Best Tabletop Grill – Our Top Picks and Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Sometimes, it’s not worth the trouble to fire up the grill outside.  Maybe you need a quick meal or maybe you don’t have the time to fire up the charcoal grill outside.

Either way, the tabletop grill can be a valuable asset to your kitchen arsenal.

Tabletop grills are versatile and can handle your basic grilling needs for things like burgers, sausages, and veggies.  The best ones are even good for a solid steak sear.

In this article, we’ve done the research and reviewed the top choices on the market today.  We’ll go over our top picks and then discuss some of the things you should be on the lookout for when shopping for the best tabletop grill.

Best Tabletop Grill Reviews

Weber Q2200 Propane Grill

When it comes to the best tabletop grill, it’s hard to argue with the Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill as our top choice.

From an all around quality perspective, the build and design is hard to beat.  You’re also afforded 280 square inches of cooking area, which is a pretty generous amount for an indoor tabletop grill.

The stainless steel burner has an output capacity of up to 12,000 BTUs per hour and is powerful enough to heat your grill to searing level temperatures.  Porcelain enameled, cast iron cooking grates also help to set you up for success when grilling and are super easy to clean after the fact.

Two folding work tables and a built in lid thermometer make your working environment super easy too.  When it’s time to clean up, a removable grease pan comes out easily so you can spend minimal time on the clean up process.

Things We Like:

  • 280 square inches of cooking area is a lot for a tabletop grill
  • Weber is one of the most trusted brands in the grilling scene
  • Powerful burner is capable of up to 12,000 BTUs of output – you can sear steaks on this thing
  • Fueled by a 1 lb propane cylinder which is widely available and pretty cheap
  • Efficient use of propane – you don’t have to refill your tank often
  • Folding tables and built in temperature gauge included standard
  • At 42 pounds and with lots of durability, this is a great unit to take with you on the go for camping or tailgating trips

Things We Don’t:

  • The price is relatively high compared to some of the other tabletop grills out there – the value is definitely there, but it’s just a relatively high price

Note – Weber also offers the Weber Q1200 which is essentially the same grill but more compact and with a little less cooking surface area.

Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

Blackstone Original 22-Inch Tabletop Griddle
  • 362 square inches of cooking surface area
  • Small but powerful - 24,000 BTUs heat output
  • Weighs less than 40 pounds
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If you’ve spent time with us at Own the Grill, you know that one of our absolute favorite types of grills is the flat top grill/griddle.  When it comes to the best tabletop grill that’s also a griddle, our top choice is the Blackstone 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle.

Griddles are ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooking, and with 260 square inches of cooking area you’re afforded with lots of space to get to work!

An “H” burner is capable of producing 12,000 BTUs output, which is more than enough for almost all types of grilling duties.  It also ensures that even heating takes place, so there aren’t any hot or cold spots on your cooking surface.

This grill is fueled by 1 pound tanks of propane, which make it an extra ideal choice for on the go grilling.  A built in grease catcher also makes life easy after the fact when it’s time to clean up after your cook.

Note – we’ve done a more in depth review of Blackstone Flat Top Grills (including the portable version) right here!

Things We Like:

  • Flat top grills are incredibly versatile and high quality
  • Uses 1 lb tanks of propane
  • 260 square inches of cooking area to work with
  • H shaped burner ensures even heat distribution and no hot spots
  • Hassle free cleaning with a removable grease pan.  Simply wipe the top with a paper towel after each use
  • Incredibly good price point

Things We Don’t:

  • Not much to complain about here; without a doubt one of the best tabletop grill choices – unless flat top grills aren’t your thing.

Cuisinart CGG-059 Grillster

If you’re on a tight budget, the Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Griddler, strikes a nice balance of performance and affordability.

This is an extremely portable grill which weighs only 10 pounds.  It’s also fueled by 1-pound propane tanks so your entire setup can be taken on the go super easily.  As far as choices for tailgating and camping go – this is one of the best ones.

The burner is an 8,000 BTU burner and features a push to start, so within seconds you can get your cook started.

