Best Outdoor BBQ Grill Islands – The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Set Ups

best outdoor bbq grill island

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Can you picture it now? A beautiful outdoor kitchen area with an island, a built-in grill, and plenty of space to get the job done. You can add in an outdoor fridge, some counter space, storage drawers, and maybe even patio seating for those fair weather evenings when you just want to enjoy the outdoors and your delicious food.

Instead of building in everything in separate pieces, you could also consider a BBQ grill island. These grills come with their own island countertops that include working space, cabinets and storage, and of course, a high-end grill.

You can build a BBQ grill island into a setting of your choice or simply set up the island and work with it that way. It’s easy to personalize! BBQ grill islands are designed to be freestanding but are not meant to be very mobile, although you may find some options that do have wheels.

In this guide, we will walk you through our top picks for the best outdoor BBQ grill island. We have several great options to go over! We will talk about each choice in detail and provide you with a list of the pros and cons as well.

A Quick Look at Our Top Picks

  1. Mont Alpi 805 Deluxe Propane Gas Grill Island
  2. TEC Sterling Patio Stainless Steel Island
  3. Weber Summit Grill Center
  4. Modano 57 inch BBQ Grill Island
  5. Blaze 32 Inch BBQ Island
  6. Tytus Ash Stacked Stone Grill
  7. Mount Alpi 400 Deluxe 45 Degree Island

Our Top 7 Best Outdoor BBQ Grill Islands Reviewed

Before you get too far into these reviews, check out this comparison table as a simple reference point for the grills on our list. It offers a quick comparison of the power, sizes, and prices of each grill you will find in our reviews.

Mont Alpi 805 Deluxe Propane Gas Grill Island


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Mont Alpi is a high-end brand and they seem to have got everything right with this grilling island. It comes with a modern, sleek stainless steel finish but it is also available in a black stainless steel finish as well. This grill has tons of cooking space as well as a side burner and rotisserie kit.

One of the best parts?  This BBQ Grill Island arrives fully assembled – so you don’t need to go through the hassle of putting parts together or hiring somebody to do so.

The Mont Alpi island has 115,000 BTUs which is the ultimate power compared to many other models. This island has 684 square inches of cooking space, which gives you plenty of room for family meals and hosting guests.

The side burner is an infrared searing burner that can be used for other needs as well. The height of this burner is adjustable to your needs. This grill island has beautiful side countertops that look like granite and can be used as cutting boards even.

This island grill has substantial storage space as well. Plenty of space to hang and hold tools and accessories. This is a propane gas grill but comes with a natural gas conversion kit – and there is cabinet space to conceal the tank as well. This grill also has the standard rotisserie kit and comes with a protective cover for the grill.

This grill is really gorgeous when set up. The LED-backlit knobs are very sleek and the overall style is simple but stylish. There are sizable drawers for storage and closing cabinets as well.

For more on this brand, check out our Mont Alpi review here!


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Side burner with infrared
  • Faux-granite side counters
  • Plenty of storage space
  • High power with 115,000 BTUs


  • This is a very heavy grill so be prepared for that with unloading and setting up
  • The included cover only covers the grill unit

TEC Sterling Patio FR 44-Inch Stainless Steel Island

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Here’s a grill that is simple aesthetically but knocks it out of the park with functionality. It is heavy-duty and certainly delivers on premium quality. It’s a highly-rated grill that you really can’t go wrong with. This stainless steel island is very heavy and well-made with premium materials that won’t let you down.

The TEC Sterling Patio has 60,000 BTUs dedicated to the 592 square inches of cooking space. This island is made with 304 stainless steel, which goes a long way to reveal the craftsmanship of the island.

The side areas are countertops that have radiant glass panels instead of burners. There is no need for burners with these multi-purpose panels. The system is energy-efficient, which makes the menial level of BTUs cover the cooking space optimally.

This grill island allows you to cook using temperatures anywhere between 200 and 900 degrees. You can use the grill for just about anything you need to and have no issues – on the low end the grill holds temperatures steady enough to smoke/roast a brisket, turkey, pork shoulder, etc. This comes from an infrared grill collection with a sleek, high-quality design that will truly stand out.

This is a propane grill and it is enhanced with a storage space for the propane as well as access doors and large drawers to provide you with plenty of storage space.

For more on this brand, check out our post reviewing TEC Grills here.


