DCS Grill Reviews – Our Thoughts on This Premium Grill Brand

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DCS is one of the most well-known brands on the grill market. It stands for Dynamic Cooking Systems and that’s exactly what they are. They are known to reach extreme temperatures so they can be perfect for searing and slow cooking.

Close attention to detail is shown in all their products. While each grill is unique and has special features, DCS goes the extra mile and has some amazing features on all its grills. They are all commercial quality, have a lifetime warranty, and incredible performance.

About DCS

DCS grills are simple but also built to last. They are built for professional chefs who want the same quality of cookware that they have in the restaurant. They have been around since the 1980s and have made a reputable name for themselves.

Their appliances are innovative for both the amateur chef as well as the professional one. The cooking performance outdoes any other brand in the grill business. They are focused on connectivity, ease of use and installation, and customization.

They have both built-in grills and freestanding options.

DCS Grill Features

We will cover each grill individually and let you know all the specific features of each one. However, here are the high end grill features you can look forward to no matter what DCS grill you choose.

Temperature Gauge

This gauge lets you know how hot the grill is even when the hood is down.

Cast Stainless Steel Grates

All the grill gates are double-sided and 304 stainless steel. One side is built for delicate foods while the other is W-shaped. This allows for maximum grease capture. It can also reduce flare-ups.n

Grease Management System

This reduces grease away from the burner flames during grilling. The end result is decreased flare-ups and a condensed grease amount all in the smaller drip pan.

Ceramic Radiant Technology

The patented ceramic rods ensure no cold spots and even heat distribution. A rear infrared sear burner is not necessary because the entire surface of the DCS grill can sear.

Rotisserie with Infrared Burner

This rotisserie can accommodate up to 50 pounds. It has a heavy-duty motor and a stainless-steel rod and fork. The burner provides steady and controllable heat.

Direct Burner Ignition

All the controls on the panel are labeled which makes grilling and cooking much easier. You don’t need a surface ignition button because all the burners are lit directly from the corresponding knobs.

DCS Series 9 Grills

If you decide to purchase a grill from the DCS series 9, you will have even more features that are special to this grill brand. All these grills are U-shaped which gives them extremely powerful cooking power.

Intuitive Lighting

The lights change from white to orange when the burner is on. It will illuminate the entire grilling area allowing you to see everything you are cooking. This intuitive lighting is very advanced.

Charcoal Smoker Tray

The multi-fuel charcoal smoker tray has bar grates and instant flame ignition. The W-shaped design lets wood chips and charcoal last longer along with adjustable vents. This design is amazing for both direct and indirect cooking.

Secondary Cooking Zone

This extra space has two racks and one tray. This makes the grill extremely versatile and gives you multiple cooking options.

People rave about the DCS series 9 grills because of their innovative design and easy-to-use qualities. The top 7 features that people love are:

  • Countertop storage accessory
  • Spring-assisted hood that is easy to lift
  • Powerful rotisserie
  • Multi-level cooking zone
  • Charcoal tray for smoking
  • Full coverage lighting
  • Dial lighting system

DCS Grill Reviews

DCS Series 9 Evolution 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill With Rotisserie

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The first series 9 grill on our list is 36 inches and has three 25,000 BTUs with a total of 75,000 BTUs of cooking power. The grill has 630 square inches of cooking space and durable cast stainless steel cooking grids.

One side of the grill is curved which is perfect for meat and vegetables, while the other side is perfect for steak and meat. The hood is designed for maximum space with 90 degrees of movement.

The infrared burner is 14,000 BTU which is perfect for slow cooking. The rotisserie kit can hold up to 50 pounds and can be stored under the drip panel when it’s not being used.

There is a charcoal smoker tray that can be placed over one of the burners. You can drill directly over the burner or fill it with wood chunks to add more smoke. The grill has a warming rack with two levels.

It also has a broiling pan. The warming rack and boiling pan will give you an extra 534 square inches of space. The light is a 40-watt halogen Smart Beam BBQ grill light. It also a temperature gauge and LED lights on the knob bezels. They change from white to orange when you are cooking.

DCS Series 9 30-Inch Propane Flat Top Grill

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The 9 Series 30 Inch grill in the series 9 category is propane-filled and functions as a built in flat top grill. It has incredible installation and interconnectivity features to keep all your series 9 products and accessories connected.

The grill is 304 stainless steel and looks amazing in an outdoor kitchen. The grill can reach up to 50,000 BTUs and has a 525 square inch cooking space with two U-shaped burners.

It has a Grease Management System and a removable drip tray. It requires a 120V power connection and a stainless-steel cover.

DCS Series 9 Evolution 48-Inch Gas Grill with Rotisserie, Cart, & Cover

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This is a freestanding option that includes the cart and grill cover when you make your purchase. It has four 25,000 BTUs that add up to a total of 100,000 BTUs of cooking power. It has a heat shield and ceramic rods which allow your food to cook evenly.