You’re also given 146 square inches of cooking surface area to work with.  The cooking grates are enameled steel and work really well with all different types of foods.

Things We Like:

  • Incredible price point
  • Uses 1 lb tanks of propane
  • Weighs only 10 pounds so it’s super easy to take on the go
  • Enameled steel grates are a great surface to work with

Things We Don’t:

  • Only 146 square inches of cooking surface area
  • 8,000 BTU output burner might not be the most ideal for searing

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

The Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill is an incredibly versatile option and also qualifies as a smokeless indoor grill.

Even while relying on electricity to power the heating element, it’s possible to sear on this tabletop grill at temperatures up to 450°F.

There are 118 square inches of cooking area to work with, which is enough to fit about 6 burgers at once.  So it’s a perfect tabletop grill for regular day to day use at home for weeknight dinners.

One of the best design features of this tabletop grill is how easy it is to clean.  The indoor hood, plate, and drip tray are all removable and dishwasher safe – which means you can spend minimal time on cleaning and maintenance.

At only 8 pounds, this is also a fantastic choice for on the go grilling.  As long as you have access to a standard electrical outlet, you’re good to go!

Things We Like:

  • Reaches 450°F for tabletop searing
  • Electrical heating element is about as hassle free as it gets
  • Weighs in at 8 pounds, ideal for on the go grilling
  • Very inexpensive – great value for the money

Things We Don’t:

  • Only 118 square inches of cooking surface area
  • Relies on an electrical outlet so you have to be close to one for use

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

The best tabletop grill fueled by charcoal is the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill.  It’s important to note however that this grill is only for outdoor use – the charcoal flame would be bad news indoors.

But it’s the perfect size to place on a table on your outdoor patio, to take camping, or to bring tailgating.  And you can get the delicious smoky flavor for your food that’s only from cooking over a charcoal fire.

A 160 square inch cooking surface area is compact but enough to get the job done for 6 large burgers at a time.  Durable stainless steel grates do a fantastic job of evenly heating your food and deliver delicious results.

Weber also uses their signature porcelain enameled lid and base which are excellent insulators and retainers of heat.  The lid also locks for ease of travel and built in dampers let you easily control airflow and temperature inside of your grill.

Things We Like:

  • Achieve delicious smoky flavor with a charcoal fueled tabletop grill
  • Lightweight and portable – easy to take with you travelling
  • The price is right, one of the best value picks
  • Weber quality all around – the lid, base, and stainless steel cooking grates are all top notch

Things We Don’t:

  • Can’t use indoors since it’s a charcoal grill
  • Takes more time and attention to use compared to other grills on this list since you have to manage the charcoal fire

Grillerette Pro

I’m typically pretty skeptical when it comes to grills and cookers that are marketed as high tech, but the Grillerette Pro is actually a really nice choice and comes with plenty of practical functionality.

This grill uses a battery powered fan to keep the charcoal lit.  That’s important because it makes the biggest pain point typically associated with charcoal grills (that is, managing your fire) and makes it hassle free.

An innovative design also blocks grease from dripping onto the charcoal tray, which leads to a major reduction in the probability of flare ups.  The grease pan is also easily removable and super simple to clean.

As far as portability goes, the Grillerette Pro weighs less than 8 pounds so you can bring authentic charcoal flavor with you wherever you go.

Things We Like:

  • Smart technology utilizes a fan to keep your charcoal lit – so you don’t have to actively manage your charcoal fire
  • Intuitive grease pan design prevents grease from dripping onto your coals
  • Very easy to clean
  • Entire unit weighs less than 8 pounds and comes with a carrying case

Things We Don’t:

  • Can’t use indoors since it’s a charcoal grill
  • Compared to other charcoal grills, this one doesn’t give off as much smokey flavor to your food

Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Stainless Tabletop Grill

Another trusted brand for cooking appliances is Cuisinart, and the Cuisinart CGC-306 Stainless Tabletop Grill is one of the highest overall quality choices for a tabletop grill.