  • High-quality grill island
  • Wide cooking temperature for versatility
  • No need for side burners with radiant glass panels
  • Plenty of storage
  • Sleek, modern design and build
  • Fuel-efficient technology


  • The warranty could be improved in many ways
  • The high temperatures are very hot and may take time to cool considerably

Weber Summit Grill Center

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Weber is a long-standing grill company that has always produced budget-friendly options that are high-quality as well. This comes from their premium Summit line and it is sleek and awesome. It’s very large, which most islands are unless you purchase from a custom brand.

This is a propane grill but it could be converted to natural gas if that is what you need. This particular option is stainless steel and black but they also have the same model in just stainless steel as well.

The Weber Summit Grill Center has a little bit of everything. The cooking grates are made with stainless steel and infused with flavorizer bars that provide durability for the long haul. There is an integrated smoking box and a dedicated smoker to give your food that awesome smoked flavor.

As is standard with grill islands, this grill has a rotisserie system that has an infrared burner for roasting your food. The power in this grill is optimal with 60,000 BTUs dedicated to the 6 primary burners alone and a cooking space of 769 square inches.

This grill island has plenty of space with side counter areas, a side burner, multiple access doors, and even a built-in paper towel holder. The cabinet legs can be adjusted for whatever your needs may be.


  • Plenty of power for the cooking space
  • Tons of storage cabinets and a paper towel holder
  • Stainless steel burners (6)
  • Smoke box infuser
  • LED backlighting for knobs


  • The temperature can be hard to control once the grill gets hot
  • The Weber warranty could use some improvement

Modano PGS 57-Inch BBQ Island


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The Modano PGS 57-Inch BBQ island is very sleek and modern. It has beautiful cabinetry and is designed as a premium grill island. This grill is a high-end grill and is certainly a premium model that is slightly more expensive with plenty of features as well.

This grill has a nice shut-off feature so if you forget to shut it off, it actually shuts itself off. The Fuel Stop gas flow is designed to shut off the gas after one hour. This is a 30-inch grill with 540 square inches of cooking space. There are 45,000 BTUs for the cooking space, which is a little on the low side for a high-end grill but it sufficient for the space.

The legs are adjustable by 1 inch so you can make your surface even as needed. The island is made with incredibly durable materials and has a welded frame that can handle all the weather and outdoors throws at it.

Additionally, this grill has side countertops that are made with cast aluminum and set over the cabinet spaces. These countertops are weather-resistant as well. The storage drawers and cabinet space are ample and work very nicely. The drawers come out so you can clean them as needed.

This grill is a really great option for common area uses or residential locations. It has anti-theft knobs and the gas timer to prevent any mishaps. It also has laser-etched instructions directly on the grill.


  • Built for communities or residences
  • Reasonable cooking space and power
  • Includes anti-theft knobs
  • Laser-etched usage instructions
  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting construction


  • The gas shut off could be inconvenient if you are slow-cooking
  • The heat does not distribute as evenly as we would like

Blaze BBQ Island with 32-Inch  Propane Grill and Side Power Burner

best bbq grill island

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You will find that the premium price tag on this grill really pays off with the extra features it has. It’s a fully-built grill that has a sizable work area and a sizable cooking space all in a modest setup that looks great.

This is a 32-inch grill that offers 748 square inches of cooking space. The BTUs for the main cooking space are 56,000, which might be considered on the low side but is sufficient for the space. There is an additional 35,000 BTUs for the outer burner space as well.

This has a frame and a stand that look like wood with solid countertop spaces surrounding the outer burner. The outer burner has a protective cover as well. There are plenty of drawers and doors for storage for this propane grill.

In addition to the traditional storage, there is also a compact refrigerator that is rated for outdoor use. It’s a nice addition to the island that often costs far more extra than this premium price tag.

This grill has a design that offers heat zone separators as well so you can cook various foods at various temperatures on the burners if you need to. This grill really is an awesome value for the money.


  • Includes a mini-fridge in the setup
  • Reasonable BTUs for the cooking space
  • Outer burner is versatile and covered
  • Very sleek and eye-catching design
  • Plenty of working space


  • The power behind the burners could be improved
  • Some of the places are challenging to clean

Tytus Ash Stacked Stone Grill Island

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You might be surprised at the affordability of this grill when you see what it has to offer. This grill is unique in that it actually does come on wheels so it can be mobile as an island. It is a propane grill but it comes with conversion fittings if you prefer natural gas.

This beautiful grill from Tytus has a stacked stone outlay surrounding the cabinets and sides to give it just a bit of something extra. It’s a 4-burner grill with 662 square inches of cooking space. The power could be improved but 48,000 BTUs are sufficient for the cooking space.

