Summerset Grills – Our Review and Thoughts on This High End Grill Brand

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Summerset Grills have some of the best grills on the market. They are best known for their exceptional quality, amazing value, and personal customer service. These three things combined make them some of the most sought-after grills.

Outdoor kitchens and outdoor living areas have also become the new norm. As this trend grows, many people want to be able to have an amazing grill to showcase in their outdoor kitchen. Summerset has a reliable and solid grill for every kitchen and budget.

They also have BBQ island accessories and amazing outdoor kitchen storage areas that can complete a modern and luxurious kitchen look.

Even the smallest budget grills still have ceramic briquette flame tamers, rotisseries burners, flame-thrower ignitions, and stainless-steel bodies.

Summerset Grills: Quick Overview

Sizzler & Sizzler Pro Series

If you are looking for a high end gas grill that won’t completely break the bank, the Sizzler and Sizzler Pro options are the best choices. They have 443-grade stainless-steel bodies and a rotisserie backburner. All of the grills have double-lined hoods which prevent discoloration and other damage.

The Sizzler Pro models are slightly different with cast stainless-steel burners, heat zone separators, internal halogen lighting, and front panel LED lighting.

TRL & TRL Deluxe Series

The TRL series is one step above the Sizzler and Sizzler Pro series. It has 304 stainless-steel construction and U-shaped stainless-steel burners. The TRL grill has internal halogen and external LED control knob lighting. It also has a rotisserie kit and easy-to-clean ceramic briquette flame tamers.

The TRL deluxe grills have 20,000 BTUs and thicker cooking grids. It also comes equipped with heat zone separators and cast stainless-steel burners.

Alturi Series

This a luxurious grill line that comes with many additional features and fine details. The edges are mirror polished and have rounded spring-assisted hoods. It also comes with rotisserie rod storage chambers and angle-mounted internal lighting. You can also upgrade the grill with many additional features including red brass high-BTU burners, drop-in sear burners, and teak wood hood handles.

Builder Grill

This grill line is better for multi-users or commercial settings. It also comes with a one-year full commercial warranty. It has a double insulated hood, high-BTU stainless-steel U-burners, and heavy-duty anti-theft knobs. It has flame-thrower ignitions which means you will never need batteries or electricity. It also has full 304-grade stainless-steel construction.

Let’s take a look at some of the grills within each of these designs and their specific features.

Sizzler and Sizzler Pro Grill Reviews

Summerset Sizzler 26-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill

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The Summerset Sizzler 26 is one of the best smaller sized built-in gas grills on the market. It has three 12,000 BTU burners giving you a total cooking power of 36,000 BTUs. The total cooking space is 560 square inches. The burners are made with 304-grade stainless-steel tubes.

The rest of the grill is constructed with 443 stainless steel. The grates are made with 8mm stainless steel rods. The grill also has an easy-clean briquette system which will make sure your grill has even cooking heat and will also reduce flare-ups.

The flame-thrower ignition is safe and convenient. It also comes with a manual flash tube backup. Like the Pro grills, it has a 3-inch temperature gauge and a double-lined hood to help keep the grill from being damaged.

Summerset Sizzler Pro 40-Inch 5-Burner Gas Grill

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The Sizzler Pro series is focused on versatility and quality features. It has 443-grade stainless steel and is a 40-inch grill which comes in a freestanding or built-in configuration. It has five 14,000 BTU cast stainless burners giving you a total of 70,000 BTUs. It also has a 15,000 BTU ceramic rear rotisserie burner giving you even more cooking options.

The rotisserie burner is perfect for slow roasting chicken and other similar meats. The total cooking space is 875 square inches. All of the grates are built from 8mm stainless steel rods. The grill also has an easy-clean briquette system. Included infrared burners are designed for reducing flare-ups and keeps the food from being cooked unevenly.

If you want to be able to cook at night or in the evening, this is one of the best choices for a grill. It has two interior halogen lights and a front panel LED lighting. It also comes with a built-in 3-inch temperature gauge that lets you see the internal temperatures of all the food you are cooking.

The grill cart has double door storage, locking casters, and fixed shelves.

TRL & TRL Deluxe Grill Reviews

Summerset TRL 32-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill

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The TRL Series grill is constructed with 304 stainless steel and is 32-inches. It has three 16-gauge U-shaped stainless burners that are 18,000 BTUs. The easy-clean briquette system will protect you against flare-ups and will also ensure that your grill heats up evenly.

The briquettes are also ceramic which makes them amazing for heat retention. The grill is 855 square inches which give you an amazing cooking area to grill for both yourself and your family. The cooking space can even be expanded further with a 15,000 BTU rear rotisseries burner. The rotisserie kit can hold up to 50 pounds.

It also comes with many features that allow you to cook easily at night such as the blue LED control knobs with full illumination and interior halogen lights. The ignition is a flame thrower which means no batteries or electricity is required ever.

There is a temperature gauge mounted on the hood and is double lined. This helps protect against heat and discoloration.

Summerset TRL Deluxe 44-Inch 4-Burner Gas Grill

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The TRL Deluxe 44 has many of the same features as the regular TRL but with even more added deluxe features. The grill has an overall more powerful cooking system as well as a much larger superior performance.

