TEC Grills: Worth the Price Tag? Our Thoughts and Reviews

TEC Grills

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If you are looking for a sleek and modern grill, TEC Grills may be the best choice for you. They were the original inventors of infrared grilling and continue to be the leaders in all infrared innovations.

They have a patented 100% infrared cooking system that gives you the ability to evenly heat all of your food with absolutely zero flare-ups. All of the grills are proudly made in the USA and are built to last throughout the years.

The wide variety of cooking options lets you slow roast pork or sear a steak at high temperatures. Overall, these grills are made to cook a large variety of food, even delicate vegetables.

The company came out with its first grill in 1980 and has never stopped improving its products. On the inside of the TEC grills, there are glass panels that eliminate both hot and cold spots.

Traditional grills often have uneven cooking and flare-ups, but the TEC grills make cooking easy.

Who Are TEC Grills For?

Even cooking also makes the grills perfect for all skill levels. You don’t have to be a professional or experienced griller to make the most out of TEC infrared technology.

Temperature settings range between 200-900 degrees Fahrenheit. They can heat up in about 10 minutes. Most of the grill series are available in propane or natural gas types. They have either 1 or 2 main burners.

There are four main series of TEC infrared grills. The TEC Patio FR, TEC Sterling Patio FR, TEC G-Sport FR, and TEC Cherokee FR. All models have some of the same features with added unique features of their own.

There is definitely a make and model for all types of grillers, both professionals and new users.

TEC Patio FR Series

This patio series comes in widths of either 26 or 44 inches. They can also be bought in freestanding or built-in options, giving a variety of choices for all kinds of patios. They all have self-cleaning cooking surfaces, which makes cooking for large crowds practically mess-free.

TEC Patio FR 44-Inch Built-In Infrared Gas Grill

The TEC Patio FR 44 grill has two 30,000 BTU burners and 592 square inches of cooking space. The burners are very fuel-efficient which saves you ample money on gas. It uses the patented TEC infrared technology which reduces flare-ups and uneven cooking.

No matter what you are cooking, the grill eliminates hot and cold spots. The radiant glass emitter panel gives you tender and charbroil flavored food.

It also keeps food much juicier than other grills by eliminating moisture loss by up to 35 percent. The grill can cook between the ranges of 200-900 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cooking grates are U-shaped which makes heating very quick. It also gives your food sear marks just like you would get at a fancy restaurant.

The main difference between this grill and other TEC grills is that there is a stainless-steel heat zone separator. It sits between the burners and keeps heating separate between zones. This lets you cook one side with indirect heat if you are grilling something that is a little more delicate.

The grill has self-cleaning capabilities which get rid of all the food and debris in 10-15 minutes if you are cooking on high. The grill can heat up to 900 degrees with the hood closed in as little as 10 minutes.

Overall, this is a sleek grill that makes a great addition to any outdoor living area.

TEC Patio FR 26-Inch Infrared Gas Grill On Pedestal

TEC Sterling Patio 1 FR Infrared Grill on Stainless Steel Pedestal with Two Side Shelves (STPFR1NTPED), Natural Gas
  • 1 fuel-efficient stainless steel burner that reaches higher temperatures (900° F) while using less fuel (30,000 BTUs/hr per burner) than other grills
  • 296 sq. inches of evenly heated grilling surface capable of cooking 16 hamburgers in 8-10 minutes
  • No hot or cold spots

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This pedestal iteration has one fuel-efficient burner with 30,000 BTUs. It is 26-inches and 296 square inches of cooking space. It can cook between 200-900 degrees. You can use the grill for low-heat smoking, searing, and basically anything else.

It is free-standing and has a stainless-steel pedestal base. There is a double-lined hood made with 304 stainless-steel and chrome control knobs. The self-cleaning surface incinerates food in as little as 10-15 minutes.

This grill can be used to cook for large groups, especially with the self-cleaning feature. You will be able to grill for family events and not have to spend hours and hours cleaning afterward.

This grill is very fuel-efficient and uses a radiant glass emitter panel to keep all your food tender and charbroiled. The cooking grates are U-shaped which spreads heat evenly and quickly.

TEC Sterling Patio FR Series

These grills also come in the 26- or 44-inch options. However, they also have a double-walled hood and a sleek design – which is the main difference between the Patio and Sterling Patio series.

They are built to cook everything from steak to fish. They are a great built-in option for people wanting to make their outdoor living area more luxurious and modern.

TEC Sterling Patio FR 44-Inch Infrared Gas Grill On Cabinet

This 44-inch option is a total beast and is essentially it’s own BBQ Island.  The grill is very powerful and has 100% infrared energy keeping all food evenly cooking all the time. It also eliminates hot air and reduces moisture loss in food by up to 35 percent.

It also has two 30,000 BTUs which are extremely energy-efficient, saving you valuable money on gas. Electric ignition makes the lighting process extremely easy and much safer than traditional grills. It also contained the patented flare-proof stainless-steel burners and a radiant glass emitter panel.

This keeps all your food moist and tender. It offers 592 square inches of cooking space. The U-shaped cooking grates give all your food sear marks just like at restaurants. The shape also delivers heat quickly and easily.

The grill can heat up to 900 degrees in 10 minutes if the hood is closed. This allows you to get cooking quicker than ever before.