This grill has a side burner built into the countertops on one side and also has an ice bucket built into the countertop on the other side. You can do a little bit of everything or keep the ice bucket covered and simply appreciate the counter space.

The grill is very easy to assemble and can be put together in a matter of about 5 minutes. No tools are needed but you might need 2 people to make it easier. The burners are dual-port burners and everything is made with 304 stainless steel.

This grill looks like a premium option but has a more affordable price tag. It’s great quality that won’t disappoint and it looks very nice!


  • Easy to assemble and setup
  • High-quality materials
  • Enhanced with faux stone for a nice look
  • Includes a side burner and a side ice bucket
  • Plenty of storage space


  • The power behind the burners could be better but is sufficient
  • The side burners can only be used for searing purposes

Mont Alpi 400 Deluxe Island Grill

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For our final option, we thought we would share the ultimate island grill that has a little bit of everything you could possibly want in an outdoor set up. This island is sleek and unique in design. It’s set up in a corner-style so the counters bend inward but offer a lot of space to work with.

This grill has plenty of power with 78,000 BTUs for 540 square inches of cooking space. Considering the features of this high-end grill, the price is reasonable. This grill includes an infrared side burner that also has a cover, it has a rotisserie kit, storage cabinets and drawers, and a refrigerator cabinet.

This grill island is made with 304 stainless steel. It is durable and designed to last for a long time to come. It is well worth the investment. This is a propane grill but it could also be converted to natural gas. The ceramic infrared burner is adjustable in height as well.

The countertops are faux-granite and offer you tons of working space for preparation, serving, and entertaining purposes. The 45-degree angles are very nice for making all of this grill island fit into even tighter spaces without taking up every inch of space you have available!


  • 45-degree angled countertops to conserve space
  • Includes a refrigerator cabinet
  • Made with durable and long-lasting materials
  • Plenty of power and cooking space
  • Looks great and is very nice overall


  • The angled countertops might require a specific space

Choosing the Right BBQ Grill Island

We’ve shared 7 amazing options for BBQ grill islands but where you go from here may take some thought. There are several things you should consider while you are checking out this type of grill. You will want to be sure that you are choosing something that truly meets your needs.

We’ve put together a simple buying guide in an effort to help you understand just what you might want to look at before you make a decision for your grill. Not every BBQ grill is the same so be sure to take these options into consideration.

How is a BBQ Grill Island Different from a Built-In Grill?

At first thought, you might think that a BBQ grill island is a built-in grill. The truth is you can purchase a built-in grill and create your own island or you can purchase a grill island and primarily have a pre-made island for you.

The nice thing about a grill island is that you don’t have to purchase everything separately. You can build it into an island space in your outdoor cooking area but it comes complete with grill, drawers, storage, cabinet space, and more.

We want to make sure you understand that an island grill and a built-in grill are not the same things. You might us a built-in grill to create your own island but if you purchase an island grill, it’s already built into a freestanding island option and then you can always build it into a space if you want or need to.

For a built-in grilling station, you can personalize every last bit of the island you are creating. You can choose whatever grill you want and then add features, storage, and other parts from there.

When you purchase an island grill, there are some companies, like Coyote, that allow you to customize your setup. You will notice we didn’t list Coyote in our reviews, that is because their island design is built to your preferences to costs and build could vary quite a bit across the board. They are a brand that we would recommend if you want more customization options.

With a BBQ island grill, you do get some choices but you will need to choose from pre-made selections. The personalization factor is somewhat taken out of it. At the same time, there are so many options out there, you could easily find what you need.

So, let’s move on and talk about some attributes to think about before a purchase.

Important Factors to Consider

These are factors and features that you will want to be aware of and be familiar with before you make a final decision on your grill island. Some of these will boil down to a matter of preference while some may be a matter of quality.


Before you get too excited, you really need to take a close look at your budget and determine just what your budget can handle in terms of a BBQ grill island. You can find a range of sizes and prices with some islands costing close to $10,000 while others may only cost $2,000.

You don’t necessarily have to spend top dollar to find a good option. There are several really great choices you can work with that are budget-friendly. So take a look at your budget before you really start browsing your options and then browse options that fit into your budget.

You will be making an investment here, one that should be built to last for many years to come. These are not your standard, cheap grills that you can buy for $300-$500. You ARE going to spend more but you are also getting quite a bit of bang for your buck.