It has a lot of horsepower for a tabletop grill with two stainless steel burners that are capable of a combined output of 20,000 BTUs.  An electronic ignition system makes starting up the grill incredibly easy – you can start cooking within minutes.

The grate is made of stainless steel and create some of the most authentic grill marks you can imagine.  They’re also really easy to clean and maintain and will last for years with proper care.

One of the best features of the CGC-306 is that it only weighs 22 pounds and folds up with a carry handle.  As far as portability goes, you’re not going to find a tabletop grill that’s easier to take on the go – whether it’s for camping trips or tailgating.

Things We Like:

  • Lots of power with 20,000 BTUs combined output
  • Only weighs 22 pounds, so it’s the ideal grill to take on the go
  • It’s possible to achieve temperatures up to 700°F – way more than enough to make fantastic sears and grill marks on your food
  • Stainless steel grates are durable and easy to clean
  • 277 square inches of cooking area
  • Fair price point

Things We Don’t:

  • Requires a 20 lb propane tank, so it’s not a tabletop grill for indoor use

Best Tabletop Grill – Buying Tips

Here are a few things for you to keep in mind while you compare:

Fuel/Power Source

For tabletop grills, most will be powered by gas or electricity – then some will be powered by charcoal.  It’s important to note the difference because the fuel source will dictate where and how you use your tabletop grill.

Propane gas tabletop grills are typically fueled by a connection to a 1 lb propane tank.  These tanks are super easy to get ahold of and fairly cheap, so your ongoing fuel costs will be low.  Most tabletop grills that are fueled by 1 lb propane tanks are safe for indoor use, but you should double check if you plan to use your grill indoors to make sure it’s safe.

Electric tabletop grills are the other most common type of tabletop grill.  They are powered by a standard electrical connection that turns on a heating element – similar to the kind of heating element you’d find in an oven.  Electric grills are great because you can precisely control your temperature and much of the process is hassle free.

Charcoal tabletop grills are a little less common, but there are still a lot of great models out there that can make delicious food.  Food that’s cooked over a charcoal fire absorbs some of that delicious, traditional BBQ smoky flavor that you just don’t get on a gas or electric grill.  The downside with charcoal grills is that you have to actively manage your fire, and they aren’t suited for indoor use.


One of the best features of most tabletop grills is that they are typically portable and can be taken on your camping trip or to your tailgate party.

Of course, not all grills are created equal and some are better suited for travel than others.  If you want a portable tabletop grill, make sure your grill is lightweight and includes features like built in handles and a carrying case.

Some tabletop grills weigh as little as 8 pounds, and some as heavy as 40 pounds.

Cooking Area

Most tabletop grills are on the smaller end of the spectrum compared to other types of grills in terms of cooking surface area.  That’s definitely intentional by design, but it’s something to take into consideration.

Most of tabletop grills will be in the 200 square inch range, give or take.  You can get away with cooking burgers for 6 people at a time with as little as 120 square inches of cooking surface area, but if you want to cook things like steaks or chicken breast you may want to look for more area to work with.


Price wise, a tabletop grill can range anywhere from $50 to $400 for a more premium product.

A lot of the difference in price across different products can be attributed to the amount of cooking surface area you get, clean up features, and temperature range.

With that being said, if you’re on a budget you can definitely find a great tabletop grill – you just might need to sacrifice in one of the departments we mentioned above.


Check to see what kind of warranty your grill manufacturer offers.  If all else is equal between 2 grills in your mind, choose the one with the better warranty.  It’s just better to be covered in case something happens to your grill during the warranty period.

Weber is notoriously great in the industry in regards to warranties, but just be sure to read the fine print before you make your purchase decision.

Final Thoughts

The tabletop grill is one of the most versatile cooking appliances you could add to your arsenal.  They’re great for whipping up a quick and delicious dinner, or cooking side veggies for your main course.

They can also be taken on the go to make delicious food at the campsite or on your tailgating trip before the big game.

Which one did you end up with?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!