The cooking grids and radiant panels can be used just like an indoor cooking space, which means you won’t need a side burner for pots and pans.

The hood is double-lined and all of the control knobs are made from chrome. The self-cleaning cooking surface can incinerate food and other debris in 10-15 minutes if the grill is on high.

TEC Sterling Patio FR 26-Inch Infrared Gas Grill

This model is similar to the 26-inch pedestal option but comes in a built-in configuration. It has one very fuel-efficient 30,000 BTU burner. It uses an electric ignition which gives you peace of mind when lighting the grill.

You won’t have to worry about any flare-ups with the patented flare-up technology. This grill can operate with a range of between 200-900 degrees Fahrenheit. You can cook, steak, pork tenderloin, pineapple, vegetables, and fish.

You will have 296 square inches of cooking space to make food for your family or friends. This grill is freestanding with a double-lined hood made with thick gauge 304 stainless steel.

The radiant panels can be used in place of a side burner which means you can still cook sauces or other foods in pots and pans.

The grill can completely heat up to 900 degrees in 10 minutes as long as the hood is closed. These are some of the fastest heat-up times out of any grill brand.

People rave about how most of their food stays when using this TEC grill. You can use this grill with ease no matter what you’re cooking.

TEC G-Sport FR Series

Most of these TEC grills come in an efficient 30-inch option. They have portable tabletop models and freestanding grills that people often opt to mount onto a pedestal. This is a great option if your patio or outdoor living area is small.

TEC G-Sport FR Portable Infrared Gas Grill

Tec GSport Fr Portable Infrared Gas Grill
  • Certified to be used on any surface, including wood
  • Rapid preheat—0°-850° F in 10 minutes (on high) with hood closed
  • Pure infrared grilling on-the-go
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This grill is very durable with a 304-grade 18-gauge stainless steel body. It is also rust and dent resistant so you don’t have to worry about weather conditions or debris affecting it.

The TEC G-Sport Portable Grill is 30-inches wide and is 36-inches with the handles. It has push-button battery ignition and self-cleaning glass radiant panels. The inner trim panels are also fully removable which makes it easier to clean and operate.

The grills also come with a propane hose and regulator. It boasts 309 square inches of cooking space and 22,000 BTUs.

It uses 50% less gas than similar grills from other brands which makes it extremely energy efficient. Like many of the other TEC grills, there are no flare-ups and even cooking throughout.

The best part about this grill is the way it can be easily ported to sporting events or a camping trip. You can bring this grill with you on any vacation and keep grilling just like you do at home.

It is of commercial quality yet very portable.

TEC G-Sport 30-Inch Infrared Gas Grill On Pedestal

The pedestal G-Sport comes with a 204 grade 18-gauge stainless-steel body and 309 square inches of cooking space. It has a grid burner with 22,000 BTUs. The drip tray is removable which makes cleaning very easy.

This TEC grill is also very portable and can be brought to events or family gatherings together. You can remove the thumbnail screws from the underside of the grill and lift the grill off of the pedestal. You can also use the bars on the side of the grill for easy carrying.

You don’t have to worry about side burners because the radiant panels can be used to cook with pots and pans.

This grill uses about 50% less gas than other grills which makes it extremely energy efficient. It features the same anti-flare-up technology as other TEC grills.

TEC Cherokee FR Grill

Many people choose this grill for camping or tailgating due to its smaller width and lightweight structure. It is 23 inches in width and only weighs 28 pounds. It comes in propane models which make it easy to port around for all your outdoor needs.

TEC Cherokee FR 23-Inch Portable Infrared Gas Grill

This TEC Cherokee comes in one size, a powerful 23-inches. It is small and light which makes it easy to travel with if you want to take it camping or to a tailgating event. It features the same TEC patented infrared grill technology.

The grill is 212 square inches of cooking space and a 304 stainless-steel cooking grid with 13,500 BTUs. The electronic ignition is easy to use. It is fueled by a 16.4-ounce propane gas cylinder but it can also use a 20-pound propane gas tank.

The surface is also self-cleaning which makes clean up after grilling much easier than with other grills. It also protects the surface of the grill. The debris tray is completely removable which makes it much easier to clean as well.

The grill comes with a propane tank regulator and a hose.

TEC Grills Warranty Information

TEC grills warrants the stainless-steel housing to be free of material and workmanship defects for the lifetime of the product. This is for when it’s in use under normal and residential use.

The stainless-steel burners and cooking grates are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for ten years. All of the other grill components are warranted for one year, not including labor costs.

This includes the ignition system, the radiant glass panels, and all other parts.

Final Thoughts

Overall, TEC grills are great for professionals and novices to grilling. They are also a great choice if you choose to cook a variety of foods and meat. The low cooking temperatures can allow you to cook delicate fish and vegetables.

The high-temperature setting allows you to sear a steak. You can also slow-roast pork or other meat. The grills are very durable and are made of 304 stainless steel.

The patented infrared technology also protects you from flare-ups which can make your grilling experience safer and easier. The self-cleaning options also allow you to grill without worrying about cleaning up food and debris for hours after you grill.

Many of the TEC options rank very high in portability, which makes it a great option if you plan to travel with your grill. It also makes it an excellent choice for tailgating and camping.