Delta Heat Grill Reviews – Worth the Hype?

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When it comes to picking out the right grill for your needs, there are a lot of great options out there. Some are big and others are small. Some come from the big names on the market to provide you with the very best, and others are more generic to allow you a simple way to grill without all of the costs.

One of the best types of grills that you can choose is the Delta Heat Grill. This grill is truly one of the best on the market, made out of high-quality materials, and looks really good when it sits in your backyard. It also has a ton of cooking space, and even cooking temperatures, so you will be able to enjoy some of the best grilling experience around.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a Delta Heat Grill for your needs. But we are going to take a look at some of the best Delta Heat Grills that are sure to impress and get all of the work done for you. Let’s dive in and see which Delta Heat Grills will get the work done for you!

The Best Delta Heat Grills

Delta Heat Grills are some of the best in the industry. They will last a long time, are durable, and they look really impressive in any backyard. Some of the best Delta Heat Grills and our review on them includes:

Delta Heat 32-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill

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The Delta Heat 32″ 3 Burner built-in grill brings all of the performance and quality that you need when it is time to get started grilling outside.

This built-in gas grill set up comes with 304 stainless steel and a seamless welded construction and a double-lined hood to give all the appeal, durability, and strength that you need whether you plan to cook on the grill just for your family or you want to impress your guests. The grill is a large 32-inches so you can have plenty of room to fit all of your favorite foods along with 3 U-Burners, a ceramic briquette flame tamers that will help you to move all the heat across the grill to cook everything just right.

That is just the beginning of what you can enjoy with this grill. Another great option that will help with the appeal of this grill is the decorative blue LED lights that are set up to illuminate the control knobs. Wait until the lights go out to grill and you will be able to turn this grill into the focal point of the whole yard. The knobs are also really easy to use so you won’t feel like they get stuck or cause any problems for you at all.

The grill lid is easy to bring up and down no matter how much you use it and there is 525 square inches of main cooking surface so you can fit all of the great food that you want on the grill. In addition to the main grilling area, there is also 174 square inches of secondary cooking that can also add the adjustable warming rack to keep food warm while you finish up with the rest. All of the products are made in the United States so you know the whole grill is high-quality and will last a long time.

Things We Like

  • A hood assist system that is easy to open.
  • A convenient LED control panel with lights that look amazing at night.
  • Additional features inside that help make the heat distribution really good
  • Welded construction that will eliminate gaps where the moisture and grease will often collect.

Delta Heat 32-Inch 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill On Cart

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This grill has everything that you need and more from a high end grill. If you have used these grills in the past, you are used to the performance and the high-quality construction that is put into each product. And this one is no different. It comes with a double-lined hood to give you the appeal and durability to use all the time in your backyard, whether you plan to have guests over or are looking to make the food for your own family.

There is so much to love about the Delta Heat 32 inch on a cart. The LED lights on the handles can make this a great grill to use any time of the year, even if you feel like eating something when the sun goes down. And there is plenty of cooking area, along with an adjustable warming rack, that will make this one of the best choices out there when you are ready to grill. And the stainless steel cart is designed to help you move around the grill to any location, while having a cohesive look that you are sure to enjoy all year long.

The cart has a lot of neat features as well, being made out of some of the same high-quality materials as the grill. For example, it has four swivel casters and two locking breaks so you can easily relocate and secure the grill whenever you would like. And then there are two stainless steel side shelves that have some high-quality utensil hooks to provide you with the best work area for your needs while you cook. Add the cart for mobility together with all of the great features of this Delta Grill, and you are in for a treat each time you decide to grill!

Things We Like

  • An easy to use and open hood assist system
  • A cool looking LED control panel that looks awesome
  • A cart for easy mobility
  • Easy storage for all your grilling utensils.

