hands from burning. The stone should be heated for about 20 minutes before use and will cook your homemade pizza quickly.

Weber’s pizza stones are fully warranted for 2 years.

Best Pizza Stones for Specific Grill Brands

There are a few brands out there that offer some of the best pizza stone products, but the catch is they are made as accessories for specific grills. You may have seen their brand names when it comes to grills or you may even own a grill by one of the brands.

Before buying a pizza stone, check that it is fully compatible with the grill that you own.

Blaze 14 3/4 Inch Ceramic Pizza Stone

Blaze is best known for its commercial quality grill bodies and burners. They also have a large selection of accessories including amazing pizza stones.

This pizza stone weighs 10 pounds and is 15” X 18”. It can be used for pizza, but also pieces of bread and cookies. It is made specifically to sit on the ledge of the cooking grates on Blaze Original or Blaze Premium LTE Grills.

It can also rest on top of the cooking grids of Blaze Professional LUX. The stone is fully thermal shock resistant and won’t crack when exposed to extreme temperature changes. It is made from high-fired refractory ceramics and has a stainless-steel tray that helps to elevate the stone.

Blaze Professional LUX 15-Inch Ceramic Pizza Stone

This ceramic pizza stone is designed for use with Blaze Professional LUX Grills. It should not be used with Blaze Original Grills, Blaze premium LTE grills, or Blaze Premium LTE2 grills.

This stone is 15 inches and has a stainless-steel tray to help elevate the stone for better cooking. The tray is made to sit on the ledges inside the grill where the searing rods are. Note that the searing rod needs to be removed before putting the stone on the ledge.

This stone can get up to 500 degrees and the crust also comes out crispy and tasty. It is affordable and easy to clean when you’re done.

All of Blaze pizza stones are fully warranted for one year

Fire Magic Pizza Stone Kit

Fire Magic is known for its high performance, versatility, and durability. They have an extensive line of cooking accessories that offer you all the convenience you need, especially when it comes to cooking pizza.

This full kit comes with a 14” x 14” stone with a stainless-steel frame. It is made of cordierite stone which evenly distributes heat to make the perfect pizza or baked good. It can be used with any Fire Magic or AOG grill. It includes everything you need to get started making homemade pizza right in your own backyard.

It also comes with a wooden pizza peel. The stone and the frame will cover two burners on your grill when you’re using it.

Primo Natural Finished 16-Inch Pizza Stone

Primo is known for its amazing oval-shaped ceramic grills that offer more cooking flexibility and efficiency than any other ceramic grill. All their grills and accessory products are made in the USA. They have 3 of the best pizza stone options.

This stone by Primo is ceramic and fits the Primo Oval XL and the Oval Large and Large Round Kamado Grills. This stone is perfect for baking traditional pizza, desserts, or homemade bread. The crust cooks evenly every time ensuring that you always get the perfect pizza for yourself and your guests.

Kamado Joe Pizza Stone For Big Joe II & III

Kamado Joe grills are known for their endless versatility. They offer some of the best backyard BBQ experience and some of the most well-known grilling accessories on the market. They have the widest options of pizza stones, including options for deep-dish pizza.

This pizza stone comes ready to use and doesn’t need any seasoning or cooking oil. It is best used with the Big Joe II and III 24-inch grills. The ceramic stone keeps your pizza cooked evenly while also keeping moisture in your pizza to keep it crispy and full of flavor.

It can also be used to bake bread and casseroles. The stone is extremely easy to clean. Simply brush it off with a wire BBQ brush and keep it in a dry area after washing it. Don’t use any cleaning solutions as they can be absorbed by the stone.

The stone also needs to be used with the Kamado Joe Heat Deflector so that your pizza doesn’t burn easily.

Kamado Joe Deep Dish Pizza Stone

This is a great option if you plan to make deep-dish pizza or if you want to cook something else like paella, casseroles, or bread. This dish gives you even more options than a normal stone pizza.

The stone can absorb heat and excess moisture which means all your food is cooked perfectly every single time. This stone will also need the Kamado Joe heat deflector to keep the pizza from burning.

It is normal if the ceramic darkens over time so don’t be alarmed. Make sure to keep it clean with just water and a brush, cleaning solutions are not necessary. Get ready to have restaurant-quality deep dish pizzas right from your own home.

Kamado Joe Pizza Stone For Classic 18-Inch Grills

Kamado Joe’s classic pizza stone is the best choice for a basic stone that can make great flavorful pizzas. It is made of ½ inch heavy-duty ceramic that keeps your pizza and other food hot, crispy, and full of flavor.

It can be used to make anything you would make in an indoor oven. You can use it as soon you buy it because it does not need cooking oil or any seasoning. You will need to clean any residual food off it by just flipping it over so the heat from the fire will naturally burn away any remaining food particles. Never use cleaning solutions.

The stone is specifically designed for Kamado Joe Classic 18-inch grills. It is great for baking wood-fired flavored pizza on the Kamado grills.

How Do I Clean My Grill Pizza Stones?

Unlike regular dishes, pizza stones should only be cleaned with warm water. You can also use a special BBQ brush that won’t scratch or damage the surface. For residue, let the natural heat from the grill burn it off and then gently remove it.

Try not to scrap or press on the surface too hard. Also never cleaning solutions or dish detergent. You don’t even need mild soap; warm water is the best way to clean it.

Final Thoughts

A quality pizza stone is a fantastic way to make pizza at home without needing to invest in an entire pizza oven. A good stone will be high-quality ceramic and will be specially fitted for the grill you own. It is best to buy a stone by the same company as your grill but isn’t completely necessary. Always check what kind of stone is best for your grill before buying.

Stones come in small and large sizes, so you can get one that’s just for you or the entire family.  Stainless steel frames are also better for some grills and will allow you to move the grill easily without burning your hands or arms.