9 Easter Grilling & BBQ Ideas

Easter Grill/BBQ Ideas

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Easter is a great time of year for those who celebrate the holiday! Even for those who don’t, it’s a great excuse for anyone to cook up a good BBQ or grill some amazing food.

This time of year is usually a good time to realize how your year is going to go, so why not carry yourself and your friends and family through to the summer months with a proper cookout. There is plenty of good food and good weather to enjoy, so follow our list for your next meal in the sun.

Traditional Easter Meals

Easter is usually a great time for anyone looking to implement some fresh meats into their meals and will have anyone looking to try some new meat licking their lips with anticipation. Particular meats like ham, lamb, beef, and turkey are frequently seen at this time of year and will feature throughout this list.

9 of the Best Easter BBQ and Grilling Ideas

Honey Glazed Smoked Ham

When it comes to having a slice of rich meat to start your Easter, smoked ham is one of the best out there. The food is so versatile that it works with anything from sandwiches, to mashed potatoes or fries.

Glazing this ham with honey or apple can be a perfect way to add a sweetener to a relatively smoky dish. Add some fresh vegetables and some bread and you’ve got yourself an old classic.

Smoked Beef Or Pork Ribs

When it comes to ribs, pork is definitely the more frequently seen out of the two types, however, beef ribs have their upsides as well!

The beef ribs are often a lot sturdier and come in a larger size than their pork counterpart. If you slowly cook either of these meats over a few hours at a time, you’ll find that the meat will fall straight off the bone and into your mouth.

Make sure that you glaze either of these with some sort of apple or BBQ flavorings and you have a wonderfully rich meal, ready to eat with your hands. Just make sure you have a napkin handy!

Grilled Lobster Tails

Seafood is always particularly fresh around the winter and summer months, with lobsters firmly at the top of this list.

Lobster comes with a sweet, but rich taste that you don’t find with a lot of seafood variations, so it’s always nice to pair these with a good steak or some fresh lemon juice. Lobsters are enough to make anybody’s ears perk up when discussing food, so why not implement them into your Easter menu?

Add some strong garlic butter and your tongue will be dancing with the flavor.

Grilled Lamb Lollipops

One of the main meats that are often seen around Easter is fresh lamb. Lamb is often seen as a symbol for Easter, with sheep being born in these months and symbolizing new life, so why not add some of the food to your occasion?

Lamb goes extremely well with mint jelly or sauce, which can add a sweeter tone to your meal, especially when paired with baked potatoes or mashed potatoes.

With regards to the taste of the meat, lamb is incredibly rich and will leave you wanting more after the very first bite. Combined with a tender texture, it’s no wonder why people find lamb dishes so popular.

Grilled Lamb Shank

Rotisserie Chicken

I think a lot of people can agree that one of the best food inventions that were ever made, is the rotisserie. The ability to cook food so evenly whilst ensuring that the heat doesn’t burn the chicken makes having a BBQ that much easier!

Chicken is a very versatile food that can be featured alongside plenty of different options. For example, having some fresh lemon or orange marinade can go a long way in making the chicken even more flavorful. Having some perfectly cut fries or some creamy mashed potatoes make a rotisserie chicken essential!

If you don’t have a rotisserie grill, you could also substitute a good old fashioned beer can chicken for equally tender and tasty results.

Rotisserie Leg Of Lamb

Alternatively, there is the option of having a leg of lamb on a rotisserie spit and it can be an incredible way to get all of the juices and the flavors flowing. This option is incredibly rich and tender, with the lamb all but falling apart on your plate and allowing you to eat with ease.

Add a honey glaze or some sort of mint sauce and you have an excellent appetizer for you and your family to enjoy. This goes perfectly well with some fresh potatoes and vegetables to match!

Grilled Garlic Prawns

Once again, we recommend that you try some sort of seafood when you have the chance. Grilled prawns around Easter time are one of the freshest things on this list and are excellent when it comes to eating smaller-sized foods.

Because of their stronger fishy taste, prawns work fantastically with some garlic marinade and chilli sauce. The slight spice from the sauce and the strong waves of flavor from the garlic and the shellfish are a wonderful way of filling your stomach and celebrating Easter.

Grilled Steak

You simply can’t talk about some sort of grilled meal and not mention the potential of having a fresh steak on the go. Because of how juicy and easy to get steak is, you have to think of a NY Strip, ribeye, or filet when debating on your next grilled or smoked meal.

Add one of these steaks with sides like mashed potatoes, fries, or fresh vegetables, and you’re able to have a hearty meal in massive portions. Lovely stuff!

Adding some sort of peppercorn sauce or garlic butter to your steak is a brilliant way of finishing off your meal and adding an extra burst of flavor to your BBQ.

Smoked Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are already a traditional Easter hors d’oeuvre – so why not put a spin on your classic recipe and add smokey flavor?

You have to be a little careful with your heat – and it may be better to cold smoke deviled eggs if you can’t keep your smoker temperature low enough. But the flavor is without a doubt worth the trouble.

Happy Easter Grilling!

BBQ and grilled meals are a great way to mark the celebration of Easter, with a wide variety of options at your disposal.

For example, lamb meals offer a much richer and more tender choice to those who are wanting the light taste of some grilled chicken to satisfy their hunger. Sometimes the best thing you can do is make sure that you have some good sauces and some sort of potatoes at your disposal.

These complement the meats incredibly and will leave you counting the minutes until your next cooking adventure.