It is a 44-inch freestanding grill and is made from 304-grade stainless steel. Each of the four burners is cast stainless-steel and are 20,000 BTUs. The easy-clean briquette system protects the grill from flare-ups and also protects the burners from food drippings.

All of the briquettes are made with ceramics which allows the grill to retain a maximum amount of heat. The total grill cooking space is 1,200 square inches and can be expanded even further with the 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner. The rotisserie kit can hold up to 50 pounds.

The cooking grates are slightly larger than some of the grills being 9mm. There is a reliable flame thrower ignition and a manual flash tube backup that does not require batteries or electricity.

The grill cart has two drawers, one door, folding shelves, and locking casters. This makes the grill very easy to move around and use in all areas of your outdoor kitchen.

You can also use the grill at night with the LED control knobs and the interior halogen lights.

Alturi Grill Reviews

Summerset Alturi 42-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill

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The Alturi 42 inch grill is with without a doubt a luxury grill and comes loaded with some of the most powerful cooking features. It is constructed with heavy-duty 304 stainless steel which allows for maximum performance and durability. It is 42-inches and is a natural gas grill.

Each of the three stainless-steel U-shaped burners is 26,000 BTUs. The grill is huge with 1,100 square inches of cooking space and 9mm thick stainless-steel cooking grates. There is a ceramic briquette tray system that sits under the grates and can absorb radiant heat from the burners.

Unlike many other grills, this Alturi grill has heat zone separators made of steel. You can place them between the burners to prevent heat from spilling into other parts of the grill. This is a great way to cook several different items at one time with a more delicate grilling experience on one side.

You can also use one side of the grill for high heat cooking and the other side of the grill for cooler or indirect cooking. A double-lined grill hood will prevent discoloration while also helping the grill to retain heat.

The rotisserie kit on this grill model can hold up to 100 pounds is 15,000 BTUs. There is also a LED front panel illumination and an interior halogen lighting system. The hood is also spring-assisted which makes the grill very easy to lift.

Summerset Alturi 30-Inch 2-Burner Freestanding Gas Grill


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This is a great 30-inch freestanding Alturi grill. It is constructed with 304-grade stainless steel. It is propane gas and is equipped with two U-shaped burners rated at 26,000 BTUs. Both of the burners are stainless steel.

The grill boats 780 square inches of cooking space and is covered with 9mm thick stainless steel cooking grates. The ceramic briquette system is built under the grates which allow it to absorb all the radiant heat from the burners.

The grill cart is made of 443 stainless steel and has locking casters, adjustable shelves, double door storage, and an inner condiment tray.

The grill also has a 15,000 BTU rear infrared rotisserie burner and can hold up to 100 pounds. There is also a flame thrower ignition that is backed up with a flush tube. This makes your ignition very safe and reliable. You will never need electricity or batteries.

Like many of the other Summerset grills, there is a LED front panel, interior halogen lighting, and a spring-assisted hood.

Builder Grill Reviews

Summerset Builder 30-Inch 2-Burner Built-In Gas Grill

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This is one of Summerset’s grills that is built for commercial or hospitality applications. It is perfect for a wide variety of settings such as apartments, hotels, and country clubs. It is 30-inches and has two 26,000 BTUs burners.

The cooking space is about 541 square inches with grates that are built with 9mm stainless steel rods. It is also equipped with anti-theft knobs which make it perfect for multi-users or environments such as apartment buildings.

It has a double-insulated hood and a manual flash tube backup as part of the flame thrower ignition.

The grill also is sleek and modern designed which makes it great for outdoor common areas.

Summerset Builder 30-Inch 2-Burner Gas Grill On Pedestal

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The Builder 30 Pedestal is another great grill from the Builder series that is built for multi-users. Many people choose to use this grill in apartment or country club settings.

It comes built with heavy-duty anti-theft knobs. The cart doors are lockable and the hood is double-insulated. The ignition is safe and reliable which makes it perfect for a grill that may have amateur users.

The flame thrower ignition includes a manual flash tube backup. It has two 26,000 BTUs for a total cooking power of 52,000 BTUs. The total cooking space is 541 square inches. The entire grill is made with 304 stainless steel.

Overall, the grill is very easy to use and easy to clean. It is beautiful and has a very modern design.

Warranty Information

All of the Summerset grills have a limited lifetime warranty that protects the grills from any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship on control valves, cooking grids, stainless steel housing, stainless steel burners, and all of the other components that are made from stainless steel.

For one year, the ceramic briquettes and electrical components are fully covered. All of the other components are also covered for one year. The labor is not included.

Keep in mind that your warranty is only valid if you use the registration card that comes with your grill. Register the purchase of your grill within the first 30 days.

Final Thoughts

Summerset grills have amazing choices for both professional and amateur grillers. They have four different series of grills. The Sizzler series and the Sizzler Pro series are best for people on a budget.

The TRL and TRL Deluxe grills are a good mid-range option, while the Alturi grills are for more luxurious outdoor living areas. If you are looking for a commercial-grade grill, check out the Builder series.