Delta Heat 38-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill

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If you are looking for a grill that has all the space to feed your family and any friends who want to come over for some good food, then this gas grill is one of the best options on the market. In fact, the size of this grill is going to make it the main attraction ta your next family gathering, no matter what you plan to do. The interior halogen lights are able to illuminate the 625 square inches of main cooking surface so you not only have plenty of room to grill on, but plenty of light to see with as well.

Not only is the main grilling area large, there is also 210 square inches of secondary cooking room and an adjustable warming rack so you have all the room for that big meal that you need. And thanks to some of the amazing technology that you will find in this grill, you will be able to enjoy heat that is distributed throughout the grill, rather than just in the center. No more having your favorite grilling choices cook at different times. This grill is set up to get it all done, and done fast.

Just like with many of the other great grills on our list from the Delta Heat grill family, there are a lot of great features with this particular grill. It will bring some of the best performance to your grilling needs, no matter how often you spend time in the backyard. It is designed with durability and appeal in mind, allowing for a lot of strength to really show itself off. Whether you like to entertain guests at your home or you are more interested in just making some good family meals, this is one of the best grills on the market to help you get this done.

Things We Like

  • A hood assist system
  • Great and durable construction that is meant to last.
  • An adjustable heating rack
  • Lots of room to grill, some of the most on our list.

Delta Heat 26-Inch 2-Burner Built-In Propane Gas Grill

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While this grill is a little bit smaller than some of the other options on our list, it still has plenty of power that you are sure to enjoy and can still take on a lot of great food at once, helping you to serve everyone who comes over for meals. This one may be the perfect option to use if you are looking to just have some great grill-outs with your family and a few close friends, rather than a ton of big events, but you will still fall in love with it in no time!

For this grill, you are able to enjoy 420 square inches of main cooking surface, plenty to get all the work done. There is also up to 139 square inches of secondary cooking and the state of the art adjustable warming rack so you can get that meal cooked in no time. The great construction looks great while maintaining its sturdiness so you will not need to worry about the grill wearing out or not working all that well.

This is just the start of using this particular grill. It has 304 stainless steel in it along with a seamless welded construction and a double-lined hood to get the work done each time. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the whole cooking surface to make it easier to cook all the meal as evenly as possible. The high-quality materials and long warranty make this a great option to choose for your grilling needs.

Things We Like

  • Easy to clean off and maintain
  • A smaller size for small gatherings and family meals
  • High-quality materials that are meant to last.

Delta Heat 38-Inch 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill On Cart

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This grill is large and proud and will be the highlight of the next big gathering that you decide to have with your friends and family members. When this sits in your yard, the grill and the cart together are going to turn heads, and that is even before you turn on some of the halogen lights that will make it easy to see the knobs and the grilling surface, even when it gets nice and dark outside.

First, let’s take a look at the grill. The grill has all of the high-quality construction and parts that you need, as well as all the features. You can also enjoy up to 625 square inches of grilling surface that will have all the illumination that you need thanks to the professional halogen lights placed inside. There is also an additional 210 square inches of secondary cooking area and a warming rack that can be moved around so you always have enough room, even for some of those unexpected guests.

Then we can move on to the cart. It is sturdy, easy to move around, and can handle all of your grilling needs. You can either move the grill around the yard to make it work for your needs or utilize some of the handy brakes to keep it in place. There is also a side shelf and utensil hooks to make the area you are cooking more efficient and easy. There are also a few access doors that you can remove if you would like and used for a built-in application should any of your needs for outdoor entertaining end up changing on you.

Things We Like

  • An easy cart to use with access doors to change it up.
  • Plenty of cooking and storage area
  • High-quality for a good price.

Delta Heat 26-Inch 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill On Pedestal Cart

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The final Delta Heat Grill that we are going to look at on our list has everything that you need and has a very small footprint for a freestanding grill. The 26-inch pedestal model comes with 420 square inches of main cooking surface to entertain all of those around you and makes grilling a breeze. The grill also has a 139 square inches of secondary cooking with a warming rack that is going to help you get everything done. It also accommodates a 20 pound propane tank so you can grill all summer long without a problem.

