12 Must Have Smoker Accessories

Smoker Accessories

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Smoking meat is such an enjoyable hobby! And I agree – having the right smoker accessories can really bring your smoked creations to the next level. A good meat probe helps ensure your meat comes out perfectly cooked. Special gloves let you safely handle those hot smoker grills racks. And fun accessories like meat claws add some flair and drama at mealtime!

There are so many clever gadgets that make the smoking process smoother. I love discovering new accessories that become my go-to tools. Things like rib racks or drip pans help maximize space and minimize cleanup. The right accessories really do enhance your whole smoker grill experience.

And it’s amazing how much a small thing like a grill brush or spray can improve your end results. Keeping your smoker grills in tip-top shape is key for consistent, crowd-pleasing barbecue. All these helpful accessories enable your equipment to perform its best every time.

I’d encourage all backyard smoker grill smokers to check out the variety of smoker accessories available. Half the joy of this hobby is tailoring your setup. With so many options, you can create a custom rig that perfectly suits your needs. Smoking meat with all the right gear – now that’s living!

12 Essential Accessories for Your BBQ Smoker

Basic Smoking Accessories 

In order to use your smoker in the first place, it is likely that you already possess a few pieces of vital equipment. Food in a smoker has to be checked and sometimes turned, transferred, and placed into the smoker in the first place.

Plus, you’ll need to clean your smoker regularly to ensure its performance and longevity.

You will need a couple of tools to do this. These are the most basic accessories for your smoker which every pit master needs: tongs, and a grill brush. The tongs are used to help transfer, and the grill brush is used to sweep the actual smoker and scrub the grates to clear any debris out of the way.

Probe Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer is a crucial part of using your smoker, and it is almost certain you will not get good results without it. You can choose a wired digital thermometer that stays in the meat whilst it is in the smoker or an instant-read thermometer.

An instant-read thermometer is easy to use, and it does exactly what it says it does. This is great to get an instant reading on your food, but you will have to continuously come back to take measurements every few hours.

The wired digital thermometers are great, as they can be left in the meat and will tell you on the digital screen how hot things are.

Additionally, you are often able to download an app to tell you the reading from the digital thermometer. A leave-in thermometer may be the option if you are using a smoker because you are often smoking meats at low temperatures for a significant amount of time.

Top Wireless Thermometer

Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat-resistant gloves for BBQ are another must-have accessory for your smoker. Sure, you don’t need heat-resistant gloves to put food in your smoker, but you definitely need them to take food out.

Heat-resistant gloves are perfect for pulling out that lovely brisket and tearing it apart with your hands. When using your smoker, you are handling a lot of hot food and a lot of that food will need to be carved, prepared, and transported.

Investing in some heat-resistant gloves is a stress-free way to prevent burns, and allow you to have more control over your food, even if it is hot.

Natural Fire Starters/Lighters

To add some heat to your smoker, you need a source of the fire. Natural firelighters are an excellent way to do this without hassle, as you simply put them in place inside your smoker, and light them with a match or lighter.

Within a second, they burn bright and will keep your smoker smoking for hours. Natural firelighters can be referred to as wood wool, and it is made of thin wood that burns incredibly easily. You can also get gas blocks that ignite in seconds, but these may not be the best option for a smoker due to the smell and chemicals. 

Natural Fire Starters/Lighters

Boning Knife

A boning knife is a good accessory for your smoker, that way you can properly trim meats like brisket so they are optimal for smoker cooking.

Many meats have hard sections of fat that won’t render out even with a low and slow cook – so you need a flexible, nimble boning knife to properly and safely trim your BBQ.

Slicing Knife

On a similar note, being able to slice your BBQ brisket properly before serving makes a huge difference in the eating experience.

A BBQ slicing knife should have a long blade with slightly serrated edges or a Granton style blade – but not overboard because too much jaggedness will rip apart your tender meat.

Rib Rack

A rib rack is ideal for your smoker, and you can fit a few racks of ribs inside at once. Ribs take up a lot of surface space, and instead of laying them directly on the surface of the smoker, you can put them in their own holder.

This will save you a lot of space, and it will also ensure that your ribs are cooked evenly at the same time. It is even better for those around smokers such as the Weber Smokey Mountain. 

Basting Brush/Sauce Mop

A basting brush is a great smoker accessory, and you will not be able to go without it once you have once. You can use a basting brush or a sauce mop to continuously baste your meat every few hours.

This will ensure that the meat stays flavorful and delicious, and it takes minimal effort, too. 

Meat Shredding Claws

This one is sure to impress your friends and family. Meat-shredding claws do exactly what they say! After smoking that brisket or pulled pork for eight hours, can you think of anything more tiring than slicing it?

Well, not to worry! You can use meat claws to pull apart your meat. Simply hold them, one in each hand, and shred the meat with both of your hands. 

Spritz Bottle

An alternative to a basting brush or sauce mop is a good old-fashioned spritz bottle. You can fill these with various types of liquid to spritz your brisket, pork, and other BBQ every so often while it cooks.

This will impart some flavor onto your food if you’re using a liquid like beef broth or apple cider vinegar – but the idea here is mostly to ensure that your meat remains as moist as possible while it cooks.

Butcher’s Block 

A butcher’s block is that missing piece to the puzzle you didn’t know you needed to solve. When getting your meat out of the smoker, you need a surface to let it rest on, or at least put it down for a second or two.

This is especially important if you have a conjoined grill and smoker, as they usually have a resting space. A butcher’s block is a wooden block that you can place your meat on, and let rest. Once it has rested, carve it up, and serve it on that same block. It is a convenient way to serve, slice, and rest your meat. 

Kebab Skewers

Kebab skewers are a great accessory for your smoker because you can preload them with your favorite meats and veggies, place them alongside any other food in the smoker, and leave them to cook all day long.

They are made of metal, and they are reusable, so they are perfect to use when you have leftover chicken and peppers. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with some delicious slow-cooked kebab and brisket!

Check out our skewer recipe ideas next for some inspiration!

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Final Thoughts

There are countless things that you may want for your smoker, but do you actually know what you need?

These must-have accessories will level up your smoker game, with taste-altering effects, and convenience! We hope you’ve liked some of the examples on this list, and we hope you check out all our grilling accessories list!