Remember that you are getting a full island setup, which includes countertop space and storage as well as the grill set-up. Many grills in island grill designs have a lot of high-end features that can really make the grill stand out in your outdoor cooking area.


Next, size really does matter. Not just the size of the grill itself or the cooking space. We will actually get to that in a minute. In this instance, we’re talking about the size of the grill in its entirety. You will notice in the table that we provided full dimensions of the entire grill island.

You will need to plan for the overall size of an island because it’s not going to come apart or reduce in size if it’s too large when you get it. If you are planning to build around it, you can customize your building to the dimensions but the key is to make sure it’s really going to fit your space.

If you have any type of space limitations, pay careful attention to the dimensions and understand what your limitations are and what sizes you simply can’t work with.

Consider all of the measurement elements, including height, width, and length. This could make a difference as to whether a specific grill model will work for you or not.

We want to point out that BBQ grill islands tend to be quite large because they have built-in countertops and additional storage. You will find, however, that the sizes can vary and some are long while others are more compact. And don’t forget the option that had countertops set at a 45-degree angle to really take advantage of space as much as possible!

Grilling Space

Now, let’s talk about a different aspect of size that is very important. First, we want to mention that most island grills are going to be pretty sizeable. It’s assumed that if you are building into an outdoor kitchen space or you want an island that you also need plenty of cooking space.

It’s likely that you will not find many island grills that offer any less than 500 square inches of cooking space. These grills tend to be sizable and have a lot of cooking space so you can cook for gatherings and entertaining purposes as well.

Go big or go home right? Take a look at the grilling space and make sure it will work for your needs. BBQ grill islands have 500+ square feet because 500 is an average number for the majority of grillers and can typically accommodate about 6 people, possibly more.

The more grilling space you have, the more people you can cook for in one sitting. Keep in mind that you may also have a rotisserie burner or an infrared sear burner that is accounted for in the overall cooking space. Sometimes these are listed separately and sometimes they are not.

If you’re not sure what size of grilling space you need, consider that 500 square inches is perfect for about 6 people and then make a decision from there.


We’ve got the power! Ok, well, you will have the power if you carefully choose your grill and pay attention to the power!

Grilling power is measured in BTUs, which is a British thermal unit. This measurement was designed to understand how much heat would be needed to raise the temperature of a single pound of water by one degree. This measurement is what grills use for their burner and heat power increments.

Here is a good rule of thumb to know if the grill you are looking at has a decent amount of power. On standard, a grill should have 75-100 BTUs per square inch of cooking space. That means a grill with 500 square inches of cooking space should have a BTU measurement of 37,500 to 50,000 at a minimum. This is what is needed to cook evenly throughout the space.

Now, if you choose a grill that has infrared technology burners, you can actually go with fewer BTUs. For this type of grill, you can calculate 50-80 BTUs per square inch. We still feel as though the more power the better. However, if you feel like the grill has fewer BTUs then it should, take a look for infrared burner technology before you determine that grill just isn’t powerful enough.

Fuel Source

The fuel source is another important aspect to consider. You will notice that most of the BBQ island grills we have shared here come as propane. At the same time, most of them can easily be converted to natural gas if that is what you need or prefer.

If you notice a grill says propane but you want natural gas, take the time to do a little extra research and make sure you truly can convert the fuel source before you purchase a grill and have to revamp your entire setup.

The reason most grill islands are made with propane is that they are still considered to be a mobile-friendly grill even though they are not usually equipped with wheels. It’s an interesting concept but they are not built into an island of your making and therefore the assumption is that you will want propane for your fuel source.

The good news is that you can typically convert if propane is not what you want. If you do plan to convert, be sure to go through the safety motions and ensure your connections are professionally installed and checked.

Extra Features

Finally, you will want to know the extra features that you are interested in or just can’t live without. While those are purely up to your preference, we have a few to share that you may want to consider.

  • LED-backlit knobs
  • Infrared searing burner
  • Refrigerator cabinet
  • Rotisserie kit
  • Accessory hangers
  • Cutting board-friendly countertops
  • Heat zone technology
  • Individual burner control
  • Storage space and lots of it

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to personalize your outdoor kitchen. Using a BBQ grill island is just one of those ways. These islands are versatile and you can choose what you like and then put it to work.

Most island grills are made with high-end features and are designed to look great and work great while also withstanding the weather and outdoor elements.

We hope you find this guide to have plenty of options and resources to pick out your new BBQ island grill. There is certainly something for everyone here and every budget as well! Happy grilling!