The grill has a huge cooking space of 855 square inches. One side is curved for more delicate items and the other is perfect for searing steak.

The infrared burner is 18,000 BTUs and is great for slow roasting. It has a charcoal smoker tray and two warming racks that can be removed. With the additional warming racks, you get 738 extra square inches of cooking area.

The grill cart is made of 18 gauge and 304 stainless steel and has a pull-out propane tank storage bin. It has a great drawer for trash can storage and another larger drawer that is ideal for storing wood chips or the grill cover when you’re not using it.

The included grill cover is waterproof.

DCS Series 7 Liberty 30-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

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This DCS Series 7 Liberty is another flat top style option has 494 square inches of grilling surface. It has two stainless-steel burners for 50,000 BTUs of grilling power. Each grill has a heat shield that can direct the heat upward. This makes grilling more efficient and quicker.

There is a layer of ceramic rods between the burners and the cooking grate. The rods give the grill a much higher heat capacity and keep the temperature across the entire service.

The 9-volt battery ignition operates easily and the cover that’s included protects your grill from rust and environmental elements.

DCS Series 7 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill with Rotisserie

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DCS’s Series 7 Traditional Built-in grill is 36 inches and has three 25,000 BTUs which gives the grill a total grilling power of 75,000 BTUs.

The grill has 638 square inches of cooking space and double-sided stainless-steel cooking grids. The gentle curve of one side gives you a more delicate space to cook fish and vegetables. The other side of the grill will cook steak and other meat with perfect searing lines.

This grill has a wide range of cooking temperatures, even as low as 300 degrees. The special grease management system will keep oil away from the grilling surface which protects you from flare-ups.

The infrared burner is 14,000 BTU is perfect for slow roasting and the rotisserie kit can handle up to 50 pounds.

The smoker tray is sealed which allows you to add beer or wine. It also has a dedicated 3,500 BTU smoker which smokes the food to optimal flavor.

It has a removable warming rack that is 241 square inches and is stainless steel. The ignition is push to turn which has easy features. This grill also comes with a temperature gauge and a 40-watt halogen Smart Beam BBQ grill light which gives you the freedom to cook any time of the day.

DCS Series 7 48-Inch Built-In Grill w/Double Side Burner

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This grill is 48 inches and has three 25,000 BTUs which add up to 75,000 BTUs of total cooking power. This grill also has the amazing Ceramic Radiant Technology which is ceramic rods placed between the burners and the cooking grates.

The rods help to even heat to keep the meat cooked throughout at the same temperature. The total grilling space is 630 square inches.

The removable warming rack is 241 square inches and is stainless steel. The temperature gauge allows you to control the temperature even with the lid closed. There is also an integrated side-burner unit with two burners. The two side burners offer a total of 34,000 BTUs.

The rear infrared burner is 14,000 BTU and is good for rotisseries and slow cooking. The ignition is a 9-volt battery with push-to-turn features.

The grill is made entirely of 304 stainless steel and has a 40-watt halogen Smart Beam BBQ grill light.

DCS Series 7 Traditional 30-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

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This grill is a perfect smaller propane gas option for a built-in. It is 30-inches and has two 25,000 BTUs burners for a total of 50,000 BTUs. The heat shield directs heat upwards which allows the meat to be grilled with maximum efficiency.

The grill has a 553 square inch space of cooking and stainless-steel cooking grid. The warming rack is removable and is 195 square inches. Like the other series 7 grills, it has Ceramic Radiant Technology with the ability to get your good perfectly seared every time.

The grill is 304 stainless-steel and is handcrafted.

DCS Series 7 Traditional 30-Inch Gas Grill on Cart

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This grill is a 30-inch propane option with two 25,000 BTUs grills that are U-shaped. The total cooking power of the grill is 50,000 BTUs. The grill has 553 square inches of cooking space.

With the removable warming rack, you get an additional 195 square inches. The entire grill is made of 304 stainless steel. The Ceramic Radiant Technology is amazing for evenly cooking all your food and getting professional quality every time.

The cart has a propane tank holder and premium casters. The hidden door handle gives you a modern look. It also a side shelf that offers prep and storage space.

Lifetime Warranty

The lifetime warranty includes the stainless-steel grill burners, grill cover, burner box, cooking grates, and grill racks. All DCS grills have a two-year limited warranty for parts and labor. A five-year warranty is offered for the radiant trays, radiant tray side rails, and drip pans.

Lifetime use is defined as normal domestic use and only applies to the original purchaser.

Final Thoughts

With all the amazing features, you can’t go wrong with a DCS grill. They are perfect for professionals because they have all the commercial features that grills in commercial facilities have.

However, they are also perfect for new grillers because the features make the grill extremely easy to use. Even brand-new grillers can use this grill easily and efficiently.

They have sleek built-in options for outdoor living areas and freestanding options that are better for smaller patios.

The unique shape of the grills lets you cook fish, vegetables, meat, and even pineapple with its delicate, yet sturdy design.