This is just the start to what you can enjoy. This grill and cart set can make it easy to bring out the grill any time that you want to use it or put it away when grilling time is done. The halogen lights are there to make it easy to see the grilling surface and the knobs around as well so you can get all the work done with no problem. The radiant heat will find its way over all the meat, helping with even cooking compared with all of the other options out there.

Then there is the cart, which will make life so much easier overall. It is designed to fit the Delta Heat perfectly so you do not have a lot of sliding around or other issues along the way. On this cart there are four heavy duty swivel casters and two locking brakes. You can enjoy the side shelves for storage and the utensil hooks to help keep everything organized and ready to go. No matter how you plan to use the grill, this is one of the best options on the list!

Things We Like

  • The perfect size grilling surface to help you get work done
  • Radiant heat will be spread all over the grilling surface
  • One of the best assemblies for cart and grill to make things easier.

How to Choose the Right Grill

Now that we have had a chance to look at some of the best Delta Heat Grills on the market, it is time for us to look at a few important factors to consider when choosing a new grill. Each homeowner will have their own requirements when bringing a new grill home so you need to think this purchase out ahead of time. Some of the things to consider include:


A big factor to consider when picking out a grill is the cost. It is important to find a good balance of cost and quality. You do not want to pick the cheapest grill on the market because it will not work all that well and it will likely break down on you in no time. But you also do not need to pick out the most expensive grill on the market either. There are many high-quality grills that are affordable and will suit your needs, much like all the Delta Heat Grills on our list.

Delta Heat grills are definitely more on the expensive side, but they are also some of the highest quality grills on the market.

Before you go shopping for a new grill, take the time to think about your budget. You will need to look at the features of the grill as well, but if you fall in love with a grill way out of your price range, you will just be disappointed. Pick a price range ahead of time and then work to find a grill with the other features that you want within that price range.

Heat Distribution

A big problem with many of the grills you can purchase is that they concentrate the heat in one area. This can make it difficult to get even grilling on all the meat you have. The good news is that all of the Delta Heat Grills that we discuss in this article will have heat that is distributed throughout so this should not be a problem for you. But always double check before purchasing a grill so you do not become frustrated later on.

Look at the Grill Size

As you can see from some of the grills on our list, there are different grill sizes that you can consider. There are a variety of sizes and it depends on how much room you need to grill. If you just want a small little grill for your family, then choose a grill that is a little smaller to save money and not take up as much space. However, if you want to have lots of big parties with the neighbors and other friends, you may want to go with a grill that is just a little bit bigger.

Shop around a little and see what kind of grill will fit your needs. You may even want to measure out the area that you plan to place the grill, and the storage area if you plan to put it away in a shed or somewhere else, and use that as your basis when picking out a grill. The really big grills are a lot of fun, but if you will not use it that much or you just do not have the space for it, then a smaller one may be best.

Propane vs Natural Gas

Another thing that you may need to consider when it comes to picking out a grill for your needs is whether to use natural gas or propane. Both of these can be great options and as you saw from our list, you will have seen that there were a few in each category. But which one is going to be the best?

When using a propane grill, you will need to use propane gas. This will contain more energy so you will notice a lot of power and see the grill heat up faster as well. This makes your grilling process more efficient compared to using a gas grill. They also work for different cooking methods if you would like.

There is also the natural gas grill. This option is often pricier than the others, but it is pretty efficient and you will not need to worry about getting propane and other options all the time. It takes a little longer for these to heat up but the grill will also have a kit that will help you get it all set up.

Final Thoughts on Delta Heat Grills

Delta Heat is definitely a brand that you can know and trust. They are high-quality with all of the unique features that you need in a grill that you are sure to love.

Whether you would like to work with a smaller grill to handle some of the work for your family at mealtime or you want something that is big enough to entertain the whole neighborhood, you will find that this brand will check all the boxes and more. Take a look at our list of the Best Delta Heat Grills and see which one will become a new addition to your home!